First Quarter Moon in Gemini. 


See the TWIN lights?… Yes light, light…SPOT light seems to be the topic of today! With the moon in Gemini you may be feeling a sense of an INTENSE need to EXPRESS yourself! Talking really…talking seems to be THE thing to do today. Mind you…be considerate to STOP and listen for a moment. If you feel like you have a lot to share…SHARE IT! But also LISTEN! Find balance in your exchanges. 

Also…take the time to think about what your new moon intention was for this past new moon. Have you honored your new moon intention? Have you forgot about it? What can you do to make that new moon intention FEEL real…be real…BE! 

Then…when you’ve thought about your new moon intention, revisit what you intended, and then make a commitment to FULLFILL that intention…hop on over to THIS POST and enter to win the Aquarius New Moon giveaway!!! 

Share this and the giveaway with your family and friends!!! Yes…I’m asking you to spread my love…because I have a lot of love and cool things to share!

Love & Moonlight,


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