Kelly Walden moved around a lot growing up as a child. She has lived in Germany, Florida, Maryland, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii, and has settled back in with her birth State of Georgia.

At a young age, Walden had to adapt to drastic cultural changes quite frequently. The exposure she got from her travels allowed her to use her imagination and create artwork, even into her adulthood. When she was in the fourth grade she convinced her mom to let her attend a watercolor painting summer camp and it was then on that she knew that someday she would be an artist.

Walden never wanted to go to college, but her parents convinced her that she should. Because math was never her choice of study, she decided to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design where she studied photography and printmaking. In the Spring of 2012 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography, although she prefers the term “fine art imaging” and likes to refer to herself as an “image maker.”

Walden has the multi ability to create works of art in different mediums to include photography, lithography, painting, and illustration. Her work can be described as southern charm and she prides herself on letting her inner child speak through her work. Her favored medium of choice is hand painted lithographs.

And because image making in fine arts wasn’t enough, Walden chose to continue her education at the Ogeechee Technical College of Georgia. There she studied adult echocardiography all over Southeast Georgia. She then completed a two semester internship at the Savannah Children’s Heart Center where she focused on Pediatric echocardiography with extensive training. She graduated the program in the Summer of 2014 and is now working as a full time echocardiographer at The Savannah Children’s Heart Center.

She is the owner/director and teacher at Awakening Yoga Studio in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Of note, she loves to laugh and Mitch Hedberg is her hero.


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