New Moon Solar Eclipse Virgo/Leo.

New Moon in Virgo with a Solar Eclipse with a taste of Leo at the beginning.

This one is a BIG one. So many emotions. Yesterday was the big eclipse and unfortunately the clouds, here in Savannah, hid it from view. Nonetheless I stood outside like everyone else hoping to catch a small glimpse…but instead just got drizzled on. Still pretty cool to be outside while it was happening. Later on in the day there was a magical sunset…so that made up for it…

Here is to new beginnings… and big ones at that… being that Virgo is my sun sign I thought it was pretty cool that the eclipse happened in Virgo, although some may even say Leo. 

For me I’m going with Virgo… and making my new Moon intentions pure. The purify my life and body… at the end of last week I decided to give vegetarianism a go AGAIN with working myself to veganism. I’m still eating dairy and eggs until I can wean that off to… I tried once before and tried to go straight vegan cold turkey…. and that DID NOT work… ironic. My belly bloated uncomfortably…. and it was a bit shocked. So this time I’m going in more mindfully… with probiotics on board… making smaller changes to clean my gut… plant based diet I’m coming after yooooou! I’m also taking vitamins for my skin, hair, and nails… just honoring and taking care of the vessel I was given… I’m also building my stones and crystals collection with my youngest daughter Uma. So that’s fun! Just trying to live more mindfully!

But anyways:.. I’m in a van on the way to Vidalia to see patients… and I’m beginning to ramble… 

Thursday I’m headed to Florida with Uma for a much needed relaxation… going to spend quality time with her and my younger sister Meghan…

Time to take a nap…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Image from Mystic Mamma

PSS. Take this time to purify your life… let go of the past… move forward… purify… simplify… channel your inner Virgo

No Grit… No Pearl…

Changing my Karma on the daily… Learning the laws of what Karma really is… Realizing that Karma is not punishment… Changing my Karma on the daily… Learning that Karma is changeable… Realizing that I don’t have to live in a Fearful Karmic cycle… Changing my Karma on the daily…

For those who feel like you have to suffer from the past… read this now… you DON’T. Change your thoughts… change your life… Don’t feed your past pain your energy… Don’t give it your energy or your thoughts… move on. Even when you don’t understand WHY… Change your Karma… Forgive. 

Forgive yourself and everyone and everything around you… Start right now…

Make a change in your daily routine… Pray. Meditate. And then pray and meditate some more. Release old habits… Make room for new ones… CHANGE YOUR KARMA. You can do that… 

Don’t look back… you aren’t going there…

Change your Karma… Find your Dharma…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Get ready for the Virgo NEW MOON AND SOLAR ECLIPSE TOMORROW!!! Ready to move on?!?! Grab your stones, crystals, and soul for this phenomenon and life changing event… charge up your life with a new beginning…. God is with you on this one…

New Moon in June…

New Moon in June…

Happy New Moon in June…

So this new Moon started off in Gemini and then made its way into Cancer for the majority of its phase…

I’m feeling like it started off really Yang with Gemini taking the lead…but there is definitely Cancer the crab that is shifting the weight of my world into a more introspective state of mind…

So much has changed in my life within this past month it is ridiculous… I finally finished Yoga teacher training at the end of May and then AT the SAME time my job workload shifted…I used to be on call every third week and now it is every other week… I’m still NOOOOOT used to it…and since the switch I have only had one weekend off. I’m tired and a little overwhelmed…but it’s just started and I know I will find my rhythm. 

I wanted to teach yoga classes at a studio but with this new work load change I’m starting to rethink things… because teaching while on call is NOT an option. I’m already strapped down to staying in Savannah every other weekend…if I decided to teach on the Fridays I’m off or even that weekend…I’ll never get to go on vacations or leave to go out of town….and I’m not sure I want to deprive myself of having fun…ESPECIALLY since last weekend was a dream in Florida. So I’m thinking of options…something that would work with my work life and personal life…

I’m thinking about making yoga videos…so that it’s free and accessible to anyone with the click of a button in their own home…with occasional live classes out in nature…I’m not really sure…maybe subbing or teaching at a dance studio every other week that I’m not on call during Mon-Wed….because teaching while I’m on call is NOT an option….so I’m just thinking… trying to figure it out…

finding introspection…

Working internally…

Channeling my inner crab…soft and delicate on the inside…but ready for the struggle I face with a hard shell of determination….

I’ll make it work…

Love & Moonlight,


New Moon in Aries. March 27, 2017. 

Detail from an Astrological Oracle Card, artwork by Antonella Castelli. (Lunaea Weatherstone and Antonella Castelli Astrological Oracle Cards).


New Moon in Aries.

Tonight I’d like to share two favorite Yukti Sutra verses from The Radiance Sutras book.


Enter these turning points,
Where the rhythms of life transform
Into each other.

Breath flows in, filling, filling,
   In this moment, drink eternity.

Breath flows out, emptying, emptying,
   Offering itself to infinity.

Cherishing these moments,
Mind dissolves into heart,
Heart dissolves into space,
Body becomes a vibrating field,
Pulsating between fullness and emptiness.

At the end of the exhale,
Breath surrenders to quietude.
For a moment you hang in the balance –
In the fertile spaciousness
That is the source of breath.

At the end of the inhale,
Filled with the song of breath,
There is a moment when you are simply
Holding the tender mystery.

In these interludes,
Experience opens into exquisite vastness
With no beginning and no end.
Embrace this infinity without reservation.
You are its vessel.

-Yukti Verses 3 & 4, The Radiance Sutras, by Lorin Roche, PhD


These two verses are so beautiful to me…when I think of the breath I am reminded of just how powerful the breath really is. It is the life force. It has power. And you can use it to kindle the fire within you.


When I think of Aries…I think of FIRE and the internal flame. We all have one. Burning. Some days brighter than others….but always there. When Aries is in the mix I like to return my thoughts to my inner flame…what kindles it? What flames it? At this new moon I’ll be checking into what makes my fire burn bright….and do that. And maybe do some fire breath pranayama to get my internal flame roaring.


This lunar cycle I’ll be tuning into what flames my fire…which is artwork, yoga, and writing. I intend to get a start on creating a routine for my creative outlets. I really would love to start making artwork again…be more diligent with my yoga and journaling/blogging…time to set my butt on fire like the Aries and get stuff done!

Love & Moonlight,


Pisces New Moon.2-26-17

New Moon in Pisces. 

Pisces is the last sign on the zodiacal wheel… I like to think of a new Moon in Pisces as EXTRA special. Together they represent the ending of a cycle with a NEW BEGINNING. This is an OPPORTUNITY…a gift to you. Maybe you have been stuck in a habit you want to stop or change… is the time to BREAK that habit and start fresh. Hard…but POSSIBLE. If anything…PLANT that seed to stop the habit you want to get rid of…and then water that desire everyday until you break open that seed for your flower to bloom. It just takes that first step. 

Love & Moonlight,


2017’s Complete New Moon List.


The Moon (1903), Karl Schweninger Jr.

2017’s Complete New Moon List:


Zodiac Sign


January 27th
Aquarius, The Water Barrier

February 26th
Pisces, The Fish

March 27th
Aries, The Ram

April 26th
Taurus, The Bull

May 25th
Gemini, The Twins

June 23rd
Gemini, The Twins & Cancer, The Crab

July 23rd
Leo, The Lion

August 21st
Virgo, The Virgin or Maiden

September 20th
Libra, The Scales

October 19th
Libra, The Scales

November 18th
Sagittarius, The Archer

December 18th
Capricorn, The Sea-Goat


Love & Moonlight,


P.S. Will write something about January’s New Moon later…

New Moon Afterthoughts.

New Moon

This past new Moon was especially heart warming for me…for the first time (of many to come) I got together with a group of my friends to tap into our inner goddesses and set intentions together. 

It is extremely crazy how the universe works and how by making movements, even the smallest, towards the things you want in life will bring you an abundance of love and goodness…it truly pays to make those movements…when I decided to work on myself and join yoga teacher training I wasn’t expecting what I found…

I joined up with a group of 21 other likeminded students who have all blown me away with how kindred in spirit they are to me…unexpectedly. Even when it comes to the moon, sun, and the universe…I found the they too are moon loving goddesses…and from that Daisy came up with the idea to meet every new Moon to draw goddess cards together to set an intention for the lunar month that goes along with what the card/goddess represents…

I drew Abundantia…and I’ve got to say…She came at just the right moment…I’m so open to giving and receiving abundance in my life…nothing is holding me back…

Yesterday I met up with my mentor and fellow mentees…see here:

I have been going through some personal awakenings and at this meeting I got the answers I needed in my current….some heavy words I needed to here from my mentor Kelley (in the middle). She reminded me that life is about now…and even though you have to work through HARD decisions and you don’t know what to do, but have to make them….you can’t screw it up…no matter what decision you make…YOU CAN’T SCREW IT UP…no matter what you decide, that is exactly where and what you were supposed to decide. Your life doesn’t end when you make decisions…you can’t screw it up…I CAN’T SCREW IT UP…it’s just not possible. So I’ll be sending out abundance and what I get in return will be EXACTLY what I need…no question.  

I’ve got this…I’m living the life I choose to live…I give abundance and I invite it in…

Love & Moonlight,


New Moon Flow

New Moon Flow… in Scorpio. I ain’t worried about shit… #scorpio #igotme #yougotyou? I hope so…love hard…love wild… and love free…

Love & Moonlight,


New Moon in Libra.

New Moon Flow…








Harmony. It is THE one thing I strive for in each day. Ebb. Flow. Rhythm. Balance. Libra, the Scales, offers some insight on just that. What can you do to stay balanced? What can you let go of to open up for? Find that inner rhythm to your divine soul. Develop a yin yang state of mind. Light. Dark. Feminine. Masculine. It is all needed to be well rounded and balanced.

I didn’t post about the last quarter moon…I was busy transfiguring. Completely thankful and watching some heavy shifts happening. I applied for the Savannah Yoga Center Teacher Training program and got in! It starts this October 14th and I’m completely OVER THE MOON! I spent the last part of this past lunar cycle getting excited and prepared and spent the yin Balsamic Phase in a quiet and grateful way. Started a yoga journal….been reading more… Been thinking a lot about Yin and Yang…

You would think that at a new moon it would be a time of yin…and in some ways, yes it is.. because there is always an element of both yin and yang in each and every day….BUT a new moon is really a Yang phase. It is a time to set a new intention…a new beginning…the beginning of a journey….the catapult to get moving.

Be mindful to not over exert yourself. In a world full of YANG….it can be very easy to fall into the exhausting routine of keeping up with the Joneses. If you get to that point…take it back a bit. Check in with yourself and reevaluate your intentions. Find your balance. Find your yin….find a place of peace…find a person that balances you out. If you are a very Yang person by nature…find a friend or a lover or a family member that is more Yin to balance you out…odds are they need your Yang too.

So taking that in to consideration and thinking about Libra….we can then start thinking in a yin yang way….BALANCE. you need them both… Moving forward and starting a new intention…lets yang it up…and really make an effort to do the things we have always wanted to do…

For me…it’s all about the Yoga Teacher Training. I’m so ready for this phase in my life and can’t wait to get flowing. My intention is to be the student I need to be to transform my life and those around me….I can’t wait to learn the foundations and philosophy of yoga and really open up more spiritually. I’m making waves…

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. The video was from this mornings yoga flow with my youngest daughter Uma. Song: Skinny Love By: Bon Iver

I told you to be patient

I told you to be fine

I told you to be balanced

I told you to be kind

P.S.S. Even though right now we are being really YANG to get some things flowing…take time tonight to sit down and honor your body with a little yin meditation. Your body will thank you…