New Moon in Pisces. New Moon in Aries. #both

New Moon in Pisces and Aries. ✨Welp…I was feeling pretty magical tonight…so I made a little sea salt scrub to go with my chosen card for this moon cycle. Tranquility. ✨ 🙌 Not trying to be a nerd…but… tonight’s shower was the SHIT! Sea salt infused with Hawaiian macadamia nut oil from Haleiwa (as the carrier), frankincense, cedar wood, rosemary, lemon, patchouli, and eucalyptus…for dat heart chakra and shit. Of note, my daughter Uma commented on how soft my skin was…mmm Hawaiian Macadamia hellooooo. #earthy #earthysmells #waterbathforPISCES #fireheartdreamsforARIES




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Love & Moonlight,


PS. Pisces…find your flow, Aries…find your fire. 

New Moon Vibes. New Moon in Aquarius and Pisces.

New Moon in Aquarius & Pisces.

I’m loving the month of February. A lot of greatness has unfolded itself to me. A lot of past Karma is weeding itself out. And for that I am grateful. That Aquarian dark side has reared its ugly head, but for good reasons. Everything has two sides. This week I was talking with my youngest daughter about living her best life. And we talked about how everything has a light and dark side. And that you can choose to see the light in all that is dark. And that there may be days when you’re mad, angry, sad…but at the end of it all YOU can choose to find joy…you can be in the light even when you feel like you are stuck in the dark. Just flip the switch and you are there. Nothing is ever permanent. It just takes one flip. Yes, easier said than done…but that’s where hope comes in. That’s where forgiveness plays the part. And that’s when you heal. Recognizing that the past may have caused some hefty wounds that need to heal is the first step…the dark part…and then the light part comes into what “NOW” has to offer. You can forgive and move on. Let the past be the past. Learn grow. Swim. Pisces has your back. And with Pisces swimming into the mix you can find that strength to let things go. To swim. To grow. That care free…go with the flow vibe. There is balance to be had. 

So I’m just going to embrace my past…embrace my Karma…and find joy in everything that I do. Lucky for me I’m a Pisces rising so I feel like I’m pretty care free…passive…loving. I understand that everything is more complex to hold grudges or to get hot headed about. I see you. I see everything. I choose joy. 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. The truth is…finding the strength to stop repeating the past in your head and to stop worrying or making up story lines in your head of “what if” scenarios is going to be your greatest gift. Find strength to let the past be the past and stop dwelling in it. Find strength to stop making up scenarios in your head of scenarios that haven’t even happened…they are just what ifs. I’ve been done with living in a “what if” state of mind…even though sometimes it try’s to suck me in…I just remind myself that I’m making up stories and all that I really truly have is what is happening right now! 

Pisces New Moon.2-26-17

New Moon in Pisces. 

Pisces is the last sign on the zodiacal wheel… I like to think of a new Moon in Pisces as EXTRA special. Together they represent the ending of a cycle with a NEW BEGINNING. This is an OPPORTUNITY…a gift to you. Maybe you have been stuck in a habit you want to stop or change… is the time to BREAK that habit and start fresh. Hard…but POSSIBLE. If anything…PLANT that seed to stop the habit you want to get rid of…and then water that desire everyday until you break open that seed for your flower to bloom. It just takes that first step. 

Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon Pisces.

Watching the Pisces Full Moon rise on Tybee Island, Georgia with my daughters and mom! ❤️

Full Moon in Pisces

Emotions….feel them…

Feel them…

Feel them…

Feel them…

Flow, Flow, Flow….

Open up, up, up…

Let that sweet relief wash over you…

Let that moon rise and illuminate your innards…

Release…let it go…

Find your rhythm…FIND YOUR FLOW…

Love & Moonlight, 


PS….what ever you are manifesting…let tonight be exuberant…let the eclipse magnify your intentions…let your life open up and flow…

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces.

The Ogeechee River.

I have to admit…I’m not all together as I’d hope. But I see change. I feel flow. I am flow. This life we are given..what does it mean? I am on a quest. To find my inner truth…the things that hold me together. I’m certain that the older I get, the more I realize things in a wiser way. The more I see…the more I understand… the more I question… the more I learn. Humanity. Philosophy. Spirituality. What does it all mean? What do I mean? Tonight the moon is in its last quarter in Pisces…I’m feeling the emotional pull to question what it is I want out of this life. What do I want? I’m flowing. Do I go with the current…do I push against it? Will I find my way to the ocean? 

Love & Moonlight,


Pisces New Moon Intention.

Pisces New Moon…

This new moon has been crazy for me…I feel like the Universe, God, Mother Earth, and Lady Moon are really up to something here! I had planned on taking an exam later this year…but recently started talking with my co-workers about the possibility of taking it sooner. Last night I decided to just check to see if I still could…and sure enough I still had time to sign up for this spring. AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE…the cut off date to sign up was TODAY! Of all days. On a New Moon. With a Solar Eclipse. Do you have chills yet? Because I did. Well I bit the bullet and applied to take the exam and sent off all my documents in the mail today! HOT MAIL to be exact! 🙂 

So for my new moon intention:

I trust that I have the confidence and knowledge I need to prepare for and pass the exam. I believe and intend to COME AS I AM…and be the best Kelly Suzanne there is. I want to tap into my wild woman. My naturalistic being. I want to indulge in the four elements…earth, water, air, and FIRE. I also want to make a morning ritual.

Here are three ideas for some new moon intentions.

  • Set an intention to start a morning ritual. It could be as simple as sitting for 5-10 minutes meditating before you go out into the world. It could be drinking a whole glass of water first thing when you wake up…maybe even add a little lemon. Or try some sun salutations and STRETCH while you greet the sun.
  • Set an intention to reawaken your inner wild woman…or man. Focus on the four elements. You are a human being that NEEDS all four elements to survive. You need the Earth for solid food…try eating more organic food. Try to stop eating processed foods and feel how great it is to eat fresh organic foods and taste all the vitamins and electrons that come from them. You need water…real fresh water. Try some spring water…it comes from natural springs. BREATHE. Breathe in fresh air. Get outside. And get out in the SUN…the sun provides you with vitamins you need! Also try to avoid using too much artificial lighting. Use natural lighting. Go to bed when the sun goes down and let your body produce melatonin…a natural cancer fighter.
  • COME AS YOU ARE. Find the you that you want to be. And just be you. Set an intention to be you…and to not care or bend to please anyone else. You have the power to live the life you want. If you want to do yoga…do it. If you like wearing makeup…wear it. If it makes you feel good…why not? How about writing a personal manifesto…and live up to it!

Here are some key words for the Pisces New Moon to think about:





New beginning 

Plant seeds 


Endings with Beginnings

I hope that your new moon intention and night are all that you have intended. Happy International Women’s Day to all the lady friends!

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Pisces and Virgo are the perfect balance to dream big and plan hard.

LAST call for the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway that ends TONIGHT on the NEW New Moon in Pisces.

So tonight ends the Aquarius New Moon cycle and a NEW moon cycle begins! Tonight there will be a NEW MOON in PISCES…backed by a solar eclipse in just under an hour!

LAST chance to enter the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!! The entry submissions close tonight at MIDNIGHT Eastern Standard Time! If you do plan on entering…SET A NEW MOON INTENTION FOR PISCES….since the moon is now a New Moon in Pisces!

Check back here about tonights NEW MOON in PISCES….and then come back LATER TONIGHT to see what new stuff I have to share! I’ve got more!! I have some good ideas and hopefully some inspiration on setting a new moon intention.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow morning dark and early!!!

Pisces New Moon.


The Pisces New Moon…

is on its way…and this one is going to be a big one! This new moon is going to be backed by a solar eclipse. If you ever thought about setting intentions, now is a good time to do it! Especially since there will be a solar eclipse… 

Most of us won’t be able to see the solar eclipse in the USA, unless you live in Hawaii…but even then only a partial solar eclipse will be visible. Even Alaska might get to see a tiny bit of it. Those who live in Indonesia are in for a treat! Other regions of the world like South & East Asia, North & West Australia, the Idian and Pacific Oceans will also get to see at least part of the eclipse. 

So what does that mean? Well, a solar eclipse happens when the moon passes in-between the Earth and the Sun blocking the sunlight temporarily…a perfect alignment. It creates the appearance of a fiery ring around the moons shadow. Pretty intense. AND something you shouldn’t look at with your bare eyes…google how to look at a solar eclipse!


In two days the PISCES NEW MOON will be here in full affect with a solar eclipse to amp it up! March 8th…so mark your calendar! And start prepping for what you’d like to manifest in your life… Prepare for setting an intention to live the life you want to live! 

PISCES is one of my favorite zodiacal signs…after all I am a PISCES rising! So you can imagine how giddy I am about this one! Also one of my sweet echo tech co-workers is a Pisces Sun Sign…so I have an affection for this sign! Hey Betsy!

Pisces brings dreams. If you have dreams…make them come true. Pisces go with the flow…Pisces ALSO have the ability to swim against the current to get what they need. Pisces is also the end of the zodiacal wheel…meaning this could be the end of a phase in your life… followed by rebirth. Maybe a spiritual rebirth. Emotional rebirth. Soul rebirth. No matter what kind of rebirth you need to go through…this new moon is a perfect time to set the intention to GROW or rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. Time to start a new beginning…with an EXTRA boost from that solar eclipse! FYI, if you also work with solar goals, this new moon  might be a great check in point or MOMENT to set a hard solar goal! 

So for the next couple days…think about what you have already intended in the past…THANK yourself for creating the life you want to live in…really THANK yourself…and slowly start to prepare your next new moon intention. You don’t have to set it yet…still feel into the one you set last new moon. And then come back here for some ideas and inspiration on setting your PISCES NEW MOON intention!

Love & Moonlight,


PS. If you haven’t entered to win the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway you still have until Tuesday to do so! So click and make a comment…it doesn’t even have to be an intention…or maybe it can be an intention to start setting intentions! No time like now to start manifesting the life you want! 

PSS. I haven’t even mentioned Virgo in this solar eclipse yet…come back on the new moon to see what Virgo has to offer!

First Quarter Moon in Pisces.


The sky was just… 

Heart Opened.

Love Flowing. 

The sun set.

The moon rises.

Now that it’s the first quarter moon phase I can feel myself craving to come back. Back to my authentic self. Back to my intentions. 

What have I intended? Where can I go from here? How can I feed this craving? 

Pisces…the fishes. Flowing. Flowing. Flowing. The ocean. Vast. Expansive. My heart. Vast. Expansive. Flowing. Flowing. Flowing. Ebb. Flow. Light filling. I think back to my intention. I feel the vastness of what I intend…I am expanding. I am flowing. I am opening my heart. I’m letting the love flow freely. I am a lotus. I am open. My heart is open. I am flowing. Lotus mudra. Lotus mudra. Lotus mudra.

Love & Moonlight, 


Full Super Moon in Pisces.

It’s a SUPER MOON tonight and it happens to be the Blueberry Full Moon in Pisces! 

This FULL MOON is in PISCES. Pisces, the fishes, are the imaginaries. The mystic, the dreamer, the artist…this is a time to be creative and let your new moon goal COME TO LIFE! It is also called the Sturgeon or blueberry moon for this month. For you animal lovers, this could be a good time to honor the fish, especially since it is the sturgeon full moon and the moon is in Pisces. Go SWIMMING! And eat some blueberries as they are in season now! BAKE a pie or torte!

Because it is a SUPER MOON…the moon will appear really big as it is closer to the Earth in it’s orbit! As you should know…the next two full moons will be super moons! 


If you are into rituals and good energy…tonight is a good night to send some good vibes!

Tomorrow is my birthday…I’ll write some more goods then! For tonight…feel the LOVE!

Love & Moonlight,