✨First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ♐️ with the assist from Ganesh.

✨First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ♐️ with the assist from Ganesh! I love how this video magically came together with the cards pulled from the Starseed Oracle deck! Now that we are at the first quarter moon, the half moon, let’s revisit our new moon intentions! Time to course correct… look at all of our obstacles ahead… just like the three of wands. What adjustments need to be made before the full moon gets here? How many full moons will our intentions take? Lift the veils and find your path home! And if you need an assist… meditate with Ganesh… the remover of obstacles! And shout out to ANTIOCHOS! I almost had it pronounced correctly!! 🙃 Not sure if the C sounds like an H or not! 😜 you’ll have to let me know! Peace and Love!

Happy Full Moon!

Tybee Tonight! 💙✨ Full Moon rise in Sagittarius with some of my favorite people! #strawberrymoon 

Aiming true to my own heart…like the Sagittarius archer…I aim, shoot, and love… I seek the truth to my own feminine divine within… she is me and I am her… I seek to know her better… I am, shoot, and love…

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Strawberry Full Moon… to remind you that strawberries are in season…get you some! 

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. 


First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

Free your mind.

Free your mind.

Free your mind.

And the rest will follow.

At this first quarter moon in Sagittarius tap into your inner GYPSY, STUDENT, AND PHILOSOPHER. (The three destinies of the Sagittarius as Steven Forrest suggests). This lunar cycle, that began with the New Moon in Virgo, is ridiculously centered around freedom. I figure…for me…this is extremely opening and terrifying in the same. What do you do when your life is shaken up? YOU FREE YOUR MIND. AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW.

Tap into your gypsy: Be free and FREE YOUR MIND. You are bound by nothing. Nothing holds you. If you have too much mind chatter going on….free your mind. Literally STOP the mind sabotage and FREE YOURSELF. Sit in silence. AND listen to your breath. If negative thoughts creep into your mind…acknowledge them…THEN SET THEM FREE. They do not hold you.

Tap into your student: LEARN. Learn what works and what doesn’t. When you feel pain…let it crack your heart open AND LET THE LIGHT IN. Learn that you are not the pain you feel. YOU are growing. YOU are learning.

 {Philosophy by Meghan Guarino…me sistah} // 

Tap into your philosopher: Decide on whether or not you want to be a functionalistic or cocreationalistic being. Functionalistic ideals focus on nothing but the bottom line. Cocreationalistic ideals involve the community. In other words, cocreationalists tap into the people around them to help make decisions that will ultimately impact the community as a whole. Typically, these ideals are geared toward organizations and public relations, but one can adopt them at a personal level. Are you in it for yourself or for others?

FREE YOUR MIND….and the rest will follow. 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Find people who loooooove like you do…  

PSS. Be the ARCHER of your life and AIM true. 

Full Moon Sagittarius with a Capricorn Flair.

Full Moon Sagittarius…With a Capricorn Flair. 

Y’all. This. Is. IT. A Summer Solstice with a Full Moon…can it get any more magical than that!? I don’t know…but what I do know is that NOW is a time for BIG revelations, BIG TRUTHS, and BIG changes. If you haven’t already…THANK yourself for being you. The TRUTH is OUT THERE. It’s up to YOU to find it and see the signs AND BELIEVE IN YOUR INNER TRUTH. Yes, this is big…and maybe even a little intimidating and slightly scary. But I assure you, YOUR inner truth is right there in front of you. Sagittarius….that truth seeking ARCHER…Man, she’s begging you to AIM and SHOOT.

If you’ve been searching for your inner divine being…take some time tonight to say HELLO. It is there…waiting for you. Tonight and for the next few days you may come to the realization of your inner truth…caution to the wind, you might just come to the realization but it might not be the time to make that change…it might take a day, two days, a couple months…you might even have to plan it out…or maybe tonight is the night…you’ve thought about…are you ready?

Capricorn flair is sending vibes to be oriented and calculated. Make this one count. NOW is the time for YOU…even if you take a baby step. That’s one step closer to FREEDOM. ONE step closer to your inner divine. Capricorn is just that goal oriented…baby steps…OR GIANT steps…YOU know your limits….Sagittarius knows your truth.

For me…I’VE BEEN LIVING MY LIFE like I want…I’ve nearly done yoga EVERY DAY…EVERY DAY…whether it be at the yoga studio or on my back porch…I’M DOING ME…and being me. And I’ve got to tell you….it feels GREAT. I’m by no means perfect…BUT I’M ON IT…on my journey…to my inner truth. Every day…I’m connecting deeper within myself…and it makes me smile.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Are you ready…let’s make life GRAND.

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

Holy moly…thank goodness for tonight’s LAST QUARTER MOON in Sagittarius. 

This morning on the way to work I stopped by the store for some things and came across the Newsweek special edition on SPIRITUAL LIVING (it caught my eye for the second time this week)…so naturally I bought it… 

Anyways…that set me on a feeling trip. All day today I’ve been feeling the need to find, live, and be spiritual. I’ll admit…I’ve been guilty of going through the motions full force without stopping. But the older I get, the more I discover, and my constant desire to be a freeflowing unbridled woman…I’ve found that there is more out there…you just have to look.

I stumbled upon this really cool interview via Claire Baker that got me thinking… 



Divine Feminine.





I haven’t watched the whole thing yet…so I don’t know if the whole thing is good! But for the most part of what I saw I resonated with… It even got me to make a trip to the public dock to watch the sunset with my youngest daughter… The photo above was from today’s sunset on the Tivoli River…

ANYWAYS…on to the moooon!

I wasn’t surprised at my behavior to venture out to the river to see the sunset…for crying out loud, the last quarter moon is in Sagittarius! You may be feeling the same things tonight… You may be feeling a spiritual pull to get out in nature… To return back to your divine feminine and your divine nature… You may feel the need to connect back with your wild self…back to the basics… Back to nature… Back to the elements. Earth. Water. Air. Fire. Connect back to your natural self… Watch this interview…and let it inspire you!

Love & Moonlight,


New Moon Sagittarius 

The archer…seeker of knowledge. God, the formless force that makes us whole, guide me to transcendence. Wield me into the women I need to be…use me as an archer and point my arrow towards the path I need to take. 

As we round out the end of the year and the moon is in its last new moon phase for 2015…I feel very, VERY, very open to what lies ahead. Again, for my new moon intention I would like to transcend into a woman of grace…a woman with an open heart and an open mind…an everlasting intention….

Above is me working towards Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana. Can’t quite get onto my sitting bones and completely fold comfortably…but with time and practice, I’ll get it! Gotta work those hamstrings. 😁 #yoga #yogapractice #practiceeveryday #thewaldenmoon #findyoursanctuary #urdhvamukhapaschimottanasana


New Moon in Scorpio

The moon entered Scorpio last night…at the new moon phase. This is a time to set an intention/goal for this lunar cycle.

Sorry but I have been pretty busy lately and this will be short. 

Scorpio..:the scorpion:. Think about what is present in your life right now. Are you living the life you want? Are you living on auto pilot? The Scorpio is here to jolt you awake…start living the life you want and be mindful of what you are doing. No more auto pilot…live intentionally and mindfully. 

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. the moon is in Sagittarius at the moment…but the new moon phase started in Scorpio. Because the new moon phase lasts about 2ish-3 days, it can move to the next zodiac sign during the new moon phase. So here is a side tip from Sagittarius… KNOWLEDGE. Get it. Learn it. If in your life you want to live a certain way…learn how to…and then do it. If you’re an aspiring bee charmer…learn how to charm the pants off of some bees and make some honey. (Shout out to my bee charming friend TJana in Alabama). 

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.


Jessie M. King, The Dove-Cot by the Sea, 1905. Watercolor on parchment. Glasgow, Scottland. Via University of Heidelberg

The moon entered Sagittarius last night during the first quarter moon phase. Sagittarius…the archer. The seeker of knowledge. The seeker of life. Steven Forrest best describes the Sagittarian’s archetype in The Inner Sky as “The Gypsy, The Student, and The Philosopher” in that hierarchical order. 

So how can we use these archetypes during the first quarter moon phase?! By honing in on their instinctual nature as the perpetual student of life we can think about how far we have come and recheck back in with ourselves. The first quarter moon phase is a half way point, a check in point…a half moon. When working with the moon as your natural time clock to get things done…this is the moment when you check back in with your new moon goal. The Sagittarian’s archetype came at the right time!

It begins as the gypsy, who is constantly seeking experience. The wanderer. The one who doesn’t sit still as he or she is on the go reeling in life at present moment. The gypsy is the one that gathers the information through experience. Without the gypsy, we are left closed minded. Be open minded…live. This can represent your new moon goal…the thing you are currently experiencing. 

Then once you’ve started to gather this information and these experiences you become the STUDENT. For every encounter, for every triumph, for every hiccup, you learn from it. Your mind expands and you try to do better. This is your half way point…your first quarter moon phase. This is when you sit back down, look at your new moon goal AGAIN…check back in with yourself and your progress and LEARN from it. Be the student. Look at the goal and your progress of what worked and what didn’t…and then KEEP MOVING…KEEP DOING.

When the full moon comes…become the PHILOSOPHER. Master your skill…master your goal. Put what the gypsy and student provided and make things happen. Keep in mind that the philosopher is also an open minded student of life. He takes everything in and doesn’t let a set of standards dictate his life. After all, life is ever changing…and what you may believe today may shape into something different later in life. The key to a Sagittarian is to continuously be the gypsy, the student, and the philosopher. A good habit to get into. Make room for expansion! 

Remember in the beginning of this current moon cycle…you set a new moon goal. You are continuously making room for that goal to be incorporated into your life…you’ve already made a promise to yourself to EXPAND! You have already begun to act like a Sagittarius. Because after all we ALL have Sagittarius in us…your natal chart is proof. 

As for me...well my new moon goal was to get better at my culinary skills and primping. Next post I’ll be sharing a Blueberry Cobbler recipe! 

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. I picked the painting above for this moon cycle to pair it with the archetypal Sagittarius. It’s a watercolor painting of wandering women by the sea with a dove-cot or dovecote. She’s surrounded by either doves or pigeons. To me it looked free spirited. A dovecote is an old medieval structure that noble people used to house pigeons and doves almost like a chicken coop. They kept pigeons and doves as a food source as well as used their poop for fertilizer. What I see in this painting is a free spirited gypsy woman with free flying doves of knowledge.