Just Before the Rain

Just before the Georgia rain feels like…

Back porch sittin’

Mocktails at the dip of the temp…

Caterpillars all bustled together…

I do not own the rights to this song. The song is called Would That I by Hozier.

Hope the weekend is filled with magic.

❤️ -K

On Compatibility

This is a great short ten minute video that only scratches the surface of compatibility. Worth the watch to open up some channels of thought surrounding relationships and compatibility! Mel Robbins sits with therapist Spirit, who is based out of Atlanta.

Love, K

Alcohol FREEING Myself.

Started alcohol FREEING Myself pretty hard on the energetic new year November 11th, 2022. Had a few data points between then and now… but so far I haven’t had any since January 11th, 2023. I will have a solid (consecutive days) two months of being FREE of alcohol in one week. Feels pretty good!

Excited for the next phase of my life… living ALCOHOL FREE! ☺️

Love, K

💔Quick Tarot on Infidelity. ❤️‍🩹Time to heal that storyline.

I do not own the rights to this song. The song is Crystal by Stevie Nicks. This message is general. It cannot fit every scenario around the topic of infidelity so keep that in mind. There are far too many scenarios around this topic but I hope that this helps someone. This is for entertainment purposes only. Do not assume anything, because you only know yourself. Please check here for more information on the topic of infidelity and how to heal the storyline. More information is being gathered and I’ll share it as fast as I can.

This is a safe place for everyone and every opinion. Every angle is looked at and may be in other videos, readings, or articles. So if something doesn’t make sense to your storyline… it wasn’t for you and I would suggest looking at all the other material to gain insight and different perspectives to your storyline. I try to cover them all, but this one is just a blip in the grand scheme of it all.

But with every message… it ends with RADICAL LOVE.

We are only just beginning to talk about this…


This video above is probably a lot more clear than my YouTube video… but you can find it on YouTube and on my TikTok.







Love Kelly.

Year of the RABBIT. Lunar New Year Tarot Reading!!

Happy LUNAR NEW YEAR! It’s the year of the RABBIT. We talk about what the RABBIT SPIRIT ANIMAL represents and then go into a Lunar New Year Tarot Spread using the Rider-Waite Pastel Tarot deck… with the STAR of the show the RABBIT card from the Spirit Animal Oracle deck but Collette Baron-Reid. If you want to research about the Chinese Year of the Rabbit there is so much information out there that we don’t discuss…yet we just generalize the meaning of the Spirit Animal. This message is for the collective… so some things might make sense and some things might not. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY. My hope is that something inspires you. If you liked this video…make sure you hit the like button, share, or even subscribe if you feel called to! I hope this message gives you the courage to make some new things happen in your world and acts as a reminder TO TRUST YOUR GUT.

I love you all and Happy New Year! ❤️Kelly

Little Things… 🫶🥰

Getting the house together for the months of January. February. & March. 🥰 One of my favorite things to do is decorate for all the holidays and celebrations…and today I put out some things… not quite done yet, but it’s getting there! It’s such a pleasure!

I’m a Princess decorator and my mom is THE QUEEN decorator (that I aspire to be)! There’s nothing like creating a LOVING home to live in with things to look at that comfort you. I guess you could say shopping for home stuff and decorating is my personal therapy. It makes me feel good to make a home feel like LOVE & COMFORT.

If you haven’t thanked your HOME today… send it some love & appreciation for providing you a place to BE. Give it little offerings and take care of it… because it takes care of you! It’s a bit of magic ✨

This is just a snippet of what I’ve been up to… Featured: Artwork from my childhood that I made that my mom gifted me on MLK day 🥰 Martin Luther King Jr. for MLK day. (Missing my friend Debra 🥲) George Washington & Abraham Lincoln for Presidents’ Day. Hearts for Saint Valentine. And a shamrock table cloth for Saint Patrick… and the best of all… a WINK from the SUN and a reflection to make you smile!

❤️ Kelly

Ps. Click on the video to see it up close!