Yoga Class: Benu Bird March 3rd, 2017

Come join me this Friday for some yoga!!!

I’ll be teaching my very FIRST yoga class on Friday March 3rd, 2017 at 2:30-3:30 pm at the Savannah Yoga Center! It’s a CommUNITY Flow class that only costs $7 dollars in cash…where ALL of the proceeds will go to our commUNITY partners at the Savannah Tree Foundation. 

Savannah Yoga Center Address:

1319 Bull Street, Savannah, GA

This Friday’s theme is inspired by the Benu Bird. In Greek mythology the Benu Bird is like a Phoenix. It regenerates from itself by burning away the old Bird for a new Bird to rise from the ashes. Close your eyes and imagine seeing yourself in front of you…your divine soul standing right there in front of you…maybe you have had a disconnect from your divine soul and long to be one with it again. I can assure you though, it has been inside of you all along and you have always been one. But sometimes we can feel like we are disconnected…and in those times, we have to hunt down that divine soul, catch it, and experience rebirth. 

Join me in that hunt to return to self!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. Every Friday in the month of March 2017 I’ll be teaching yoga at the Savannah Yoga Center in the CommUNITY Flow class at 2:30-3:30 pm! Come see me!

Pisces New Moon.2-26-17

New Moon in Pisces. 

Pisces is the last sign on the zodiacal wheel… I like to think of a new Moon in Pisces as EXTRA special. Together they represent the ending of a cycle with a NEW BEGINNING. This is an OPPORTUNITY…a gift to you. Maybe you have been stuck in a habit you want to stop or change… is the time to BREAK that habit and start fresh. Hard…but POSSIBLE. If anything…PLANT that seed to stop the habit you want to get rid of…and then water that desire everyday until you break open that seed for your flower to bloom. It just takes that first step. 

Love & Moonlight,


Yoga Class with Me!

Come JOIN me!!!

🙂 Next week is coming FAST! On March the 3rd join me for my very FIRST yoga class at a studio…at Savannah Yoga Center nonetheless. Dreams and Mudras…and Benu Birds to boot. Rise up as the beautiful soul you are! And while you’re at it, you’ll be contributing to the Savannah Tree Foundation with your proceeds! #lookatYOU #twobirdswithonestone @savannahyogacenter #commUNITYyoga #savannahyogacenter #yoga #benubird

Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon in Leo. Snow Moon. Eclipse. 

Full Moon in Leo.

Leo. The lion. The lioness. The king. The queen. 

After much introspection that the last Cancer full moon brought…now is the time to present it to the world. Last full moon, as the Cancer Crab, we turned inward to grow…and now that we have outgrown our shell…we can let the world see what all that growing was about. 

We turn inward to shine outward.

The Leo is open… courageous… and ready for the light to shine through from all its glory. When we turn inward… we can shine outward. Leo is that outwardly… other worldly force that EXPRESSES your inner most being. Show it. Flaunt it. And don’t be shy about it. We are ALL …WILD, CRAZY, HAPPY, and FREE. 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. It’s also an eclipse…so magnify your life by a ka-gillion. And what you want to let go of….take a DEEEEEEP BREATH and ROAR IT OUT LIKE A LION to let it all go! 

First Quarter Moon in Taurus.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus.

So tonight is a half moon in Taurus. Although I didn’t get to make it to my new Moon Goddess meeting this month…I was able to draw my Goddess card tonight on the first Quarter Moon. 

There are a lot of things that are heavy on my heart right now…and I don’t feel the need to express my troubles…but I WILL SAY…this too shall pass. No mud, no lotus.

I’m quite happy to have drawn Bast. For the latter part of this month I’ve felt a disconnect with my inner feminine divine. I’ve slacked on my yoga practice and my laziness made excuses as to why I should just lay around instead. One of my “excuses” was that I don’t have time for myself. Although, true for the most part, I do have limited time to myself as I feel like all my spare time should be spent serving my family. I feel guilty when I take time for myself…and I KNOW I shouldn’t. I should designate time for me. I know I should. 

And so when I drew Bast…it was my own self saying TAKE THE TIME. Be a little independent and find some solitude. Okay okay…I will. Ahem: I say this as I type this message with my girls laying next to me asleep…even though I know I should have me time…I still want them right next to me…but while they sleep I suppose I can reflect on this first Quarter Moon…and maybe meditate a bit. Maybe even embrace me and my girls cat like demeanor…lazing around, calm and fluid. 

ON TO THE MOON: Taurus, the bull, may seem intimidating…but if you take away the stereo type of the ferocious beast…you’d find that a bull is a loving creature…an animal that is earthly. So for the next few days…it might serve best to embrace the naturalness of what we are…loving creatures on a glorious earth…tap into the roots of our earthly beings and reconnect to our feminine divine. And while we are at it…throw on a little cat eyes make up.

Love & Moonlight,