Late in the gameee…



Yes, the full moon peaked yesterday in Leo. But in reality you feel the effects leading up to the peak and just after the peak. So, technically I’m on time with this post! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Alas, yesterday was waaaay to wild for me to carve out time to get on here. I, for one, was on some other level yesterday. Even today I’m still buzzing. So here’s a little flow to Drake’s Gods Plan… bc all the feels in this body is happening and ROARING! 
Leo…um…you is playful!
Love & Moonlight,

Full Moon in Gemini..

Happy Full Moon Lovers…

Full Moon in Gemini…

Mercury in Retrograde…


Best to take cover for this one…

Don’t be making big decisions right now…

Leave things be…

Let things go…

Let things roll…

Soak in the moon…


Hibernate and sleep tight…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Take the opportunity to catch up on sleep while Mercury is doing its thang… let this time pass. Hibernation is key. Looking forward to waking up FRESH just before Christmas Day! (Ends December 22, 2017.)

Yoga Tomorrrrrow!

Join me TOMORROW NIGHT for some Wednesday Night Flow!! I’m thinking Moon and Sun Salutations… an Eclipse of fun! ❀ 



Life Moves Dance Studio… Wednesday 6:45-7:45 pm! Richmond Hill, GA


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Love & Moonlight,


So Thissss Happened!!!Β 

So this happened this weekend… πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨πŸ’– How Much gratitude… so much so much. This weekend was wild and free…magical and mind blowing… I can’t thank Dana Trixie Flynn and Deb Langley enough for the wisdom and nuggets of gold they shared! Thanks @kelley_j_boyd for hosting and holding space for this… πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨πŸ’– I wish I had a closer pic of @deborahlangleyyoga …but if you zoom into the top left image, there she is snuggled in between @danatrixieflynn and @kelley_j_boyd ! 😍 Much love! Shout out to SYC YTT sisters @_jessica.shea_ @megsdyan @_leah.love_ and @savannahyogacenter and @laughinglotusny #yoga #yogateachertraining #lotusflow

Wednesday Night Flow.

Starting on August 16th I’ll be teaching yoga at Life Moves Dance Studio every Wednesday night at 6:45-7:45! Mark your calendars and come join me soon for some Wednesday Night Flow! ❀ .



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Love & Moonlight,


Scorpio Flower Full Moon. May 11, 2017.

FULL MOON // Scorpio // Flower Moon

This moon…is my Mama’s moon. Scorpio…the scorpion. Passion. Passion. Passion. Red. Hot. And definitely Holy. 

Tonight it is pretty damn hot… 77 degrees (double lucky number 7) and I’m sweating on my back porch…for the next week it’s going to be in the 90s. Forget Spring…it’s already Summer here in Georgia…

Tonight the Scorpio Full Moon is making me think all about passion, love, sexuality, and the color red.. 

Red. Red wine that I’m drinking… Red. My cheeks from this heat… Red. My heart that is full… Full like the moon… Full

For tonight…I let go of the past. I move towards my passions… I let go of heart ache… I live on… I stare that SCORPION right in the eye, place a FLOWER in my hair, and make a pact with my divine feminine that I’ll live the life I want… Remembering that a Scorpion represents a crossroads decision…life or death… and I choose MY life… always… 

the power of choice is and will always be yours… the power to walk away when things no longer suit you… the power to make a change… the power to connect with your truest divine self… remembering that nothing is EVER happening to you…just around you…so that ultimately you are in control… and that there is always an option to disregard the wicked and move into your brilliant light… 

Love & Moonlight,


First Quarter Moon in Aquarius.Β 

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius.

Setting the mood last night. Yoga by candlelight with doTerra’s Forgive blend in the air diffuser.

Last nights First Quarter Moon in Aquarius was nothing short of magical. Aquarius…the water-bearer. Fluid and limitless. Individualized and free. Aquarius reminds us that we hold the space that surrounds us. 

We have the freedom of creating a space that kindles our eternal flame within. It doesn’t have to be grand…a simple one lit candle will do. If your body is your temple, then your home is your garden…create your space. 

If you only have one bedroom…personalize it. If you have a traveling altar…bring it with you. If you have a home away from your home like a yoga center and want support…go there, they’ve created a space there to hold for you to melt in. 

Whatever you do…surround yourself with things that kindle your eternal flame…and if you are feeling grand…build your stately palace by candlelight. 

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. Last nights yoga flow was inspired by the Rishi Twist seen above. In Sanskrit it is called the Bharadvaja or Bharadvajasana. Heart lifted… When you come out of the pose…slowly unfold like a water fountain with your head unfolding last.