Tonights Forecast of the Planet Positions with prompts for July 27, 2015

Tonight’s Forecast of the Planet Positions with prompts for July 27, 2015.

Sun: Leo – While the sun is in Leo, be creative!

Moon: Sagittarius – While the moon is in Sagittarius, be free, be you.

Mercury: Leo – While Mercury is in Leo, be expressive and write something outrageous.

Venus: Virgo – While Venus is in Virgo, practice gratitude and be gracious.

Mars: Cancer – While Mars is in Cancer, Clean up and get a project done around the house.

Jupiter: Leo – While Jupiter is in Leo, allow abundance to flow into your life.

Saturn: Scorpio – While Saturn is in Scorpio, let go of things you don’t need anymore and invite yourself to be rediscovered.

Uranus: Aires – While Uranus is in Aires, be a humble individual and express it with grace.

Neptune: Pisces – While Neptune is in Pisces, discover your spirituality and share it.

Pluto: Capricorn – While Pluto is in Capricorn, BE ambitious.


Interpretation for prompts inspired from the app “Time Passages”.

First Quarter Moon Phase in Scorpio

First Quarter Moon | The Walden Moon Lifestyle by Kelly Walden

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio…The Scorpion.

Geeze, if it couldn’t have been a better sign for the moon to fall in tonight as we are steadily creating our personal manifestos. Considering that the first quarter moon is your halfway point, check in time, and next step contemplator…Scorpio surely does lend a hand….or uh…venomous stinger.

Scorpio urges you to stay on your toes and LIVE IN THIS MOMENT. Imagine this analogy for a moment…

Sometimes we can fall into this craze where our minds are FOREVER creating stories…racing…thinking…getting hyped up on drama…and we create scenarios in our heads of what we should have done or what we should do…heck, even when we dream we have flashes of an image and then our minds literally make a story around it to “make sense”…guilty here! Now imagine if you were laying in bed…or like in a desert, haha…and your mind is racing with a bunch of nonsense…and a SCORPION crawls up on your chest…I BET that chatter would egress rather quickly and all you would be left with is thinking about that EXACT MOMENT. Survival mode. RIGHT THEN in that very moment.

Make a mental note of that analogy next time you find yourself obsessing over something….or your mind is talking too loud with nonsense that it isn’t making the situation any better. Think about that scorpion. And then stop the chatter. Literally acknowledge that it’s there and THEN CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS to the present moment. I know that may seem like a “froufrou” concept…but give it a try.  And try it repeatedly…nothing ever is an over night success when it comes to mind alteration thinking…you have to train yourself…more like…you have to make the effort to change your thoughts…and then go “smell the flowers.” (yes, cliche). Practice living for right now…forget the past…don’t obsess over the future…and PLEASE DOOOO what makes you feel good right now.

To compliment that thinking…practice gratitude. Like, “man…that lemonade tastes damn good. I like that lemonade”….or, “man I did a great job at work…I’m glad I have that job”…or, “I’m here and breathing…and I’m alive.”…like really feel that gratitude in your every cell…AND THEN go surfing if that makes you feel good!

Okay…so for tonight, think about those things…journal…reflect inward on your progress to your new moon goal (whatever you set out to do)…if you are following along, revisit your personal manifesto…and add to it…read it…tweak it…if you haven’t already started writing it…start now! It can be in the form of however you want it to be…it can be in story format, one liners, single words….it’s yours and it’s about you and what you aspire to be….so make it how you want! Let Scorpio sting you in the butt and aspire to live right now…put into words what you are about..and share it…and do it…and live right now!

Love & Moon Light,




I feel like I’m always changing… growing… transforming. Today I came home to dragonflies flying above my head…with a free bird fly by. My little Uma pointed them out. I’ve read that a dragonfly spirit animal represents change. Transformation. Light. A moment in time to see the true colors. A moment to see illusion for what it is…just an illusion. When a dragonfly appears…I think about all these things. I reflect inward. 

My life is ever changing. I remind myself…that I’ll never stop growing. What I’m still trying to figure out…is freedom. Why is that such a hard concept to understand? I think the dragonflies and free bird are testing me.

Warm it up Kelly…

To hold myself accountable and to express myself in the greatest way I know…here are the rest of my answers to the personal manifesto prompt/warm up questions from HERE!!!

2. I absolutely love that I am…

  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Compassionate
  • Ambitious
  • Free spirited

3. The things I want to work on…

  • Exercise…I’ve been doing yoga here and there, but never really on a consistent basis. So I’ve started a 30 days of yoga challenge in hopes to MAKE myself take the time to do it…when the 30 days is up, I may sign up for unlimited monthly yoga…or just keep googling youtube videos…either way I WANT TO DO YOGA ERRRYDAY! Not just because it’s “cool”…but because it makes me feel really really really good. (minus the chanting stuff…that part doesn’t really resonate with me…but I like the movement, breaths, and meditation…and I like mantras)…okay okay…moving along
  • Writing…I want to write everyday. I like the idea of writing in a journal…and I do that occasionally…I’d like to do it everyday….just something small everyday…handwritten. But I also like to type…because typing keeps up with my brain and it doesn’t cramp up my hand.
  • Blogging…Dude, I wish I could blog everyday…and I try hard most days to get something out…but then I get caught up at home…or at work…and then just get lazy and tired…I want to stop that and post meaningful and personal things more!
  • Freedom…that’s a HARD one. A continuous struggle…this summer I’ve been trying to write more about my intentions in life…I’ll be in Iceland in August for a bit where I hope to SIT. RELAX. AND CLEAR MY HEAD…to allow my inner truth on what freedom means to me…
  • Guts…I need them…Listening to my heart sounds like a great idea!

4. Top 5 Heroes…in no particular order…

  • Anne of Green Gables…because who wouldn’t want a scope of the imagination? Dreamy and thoughtful.
  • Beatrix Potter…because she painted and wrote children’s books AND busted her butt to get them published without an agent…plus she lived a magical life with a garden, on her own…for a very long time…before she married late in life.
  • Ida Rentoul Outhwaite…because she is my favorite Australian artist.
  • Jes Allen…current yogi crush…her style is funky fresh.
  • The “Authorities”…My Mom and Dad…God…and my Boss. My parents for giving me everything I need and shaping me into the woman I am today…God for bringing me into this world and giving me a grand life…and my boss who is a constant inspiration on building empires ON YOUR OWN, from ground up, and giving me the everyday opportunity to serve the population.

5. Qualities…compassionate, caring, loving, receptive, ambitious, perseverance, adaptability, hard working, free spirited, dependable, trustworthy, creative, open.

6. The person I want to be right now…I want to be my own person. I want to listen to my deepest life pulls…I want to answer to life on my own. I want to be the best mom. I want to be loving and compassionate…and I want to do yoga everyday…I want to paint and draw and write whenever I feel like it…without worrying about spending some solitude. I want to learn how to surf…and go to the beach more…I want to make whatever I want to eat…and eat it…at whatever time I want to…I WANT TO BE MY OWN ALCHEMIST.

7. I want to be remembered as…Loving. Number one! Loving…I want my girls to remember me as a loving, caring, and compassionate mom who is strong willed. I want them to think of me as their go to…there shoulder to cry on…their advice giver…a listener. I want to be remembered as a boost of confidence in other peoples lives…I want them to know that I really DO CARE…it’s easy to see that in the world we live in that everyone really doesn’t care what the other is doing or their story…but I am interested. I’m interested in what you have to say…what you are feeling…and if I can help. I honest to God feel that way…everyone is walking their own path…and everyone has something unique to offer this world….and I’m interested. I like listening…

8. List the things you are waiting for...freedom. I haven’t quite figured that out yet….but I do feel held down…and it doesn’t feel good. I’m going to hold this one in if you don’t mind. This is ginormous.

9. My doubts…that I’m not good enough, I should remind myself everyday THAT I AM GOOD ENOUGH…because I am. Resentment…I don’t want anyone (ahem, husband) to resent me or me resenting anyone else, that never feels good.

10. Write….”I am the sea…and nobody owns me.” -Pippi Longstocking ten times..

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

I am the sea…and nobody owns me.

🙂 – Kelly

End of the New moon phase..

If you haven’t begun writing your personal manifesto…then start now! Pull inspiration from your warm up questions and start writing what you are about and who you want to be!

On mine…yoga daily is a goal.

I’ll post my answers to the rest of the warm up questions tomorrow! Been busy with work and being on call this week! Will post about the moon too tomorrow!

30 min workout in 15 seconds!

My Personal Manifesto | The Warm Up | Question One

My Personal Manifesto- The Warm Up.

Question Number One: From HERE 

I imagine myself sitting on the back porch…thinking of the right words to say. How do I really see myself? My lizard brain is being a butt right now. It’s whispering honeyed words of self-doubt in my ear…

ew, I just felt it’s tongue.

Self-doubt is such a blah. I get in moods where I don’t think I’m good enough, or smart enough, or fast enough, or creative enough…and I let that lizard brain get to me sometimes. I want that to stop. I want to take that lizard brain and kick it’s …..tail.

What I really see deep down is a very sensitive, well mannered, intuitive young woman who is begging herself to take that silk scarf from her mouth and tell the world what she is made of…what her mind is made of…her ideas…thoughts…feelings…uh, let’s let her talk now…thank you!

As if that wasn’t me just talking right now…

Okay okay…I’m rolling my eyes at myself.

I am…my own worst enemy. But I’m working on that. HARD. The hardest thing I want to change in my life is that self-doubt and self-sabotage. I don’t like it.

What I do love about myself is that I am very intuitive…I have a pretty good idea of what is happening around me, to me, and to others. I also love that I’m a perpetual learner…and it has served me well. Must be that Virgo Sun in me. I also love that I am creative…at least I tell myself that! (Shut up lizard.) I AM creative. I love to draw, write, paint, take photographs…express myself visually. I am kind, gentle, quite….and I am the best secret keeper. I listen, I give, I share, I love. I’m a best friend. The best mom. A sister. A daughter. I may seem boring, BUT I AM NOT…when you get to know me. I’m an introvert to the max…but I also can get wild and funny. I feel my best when I can make others laugh or get inspired. Ha…Pisces rising! What UP!? I’m also very caring and emotional and I truly do wear my heart on my sleeve. I feel other peoples pain and it makes me sad. I wish sometimes I could be Buddah and EAT up all that pain so you don’t have to feel it. I thank that Pisces in me that gives me compassion..and I thank God. I’m also the HARDEST worker you will ever find. I bust my butt at work and I am ambitious…my Capricorn moon streak…

What I really want is to start answering those life calls.

Oh and I AM THE QUEEN. Boom.

Love & Moon Light,


New Moon “Personal Manifesto” Supplies List and Prompt/Warm Up Questions

A NEW MOON is coming up on July 16th, 2015…

For the next Moon cycle we are going to focus on developing and writing a PERSONAL MANIFESTO…below you will find a description of a personal manifesto, along with, a supplies list and some prompt/warm up questions.


A personal manifesto is a written declaration of who you are, what you are all about, and who you want to be. It is a declaration to yourself and to the world…it is a promise to yourself to live the life YOU WANT.

In preparation for writing one I’ve come up with a list of supplies and some prompt/warm up questions to get you to start thinking. Start to answer the questions before the next new moon…don’t worry too much about grammar at this point….just answer the questions from your gut…as the moon is waning, try to cultivate a reflective state of mind. When the new moon gets here we are going to write our first draft of our personal manifesto. Keep in mind it will be a first draft…a personal manifesto is going to be rewritten, revised, and tweaked several times before you feel it just perfect.

Supplies List For your Personal Manifesto:

JOURNAL and a pen


Computer, if you prefer typing instead of writing.

And a candle if you want to set the mood!

Prompt/Warm Up Questions:

1. Imagine yourself and describe what you see. Really evaluate yourself…the good, the bad…the things you want to work on. Write this as long or as short as you want. Write it in paragraph format…but don’t get too caught up on grammar at this point. Just let it all out.

2. As you are still imagining yourself list the top 5 things that you absolutely LOVE about yourself. It can be one word…a sentence…or a couple of sentences for each one. If you have more than 5 or less than 5…that is okay too. 5 is a suggestion.

3. With the same frame of mind list 5 things you want to improve on in your life: The things you don’t like as much but want to change. Use the same format as question #2…but then add next to each item a suggestion on how to change it. Then think about how those things have positively shaped part of you.

4. List your top 5 heroes. They can be real people or fictitious characters. Beside each hero describe their personality and the things you like about them.

5. List the qualities that you have that are the same as your top 5 heroes. And then list the qualities you want to cultivate. The qualities can be from ANYTHING or ANYONE. List your ideas of good qualities in a person.

6. Describe the person you want to be RIGHT NOW. Right now in this moment…who do you want to be? Write it down.

7. Describe and write down how you want to be remembered. If you are a parent, a friend, a daughter, a son, a grandparent, a sister, a brother….how do you want your family and friends to describe you? Write it down.

8. List all the things you are waiting for. Are these things that you feel you need to have happen before you can “be happy”? If so, why? Write down what you think is holding you back. Now think about how that makes you feel. We are going to turn that around!

9. List any doubts you may have. Next to each describe why you have that doubt. Then next to that…write down what you could do about that doubt to make it go away.

10. Write the following quote by Pippi Longstocking TEN TIMES:

“I am the sea…and nobody owns me.”


Take the next 4 nights to answer these prompt/warm up questions…then on the 5th night, when the moon is new, we will begin writing the first draft of our personal manifesto!

Love & Moon Light,


Last Quarter Moon in Aries | The Walden Moon

Last Quarter Moon | The Walden Moon by Kelly Walden

Last Quarter Moon in Aries Tonight…

Ah…the last stage of working with the four major moon phases. This is the time to really sit down and reflect. Really think about how far you’ve come…or how much more time it will take to accomplish the goal you set at a new moon. This is another (second) half moon and half point.

If you planned to complete your goal in one complete moon cycle…meaning…you set the goal at the new moon, checked in at the first quarter, accomplished by the full moon…then now is the time to be thankful that you did it. Be grateful. Say HELL YEAH!

If you are still working on your goal (for example you wanted to complete something in three full moons) then now is a time to check back in with yourself. Reflect on your progress and think about the next step. At the new moon your can set the next step during that phase to get it done.

Most importantly this is a time to reflect. Look inward. Be thankful for the things that have come into your life and what is now leaving your life. Think about what you want to accomplish…WRITE IT ALLLLL DOWN. Working with the moon is great when it is accompanied with a journal! You’ll start to see patterns and it’s also a stress reliever!

Now to the nitty gritty…the Moon is in Aries tonight…so you may feel a bit gung-ho and revved up! Aries is a VERY assertive and sometimes aggressive sign…The RAM…a fire sign…a VERY “I AM” sign…COURAGE comes to mind…listen to that intense intuition…act on it…DO IT! (With carefulness not to get too hasty and careless). If you feel the need to clean out the fridge DO IT…and then be thankful that you did…because after all YOU WANTED TO DO IT. Don’t take yourself for granted…and think about all the good things that have come into your life by PAYING ATTENTION to your own needs and wants…

If you are working through some problems…ACKNOWLEDGE them…ACCEPT them for what they are…and then LET THAT FEELING GO! Ask yourself…is this helping me? If it isn’t…and there is nothing that can be done…accept it for what it is AND THEN LET GO AND LET GOD…it may not make the feeling go over night…but it’s the first step in moving on…two good tips for letting something go and making a promise to yourself to move on…

ONE: Write it allllllll out on a piece of paper…every bit of it…DO NOT DOWNPLAY YOURSELF OR BLAME YOURSELF…shit happens. Learn from it. When you’ve written it all down and you are ready to let it go…BURN IT! (Safely) BURN IT…Especially TONIGHT! I mean….the Moon is in Aries tonight…and Aries is a FIRE SIGN. Burn it and imagine it disintegrating…you don’t need it…LET GO AND LET GOD.

TWO: Or…write that bad feeling or thought on a rock and THROW IT INTO A LAKE OR  THE SEA OR POND OR ANY BODY OF WATER….let it sink to the bottom…because you DON’T need it anymore…LET GO AND LET GOD.

To round off the night…if you are just happy…BE HAPPY…

Remember the Law of Attraction…if you think happy…you get happy…

AND for your personal pleasure…a GREAT Message from Shia LaBeouf!