Last Quarter Moon in Virgo..

What I have been up to this December…

Currently doing a yoga challenge with my friend Lacey who started it all. Daisy, Jessica, and Megan are also playing along! 31 days of Festive & Fit… boom ya!

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Last Quarter Moon in Virgo… I feel you! Thank you for the internal HEALING I’ve been needing! Having dreams that have shown me the light…thank you GOD. the work is happening. Healing is the tall order for the season! And checking in on a last Quarter Moon …well what better way to be thankful for how far we have come! Up and onward!

New Moon in Virgo/Libra. Peace Day. Last Day of Summer. First Day of Fall. 


Mmmmm… when you’re at the cusp of another breakthrough… it feels pretty good. A couple weeks ago my Mom asked if I could come visit her in Virginia for the Fall Equinox… I checked my work calendar… and I was free… I even had that Friday off… so excitedly I planned to make a trip up to see my Mom, Dad, Brother (and his sweet new girl friend…I have only seen pictures and snap chat videos, but she strikes me as a kind soul… sometimes you can just look at someone and know… its in the eyes), and of course my puppy sister Jenny. I even took a vacation day yesterday so that I could spend the day driving and have a full Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday visiting…. And here I am… at my moms kitchen table… drinking chilled chocolate almond iced coffee…

But getting back to the early part of this week and yesterday…. whoever said marriages were easy is secretly a liar… nothing is ever perfect… it is true… even when you love someone soooo much and you are the perfect pair… there is always bound to be SOMETHING that gets on your nerves… this week was one of those weeks… it hasn’t been particularly the greatest… so I am glad I got to get away… by myself… on a solo trip…

All I need is to clear my head…

So on the way here yesterday I finished listening to the entire book White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path – from one seeker to another By Danielle LaPorte. And let me tell you… it has helped me get back to that place where I feel spiritually connected to myself, my Divine Feminine, and God… as a spiritual seeker I have gone through WAVES… sometimes BIG ones… of being connected and then feeling lost in the ocean somewhere… But I’m so thankful for that book… because it REMINDED me of that JOY I get when I feel so connected… and it came at the right time… This year, to say the least, has been a CRAZY… There have been SO many changes I was having a hard time keeping up… I started to loose myself in all the chaos and I began to feel heavily not connected… I had a million people needing my attention and I gave and gave and gave until I had a melt down… being a working mom is HARD… I had to let people know that I WAS TIRED… really overwhelmed… and now… I’m starting to get back to me… taking care of myself and my spiritual needs… I am taking THIS time here in Virginia to get grounded again… listen to what God has to say and get back on track…

Yesterday was coincidentally the last day of Summer, Peace Day, and a New Moon… so A LOT OF ENERGY was floating around… I had an almost 9 hour drive to listen to my book, listen to my thoughts, listen to Michael Jackson and David Bowie… and just breathe. So on the last day of Summer I thought about the early part of the year and decided that NOW is the time to be GRATEFUL (as always, no matter the time, be grateful) and make a pact with myself to get reconnected… I set that new moon intention and I’m feeling into it…

NEW MOON in Virgo/Libra…

So we are slowly coming to the end of the Virgo Season in the sun sky… and what a perfect time to have a New Moon in Virgo and Libra… With these two signs and the Virgo sun there are some things that we can learn from them… VIRGO, the healer, the mother…the nurturer… it reminds me to take time to take care of myself and the ones around me… for me, I have been spending so much time taking care of others here lately that I neglected myself… so I am devoting this weekend to take care of myself… because YOU have to be well to take care of others… I am looking forward to this revitalizing boost! And then LIBRA, the scales… FINDING BALANCE…. oh gracious RIGHT…. finding that balance between taking care of yourself and others… it’s tricky… and hard at times… but I got this… BALANCE, the Sky above, Earth below, and PEACE WITHIN…

So now I am here on this First day of Fall… and I am excited! I snuggled my brother who I hadn’t seen in a while… sat in the “Mom room” with Jenny and snuggled her… I have already gone on a walk… witnessed God’s great Earth…the trees, the sun… grass and plants… I am about to finish up drinking my chilled coffee and finish my mustard puff pastry… and then do some yoga… maybe sip on some Rose… and then later I’ll take a stroll in Downtown Manassas with my mom…

This…. is going to be a good season!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. Fall is my FAVORITE season… hands down!

New Moon Solar Eclipse Virgo/Leo.

New Moon in Virgo with a Solar Eclipse with a taste of Leo at the beginning.

This one is a BIG one. So many emotions. Yesterday was the big eclipse and unfortunately the clouds, here in Savannah, hid it from view. Nonetheless I stood outside like everyone else hoping to catch a small glimpse…but instead just got drizzled on. Still pretty cool to be outside while it was happening. Later on in the day there was a magical sunset…so that made up for it…

Here is to new beginnings… and big ones at that… being that Virgo is my sun sign I thought it was pretty cool that the eclipse happened in Virgo, although some may even say Leo. 

For me I’m going with Virgo… and making my new Moon intentions pure. The purify my life and body… at the end of last week I decided to give vegetarianism a go AGAIN with working myself to veganism. I’m still eating dairy and eggs until I can wean that off to… I tried once before and tried to go straight vegan cold turkey…. and that DID NOT work… ironic. My belly bloated uncomfortably…. and it was a bit shocked. So this time I’m going in more mindfully… with probiotics on board… making smaller changes to clean my gut… plant based diet I’m coming after yooooou! I’m also taking vitamins for my skin, hair, and nails… just honoring and taking care of the vessel I was given… I’m also building my stones and crystals collection with my youngest daughter Uma. So that’s fun! Just trying to live more mindfully!

But anyways:.. I’m in a van on the way to Vidalia to see patients… and I’m beginning to ramble… 

Thursday I’m headed to Florida with Uma for a much needed relaxation… going to spend quality time with her and my younger sister Meghan…

Time to take a nap…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Image from Mystic Mamma

PSS. Take this time to purify your life… let go of the past… move forward… purify… simplify… channel your inner Virgo

No Grit… No Pearl…

Changing my Karma on the daily… Learning the laws of what Karma really is… Realizing that Karma is not punishment… Changing my Karma on the daily… Learning that Karma is changeable… Realizing that I don’t have to live in a Fearful Karmic cycle… Changing my Karma on the daily…

For those who feel like you have to suffer from the past… read this now… you DON’T. Change your thoughts… change your life… Don’t feed your past pain your energy… Don’t give it your energy or your thoughts… move on. Even when you don’t understand WHY… Change your Karma… Forgive. 

Forgive yourself and everyone and everything around you… Start right now…

Make a change in your daily routine… Pray. Meditate. And then pray and meditate some more. Release old habits… Make room for new ones… CHANGE YOUR KARMA. You can do that… 

Don’t look back… you aren’t going there…

Change your Karma… Find your Dharma…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Get ready for the Virgo NEW MOON AND SOLAR ECLIPSE TOMORROW!!! Ready to move on?!?! Grab your stones, crystals, and soul for this phenomenon and life changing event… charge up your life with a new beginning…. God is with you on this one…

Moon Salutations… Tomorrow with me!!

Come join me tomorrow afternoon for my LAST CommUNITY Flow Friday class for some Moon Salutations at 230 at The Savannah Yoga center! 1319 Bull Street…Tomorrow’s theme… The First Quarter Half Moon in Virgo.


Virgo. “The Virgin is an image of purity. Nothing has possessed her. She is attached to nothing, wants nothing, fears nothing. Nothing holds her. She is free, unbound by any earthly drama. Yet she is here, on the earth. What does the world offer one who seeks nothing but perfection? What can she do? She waits, aloof as the Madonna. She works on herself. And to pass the time, she helps out where she can.” -Steven Forrest.




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Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon Tonight in Virgo. March 12th, 2017.

Full Moon in Virgo…

Oh, how I love a Virgo Full Moon. This particular one was quite special for me…I got to spend last evening at a Full Moon gathering with a bunch of my Moon Goddess Sisters at the lovely Kim’s house…I wish we had taken a group photo…but we gathered together, ate food, drank cocktails and wine, made Yoni necklaces (ahem, yes, vagina pendants out of clay), did a burning ritually let go of things, and chanted and made music around the fire…I wish I took more pictures but I was so busy having fun…but here is a small collage…

Our chant was so beautiful…it was so filled with goodness and feminine divinity. I was blown away by how powerful the chant was and how significant it was to this particular Virgo Full Moon…one word…women. Here is the chant if you want to hear it! CLICK HERE FOR THE CHANT.


Virgo, the virgin, the maiden, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the healer. Women. At this full moon there is soooo much feminine energy…

Here is to ALL the women in the world…the healers, the mothers, the daughters, the sisters…that power we harness is otherworldly…to say the least, we ARE the portal to life…we are the nurturers of all nurturers. Whether we birth a baby or not, our children are nurtured by us women…us women are nurtured by us women…there is a power here…that healing power that women possess …use it…be proud of it…and rise up as the Goddess you were born to be…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. The first picture above is a collage I made with three pics that my younger daughter Uma took of me…mother, daughter , love. 

PSS. My mom helped me pick out the first pic above out of several collages I made… Maiden, Mother, Crone…full circle!

PSSS. Shout out to my new friend Tiffany…for serendipitously falling into my life and joining me last night. 

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo…

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo…

Look within. There is a fire inside of you. Kindle the shit out of it…and keep it burning….then thank the shit out of yourself…because you are worthy. At this last half moon…take care of that flame. Be like the Virgo, the healer, the keeper of the sacred flame…your sacred flame. Everyone has Virgo in them…channel that…and hold onto your sacred flame and watch it burn and radiate outwardly to the same tune as the sun and the moon…

and before you go to bed tonight, cup your hands in front on your mouth and breathe into them…do you feel that?!? Heat…proof that you have a sacred flame within you…

Love & Moonlight,


New Moon Virgo. 

New Moon Virgo.

Me and Hermine…

New Moon in Virgo came yesterday. It came with a hurricane…and a solar eclipse. This one was especially heart opening for me. What do you do when the world is at your feet and you feel it crumbling beneath you? What do you do when what you thought was perfection made it hard to see the forest for the trees?

You set yourself free.

     “The Virgin is an image of purity. Nothing has possessed her. She is attached to nothing, wants nothing, fears nothing. Nothing holds her. She is free, unbound by any earthly drama.

     Yet she is here, on the earth. What does the world offer one who seeks nothing but perfection? What can she do? She waits, aloof as the Madonna. She works on herself. And to pass the time, she helps where she can.” – Steven Forrest from The Inner Sky

Love & Moonlight,


Opened Heart..

Wind in my Hair..

Heart don’t fail me now..

First Quarter Moon in Virgo.

First Quarter Moon in Virgo. Ode to the stars and moon above. 

Mmm. This energy. This flow. My sun sign is in the moon tonight. Although you might feel a sense of urgency to be full force, I beg you, take this one slow. This is a time to reflect…even though your intellectual side is telling you to raise your voice and speak your analytical mind…set that inner voice in check…and say not tonight. Unless, of course, you know what you’re getting yourself into. In that case…by all means go for it. 

For me…I’m going to take this one slow…even when I have this urgency to be on point….I’m taking this one slow. I’m reflecting back to this past new moon. I’m radiating love, grace, and adventure. I am a friend of all friends. If you need me I’m here to listen. Even if you don’t personally know me…I can be a sounding board. Tonight…I’m slowly, methodically, reflecting on my journey.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. You might find yourself in a battle of wits…if you do, take care with your words and remember the lasting effects of the things that come out of your mouth. 

Full Moon in Virgo. Giveaway Extension!

If you haven’t entered to win the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway still can! I’m extending the giveaway to end at the next new moon on March 8th, 2016. That will give you a chance to enter for a complete moon cycle!

On to the FULL MOON in VIRGO. 

This full moon is a big one! This is a time to think about your wants versus your needs. You may feel a strong a-ha moment come along as you work through life…finally realizing that what you need may be entirely different from what you want. Virgo is always analyzing things.. So with the FULL MOON in Virgo things may suddenly wake you up and even shake you as you start to realize the path you are on. It may be about personal growth.. It may be about letting go. Maybe you need to sit with your pain and let it crack your heart wide open, only to find exactly what you need shining through. 

MAKE ROOM. Especially for personal growth. 

GET GROUNDED. Plant your bare feet into the wet sand and let the waves of the ocean feel into you. Feel the grass between your toes and the dirt on the soles of your feet.

RELEASE. Let go of what you don’t need and make room for what you do need.

For me…I FINALLY made it to the ocean as my mind, body, and soul intended and craved. I made a trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida this weekend to see a dear friend from high school. Although, the visit was short…I still felt happy to get my feet wet for a moment and got to spend time with a friend. The picture above was from this past weekend. 

Anyways, think about your new moon intention you set earlier this month. Have you made it come true? MAKE it come true! And if you haven’t entered to win the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway you still can! You can even make a comment in this post as part of your entry!

Love & Moonlight,