✨First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ♐️ with the assist from Ganesh.

✨First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ♐️ with the assist from Ganesh! I love how this video magically came together with the cards pulled from the Starseed Oracle deck! Now that we are at the first quarter moon, the half moon, let’s revisit our new moon intentions! Time to course correct… look at all of our obstacles ahead… just like the three of wands. What adjustments need to be made before the full moon gets here? How many full moons will our intentions take? Lift the veils and find your path home! And if you need an assist… meditate with Ganesh… the remover of obstacles! And shout out to ANTIOCHOS! I almost had it pronounced correctly!! 🙃 Not sure if the C sounds like an H or not! 😜 you’ll have to let me know! Peace and Love!

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio…

Yesterday was the beginning of the first Quarter Moon in Scorpio…and I got to go to yoga and dinner with these beauties… words will never do justice to describing how much I love these girls… they love without measure and even though we are gradually spreading across the United States… we still some how make visits happen… 

Scorpio… the scorpion reminds us to be PASSIONATE… it reminds us to live life in the NOW… 

we could have easily drifted apart after spending 9 months together… but no… we are still fervently a part of each other’s lives… and I believe that we always will be…

Love & Moonlight,

Kelly… feeling the love… 

First Quarter Moon in Libra…The Original Gangster Mom Style.

Started the day off doing hot yoga at The Awakening Yoga Studio in Richmond Hill… then spent the day on Tybee Island for the First Quarter Moon in Libra…

Libra. The Scales. The balancing act it requires to be a mom…a wife…a sister…an aunt…a friend…a daughter…and an ECHO tech…all the while maintaining my own sanity TO BE true to myself is A LOT. I’m only one person and I have to find a way to balance all that….ha. I should actually win an award. I could easily be a hermit and stick to myself…but I chose to be present in everyone’s life that I encounter. Some days I get tired and grumpy…but given the fact that I’m always balancing the peace, or at least trying, I think I’m doing pretty good and if I get moody…it’s me, not you. I take on too much sometimes…but then I scale back. I get lazy…then crazy…I manage. It’s life…you balance. 

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. I am the original Gangster mom…sometimes you just have to be yourself. Wild, Crazy, and Free. 

Moon Salutations… Tomorrow with me!!

Come join me tomorrow afternoon for my LAST CommUNITY Flow Friday class for some Moon Salutations at 230 at The Savannah Yoga center! 1319 Bull Street…Tomorrow’s theme… The First Quarter Half Moon in Virgo.


Virgo. “The Virgin is an image of purity. Nothing has possessed her. She is attached to nothing, wants nothing, fears nothing. Nothing holds her. She is free, unbound by any earthly drama. Yet she is here, on the earth. What does the world offer one who seeks nothing but perfection? What can she do? She waits, aloof as the Madonna. She works on herself. And to pass the time, she helps out where she can.” -Steven Forrest.




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Love & Moonlight,


First Quarter Moon in Leo. May 2, 2017.

First Quarter Moon in Leo.

Started a Mythic Spring yoga challenge…above is day one and two.

At halfmoons, like tonight…it’s a good idea to stop and be grateful…especially in the progress of attaining a new Moon intention. 

I feel like my intention to balance is coming to be. I’m doing yoga daily and that has helped me stay grounded. I also am so very grateful that I get to teach class on Friday at the yoga center…to me being of service and holding a creative space for people is a gift. A gift to them and a gift to humanity. EVERYONE needs yoga in their life.


The feline! Meooooow! Be frisky with life and have some fun!!! 

Love &Moonlight, 


PS. So many good things in my life are coming to form. I’m teaching weekly…and I just cleaned and bathed my back porch to make way for a new lounge sitting area and yoga space… seeeeeee:

I ordered this set of furniture for my back porch!!!

The Moon is Still the Moon…

Daily reminder…

I go through many phases…some are harder than others…I’m up, I’m down…I ebb, I flow…sometimes I feel lost, sometimes I feel together…sometimes my heart breaks hard even after when I thought I was past it all…sometimes I don’t give a shit…sometimes I make no sense…sometimes I make perfect sense…

bottom line, I’m still me…I’m still a light on this Earth…

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Last night was the First Quarter Moon in Gemini… duality, embrace it. 

PSS. At this half moon remember that YOU deserve to be loved wholeheartedly… not halfheartedly. 

First Quarter Moon in Taurus.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus.

So tonight is a half moon in Taurus. Although I didn’t get to make it to my new Moon Goddess meeting this month…I was able to draw my Goddess card tonight on the first Quarter Moon. 

There are a lot of things that are heavy on my heart right now…and I don’t feel the need to express my troubles…but I WILL SAY…this too shall pass. No mud, no lotus.

I’m quite happy to have drawn Bast. For the latter part of this month I’ve felt a disconnect with my inner feminine divine. I’ve slacked on my yoga practice and my laziness made excuses as to why I should just lay around instead. One of my “excuses” was that I don’t have time for myself. Although, true for the most part, I do have limited time to myself as I feel like all my spare time should be spent serving my family. I feel guilty when I take time for myself…and I KNOW I shouldn’t. I should designate time for me. I know I should. 

And so when I drew Bast…it was my own self saying TAKE THE TIME. Be a little independent and find some solitude. Okay okay…I will. Ahem: I say this as I type this message with my girls laying next to me asleep…even though I know I should have me time…I still want them right next to me…but while they sleep I suppose I can reflect on this first Quarter Moon…and maybe meditate a bit. Maybe even embrace me and my girls cat like demeanor…lazing around, calm and fluid. 

ON TO THE MOON: Taurus, the bull, may seem intimidating…but if you take away the stereo type of the ferocious beast…you’d find that a bull is a loving creature…an animal that is earthly. So for the next few days…it might serve best to embrace the naturalness of what we are…loving creatures on a glorious earth…tap into the roots of our earthly beings and reconnect to our feminine divine. And while we are at it…throw on a little cat eyes make up.

Love & Moonlight,


First Quarter Moon in Aries…

First Quarter Moon in Aries…

For this magical half moon I’m ready to set life on fire…Aries reminds us that if you are going to get a job done, you better take the lead and get it done…tonight as we are half way to that mystical full moon…assess where you are and then TAKE ACTION! FIRE UP YOUR LIFE! 🔥 Whether you set an intention at the New Moon or New Year…there is no time like now to start doing you! Stop living in fear…and read this article about what Karma truly is…it’s not what you think. Until you fully understand Karma…don’t believe all the labels people have put on it…and then after you read that article…read this one!

Here is where I am at these days…flow from last night to get me in the mood for tonight’s First Quarter Moon!

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Tomorrow I’ll get a year moon calendar uploaded!!