Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!




Happy Aquarius New Moon!!!

Well, I’ve never done this sort of thing…so we will see how well this goes! The entry to win the prizes are SIMPLE! You have to do THREE THINGS:

  1. Be A follower on my site by e-mail or through wordpress.
  2. E-mail me your name to: to say HEY!
  3. POST a NEW MOON INTENTION in the comments to this post. (I’ll post mine to get things started!)

SIMPLE. No biggy. And you basically enter a chance to win one of the three prizes (winners selected at random). And if you get a FRIEND to follow you can enter again in the drawing. The more friends you invite the more entries you can submit.


  • A cool little weekly planner booklet to map out your weeks.
  • Some Forget-Me-Not flower seeds. (not edible).
  • An organic herbal starter seed bundle with basil, oregano, parsley, and dill seeds.
  • A Tea Time Herbal Mix starter seed bundle with lavender, German chamomile, and sweet marjoram.

I’m super excited about it…and the prizes! Plus, you benefit from setting a New Moon intention for yourself to cultivate a lifestyle you want! How cool is getting a little planner and some herbal and flower seeds? You can even use the planner as your gardening journal! It has all kinds of sticky notes and a little accordion envelope to hold things! It’s pretty nifty! AND the herb and flower seeds!! YESSSS! The Forget-Me-Nots are not edible but I included them because they are my favorite flower!

THE WINNERS will be announced at the FULL MOON on February 22nd, 2016. So ENTER TO WIN by doing steps 1. 2. and 3. And ENTER again by getting your friends to follow my blog. (Yes…I know…no shame here! I’ve got good things to say and share on this site)!!!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. I bought the stuff myself and just felt like doing something fun. I curated it and I’m not profiting from this at all. I just want your friendship and to share the goodness of life! I hope I’m not like the girl trying to make fetch happen! HAHA. 🙂

P.S.S. My next post will give you some Aquarius New Moon intention setting prompts!!! Click to view!


15 thoughts on “Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!

  1. thewaldenmoon says:

    For my New Moon intention…with aquarius in mind…is to just be. I want to set aside the emotions that are not benefiting me. I want to see things for what they really are and just let them be. I want to find comfort and grace in my thoughts and let that radiate. I want to give grace where grace is needed. I intend to BE graceful, considerate, and softly spoken. L&M, Kelly

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  2. Recreational Gardener says:

    I love the idea so setting an intention. My husband is having a pretty big medical test later this week so for mine it will be: I want to release the control that I try to hold over the uncontrollable outcome, I want to remain strong and supportive, and I will allow myself to celebrate the silver lining. Thanks!

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    • thewaldenmoon says:

      🙂 I love this! It is truly an admirable and hard thing to do to release the desire to control things we wish we could. But I think your mind is right where it needs to be…to surrender to the uncontrollable, to remain strong, to be supportive, and rejoice! Good luck to you guys! And it’s nice to meet you!!

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  3. thewaldenmoon says:

    Reblogged this on The Walden Moon and commented:

    Good morning! Still a new moon for setting an intention! You have until the full moon to enter to win! I’ll do updates for the moon…so don’t stress if you can’t comment before the next moon phase! I’ll give some more prompts for intention setting leading up until the full moon! L&M Kels


  4. Sarah Kat says:

    Oh my gosh! I thought I missed this!!! My new moon intention is to let go of the stress of work and let things happen as they may: I am a teacher. This is hard for me, and I find I have to constantly remind myself to return to center. Do you have any good grounding rituals or exercises I could use daily? 🌙⭐️ Sarah kat

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    • thewaldenmoon says:

      Oh weeee Sarah! I think making a morning ritual is what you need! It sounds daunting I KNOW…but it’ll set the tone of the day! I’ll post something about ideas on some morning rituals that you can do in the new moon post for Tuesday…for a QUICK tip (in the meantime) do some sun salutations…it doesn’t take much. Stretch in the morning when you get up and have a glass of water. I’ll write more on this at my new moon post for Tuesday! Love you sister! 🌙⭐️ Kels


    • thewaldenmoon says:

      ❤ yes!!! Pisces is one of my favs! I'm a Virgo sun sign, Pisces rising, and Capricorn moon sign! Nice to meet you! I'm digging your intention! I think fear is what holds us back…give fear a big one two KO…and then live your life fearlessly! I like it!

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  5. Pamela Morse says:

    I am starting seeds for a new venture..literally. I just began taking produce to the Food Bank farmers’ market with a goal of expanding that business. My accountant gave me some excellent encouragement about this idea when I finished tax prep last week. I have sun in Aquarius and North node in Pisces in the 12th house…this is seriously my time to go for it. I will grow my herb garden and business from seeds starting with vigor on this new moon.

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    • thewaldenmoon says:

      Oh yes! I love it! And what perfect timing!! Backed by a solar eclipse ANNNND it’s a Pisces new moon A WATER SIGN! Perfect timing to set an intention AND water it with your love! I believe this new moon is going to rock our worlds!!!

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