Swan Spirit Animal 5.1.21

Swan Spirit Animal







The SWAN 🦢 totem represents all of these and more. Above all, the SWAN invokes GRACE as she intuitively sees into the future and accepts what may be. It’s the trust in letting go. It’s the acceptance of what the future holds. Dreams hold answers to the future. Intuition is the heart of the matter. And grace is what carries you along.

New Moon.

New Moon Intention….


This golden winged dragonfly decided to show up today. On a new moon. In my yard. There is so much that needs to be said that has been left unsaid. 


I danced with it for a while…and then it flew away. What was it trying to tell me? What is it that I need to hear?


I suppose I’m a reckless big hearted woman…deaf to her own cry…seeking what is seeking me…yet lost in translation. 


Will I ever uncover what is covering me?



I feel like I’m always changing… growing… transforming. Today I came home to dragonflies flying above my head…with a free bird fly by. My little Uma pointed them out. I’ve read that a dragonfly spirit animal represents change. Transformation. Light. A moment in time to see the true colors. A moment to see illusion for what it is…just an illusion. When a dragonfly appears…I think about all these things. I reflect inward. 

My life is ever changing. I remind myself…that I’ll never stop growing. What I’m still trying to figure out…is freedom. Why is that such a hard concept to understand? I think the dragonflies and free bird are testing me.