Last Quarter Moon Vibes.

Last quarter moon vibes…


Moon in Scorpio…

If you’re feeling emotionally open…it may be that Scorpio. If you are feeling emotionally receptive…it may be that Scorpio. You may be feeling all kinds of vibes tonight…

Feel them…

Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon in Leo tonight.. Ganesha Mudra Yoga Meditation for the Full Moon.

Tonight there will be a Full Moon in Leo.

I felt this one coming. I felt the intense build up to this point. Lately I’ve been making peace. Finding grace. Giving grace. I’ve felt a shift in the people around me, felt the shift within me. Practiced silence. Fell in love with the word considerate. Felt my body, mind, and soul plant firmly into the ground. Became grounded.

Fell in love with Ganesha. Practiced Jivamukti. Felt a connection.

Tonight…with the FULL MOON in Leo…think back to your new moon intention. Here was mine. Looking back I have really honored myself. I have felt a great shift in myself. I’ve been practicing yoga more, being mindful of those around me, staying open, giving grace. GIVING GRACE has been my greatest accomplishment thus far this year.

Leo may send you some extra playfulness and creativity your way. Use that to your advantage. If you are feeling super inspired to CREATE and be CREATIVE…make it a FULL MOON ritual. Block off time for yourself…at least 30 minutes to do a ritual FOR YOURSELF. Here are a few examples:

  1. Meditate. Believe it or not…this will set you free. It is proven to reduce stress. Above is a video of a morning yoga meditation I did last Sunday. For my meditation I performed a Ganesha Mudra. Ganesha is a Hindu God…a deity. Best known as the remover of obstacles. He is depicted with an elephant head. A Mudra is a hand gesture that seals or marks an intention…the Ganesha Mudra is practiced to remove obstacles from your path…be it something as simple as removing an unwanted feeling that is holding you down. Let go of those feelings that pin you down. Remove them from your life and set yourself free. Move yourself.
  2. Start a diary. This is another proven way to reduce stress. It is also fun to reflect on paper and then look back at it. Given that MERCURY IS STILL IN RETROGRADE until Monday…now is truly a time to just reflect. No big decisions need to be made. Just jot down how you feel. Write your life. It is yours.
  3. Burning ritual. My ALL TIME favorite. Tonight if you feel like you need to let go of some feelings…write them on a piece of paper and burn them. Remember…Mercury is still in retrograde…so just release some feelings that have built up…burn them and feel relief. No big decisions need to be made…just reflect. (Be safe…if you don’t know how to work with a safe fire…don’t try this.)


That is it I suppose…I plan on meditating and doing a burning ritual tonight!!

Love & Moonlight,


Inspirational Grandma Moses – Folk Artist


I’ve been meaning to post this video. I found this documentary on Anna Mary Robertson Moses…an Americana folk artist.

JUST WATCH THIS….just watch. Warms my heart. It is stuff like this that makes me want to get in a consistent work-flow groove and paint, paint, and paint.

Love & Moonlight,


First Quarter Moon 

For this first quarter moon phase…I’m just honoring my body, mind, and soul. 

Usually I talk about the zodiac sign that the moon is in during my moon posts…BTW it is in Taurus… But tonight, I’m just going to talk…about what is inside me…a little diary piece.

Yoga is changing my life…mentally, physically, deeply. Every day I find progress in my emotions, my physicality, my soul. I’m learning how to let go of pain…how to find peace within it. 

I don’t cry anymore. I’ve learned to just be. I flow. I flow. I flow. 

I’m working on balance…On the mat…and in my heart. 

I don’t cry anymore. I’ve learned to just be.  I flow. I flow. I flow. 

Silent. Considerate. Grounded. 

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Acai bowl and head stands.

New Moon, New Year..Capricorn Hi!

New Moon in Capricorn. The first new moon of the year…

Setting the intention to embrace transformation this year…to find comfort in my own skin…to find happiness in darkness…to find darkness in the light…to be Yin…to be Yang…to be whole.

Capricorn moons always seem to be my favorite…maybe it’s because I’m a Capricorn moon…maybe it’s because it’s a working moon…a goal oriented time to make things happen..

Here is a symbol of the dragonfly…my spirit animal…my reminder of transformation…a reminder that I’m transforming every day into the woman I’m meant to be…with Gods grace, I shall be.

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Last Quarter Moon in Libra.

Gratitude is the key word for a last quarter moon phase… Feel Gratitude. 

Love the skin you are in. Feel gratitude.

Invoke an open mind, open heart. Feel gratitude.

Be still and give grace. Feel gratitude.

Revive your divine light, divine soul. Feel gratitude.

Accept what is (the good, the bad, the light, the dark) and feel gratitude.

Balance yourself tonight. And feel gratitude. Yin. Yang. Yin. Yang.

Love & Moonlight,