🦁New Moon in Leo Tarot Reading!

This is a good one!!! We talk about finding our true essence and embracing who we are! Some deep realizations that not everyone is going to be into you…and that’s okay! Because when we operate from the highest frequency of LOVE… you will attract that very love right back! LOVE ATTRACTS LOVE! Don’t shrink back from who you are no matter what!!


Full Moon in Leo.

Full Moon in Leo… with a green orb to boot. Take me back to a place in my heart where my inner child can run freely…

Back to the witness that is the soul… that has no age. Stepping out my comfort zone… teaching little kids yoga and roaring with lions breath…

Or to be like a King… a Loin king and anoint me with myrrh and frankincense… with a little bit of golden ylang ylang.

Take me to the place where my heart can be wild and free. 💚

Late in the gameee…


Yes, the full moon peaked yesterday in Leo. But in reality you feel the effects leading up to the peak and just after the peak. So, technically I’m on time with this post! 💁‍♀️ Alas, yesterday was waaaay to wild for me to carve out time to get on here. I, for one, was on some other level yesterday. Even today I’m still buzzing. So here’s a little flow to Drake’s Gods Plan… bc all the feels in this body is happening and ROARING! 
Leo…um…you is playful!
Love & Moonlight,



If you didn’t know… at the end of April 2017 …the 28th to be exact… the Universe and stars made a shift as Aquarius entered the South Node and Leo entered the North node…

What does that mean…. well for the next year and a half… until November 15, 2018…  there are going to be some things that arise within you from past Karma…and it might not feel so pleasant..some things might SEEM painful…. (you can thank AQUARIUS for that)… THE GOOD NEWS IS… that this is part of HEALING…. THE GOOD NEWS IS…you have the POWER to transform your Karmic REACTION… for every action there is a reaction… and you can CHOOSE to live you life UNRESTRAINED from a Karmic lead path… you don’t have to let karma rule your life… because in reality… you have the power to control your Karma…

THE GOOD NEW IS… you have LEO in the North node to help you out when you get to a low point or a moment of unwanted negative feelings… Leo reminds us to show compassion and understanding… so really if you let your Karmic past dictate your life…you might be doing it wrong… you ACKNOWLEDGE these feelings and then CHOOSE the reaction that is best going to serve you…do not ever dwell on it… instead learn and move on sending out the energy you want to attract… the law of attraction… also for goodness sake… LEO is a big old kitty cat… just wanting to play!!! So you have to remind yourself to let’s loose and have fun…and then the things you thoughts were so horrible…seem to not matter anymore… after all, the past is the past…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. I reference ALOT of astrologer Steven Forrest’s stuff… just so you know! 

First Quarter Moon in Leo. May 2, 2017.

First Quarter Moon in Leo.

Started a Mythic Spring yoga challenge…above is day one and two.

At halfmoons, like tonight…it’s a good idea to stop and be grateful…especially in the progress of attaining a new Moon intention. 

I feel like my intention to balance is coming to be. I’m doing yoga daily and that has helped me stay grounded. I also am so very grateful that I get to teach class on Friday at the yoga center…to me being of service and holding a creative space for people is a gift. A gift to them and a gift to humanity. EVERYONE needs yoga in their life.


The feline! Meooooow! Be frisky with life and have some fun!!! 

Love &Moonlight, 


PS. So many good things in my life are coming to form. I’m teaching weekly…and I just cleaned and bathed my back porch to make way for a new lounge sitting area and yoga space… seeeeeee:

I ordered this set of furniture for my back porch!!!

New Moon in Leo.

“Les Lis” by Louis Icart


New Moon in Leo.

Been needing a new moon…been waiting on this one. For tonight, while the moon AND sun are in Leo, take time to revisit your personal manifesto. Who are you? What are you here for? NOTHING should be holding you back from being the “YOU” you were meant to be. But I get it…sometimes it isn’t that easy. Sometimes its REALLY hard to do YOU. Sometimes it’s really hard to crack open AND SHINE. But I can assure you…those are just temporary fears. Temporary limiting thoughts. So how do you get passed all that to transcend into YOU…?

Start by writing it down. Write it down again, again, and again. Tap into the essence of the Leo. Let your insides burst with light…burst with fire…for goodness sake, LEO is ruled by the SUN and is a fire sign…shine, shine, shine…

KINDLE the light within you and let it warm you. KINDLE your desires FIRST and then everything else that you do will come from a place of love. Dishes? HA…how about playing with your essential oils first because it makes you happy….and then while you’ve got that smile on your face from wafting some patchouli aroma up your nose…dishes will seem a little less depressing.

Tap into your inner Lioness or Lion and ROAR it out. If you got some negativity to release ROAR it out. You don’t need it anymore…it has already done its job. You’re transcending. Let go of the things you don’t need to make room for what you do need.

Then when you have written it down, loved & loved some more, felt pain & let it go…FIND COURAGE. Because THAT is the hardest part of all. You know what you want….you know what you need….you’ve written it down, you’ve released what you don’t need anymore….NOW TAKE THE COURAGE OF THE LEO TO STEP INTO THE LIGHT. It is your time to shine. Time is NOW.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. I picked this image for personal reasons…I myself have a hard time being the ME I want to be. Les Lis translates to The Lilies…for me this is symbolic in the way that it means purity, modesty, mercy, femininity, and the souls restored innocence.

PSS. I’m currently revising my personal manifesto…completely peppered with femininity.



Full Moon in Leo tonight.. Ganesha Mudra Yoga Meditation for the Full Moon.

Tonight there will be a Full Moon in Leo.

I felt this one coming. I felt the intense build up to this point. Lately I’ve been making peace. Finding grace. Giving grace. I’ve felt a shift in the people around me, felt the shift within me. Practiced silence. Fell in love with the word considerate. Felt my body, mind, and soul plant firmly into the ground. Became grounded.

Fell in love with Ganesha. Practiced Jivamukti. Felt a connection.

Tonight…with the FULL MOON in Leo…think back to your new moon intention. Here was mine. Looking back I have really honored myself. I have felt a great shift in myself. I’ve been practicing yoga more, being mindful of those around me, staying open, giving grace. GIVING GRACE has been my greatest accomplishment thus far this year.

Leo may send you some extra playfulness and creativity your way. Use that to your advantage. If you are feeling super inspired to CREATE and be CREATIVE…make it a FULL MOON ritual. Block off time for yourself…at least 30 minutes to do a ritual FOR YOURSELF. Here are a few examples:

  1. Meditate. Believe it or not…this will set you free. It is proven to reduce stress. Above is a video of a morning yoga meditation I did last Sunday. For my meditation I performed a Ganesha Mudra. Ganesha is a Hindu God…a deity. Best known as the remover of obstacles. He is depicted with an elephant head. A Mudra is a hand gesture that seals or marks an intention…the Ganesha Mudra is practiced to remove obstacles from your path…be it something as simple as removing an unwanted feeling that is holding you down. Let go of those feelings that pin you down. Remove them from your life and set yourself free. Move yourself.
  2. Start a diary. This is another proven way to reduce stress. It is also fun to reflect on paper and then look back at it. Given that MERCURY IS STILL IN RETROGRADE until Monday…now is truly a time to just reflect. No big decisions need to be made. Just jot down how you feel. Write your life. It is yours.
  3. Burning ritual. My ALL TIME favorite. Tonight if you feel like you need to let go of some feelings…write them on a piece of paper and burn them. Remember…Mercury is still in retrograde…so just release some feelings that have built up…burn them and feel relief. No big decisions need to be made…just reflect. (Be safe…if you don’t know how to work with a safe fire…don’t try this.)


That is it I suppose…I plan on meditating and doing a burning ritual tonight!!

Love & Moonlight,


New Moon In Leo

Product and Image from Freepeople.com


Product and Image from Freepeople.com

The New Moon was in Leo just two days ago…and is still in the new moon phase but is waxing it’s way to full. My first week back from vacation has been a whirlwind and I’m just NOW sitting down…and it’s 10:30 at night…on a Sunday. After being on call…having a busy week at work…and then getting rear ended today…I think I’m ready for some down time…hurry up cocktail Monday, I might need you this time.

With the new moon in Leo, the lion…think about your new moon goal and let Leo help you get your inner thoughts and imagination to COME OUT and be seen. Leo can help you be expressive and give your thoughts and goals a meaning. Let the Leo lion coax your inner mind to shine OUTWARDLY! And while you are shining from the inside out…put on something fancy to go along with it! Look the part! Because…that Leo said so…and he is good at it, so he can show you how!

For me…my new moon goal is to dress up everyday…instead of rolling out of bed and into the car. I’m notorious for doing that and not brushing my hair. This cycle I want to work on my grooming. Haha. Not to say that I’m a slob…I just don’t take the extra time to primp.

I also want to work on my culinary skills and organizing my recipes. Just finished cleaning out the spice cabinet and pantry…and I want to make a list of what I have and then find some recipes to what I have on hand. Given that this months full moon is the BLUEBERRY moon, I hope to share some blueberry dishes…and I already have one lined up! My Grandma’s blueberry cobbler recipe she got from Imogen and Duke will be popping in sometime before the full moon. Maybe even some printable lists for list making too!

Love & Moonlight,


SUMMER SOLSTICE | The Big Reveal. The Walden Moon | Lifestyle of Kelly Walden

The Walden Moon | Lifestyle by Kelly Walden

Current Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent in Leo

So here we are…on the longest day of the year…the day that marks the first day of Summer…when then days become long and the nights become short…the sun is in command and at its highest…and we can now begin to focus on the Earth element of WATER!

“Water is the principle of nurturance and protection. Outwardly, its spirit is one of warmth: inwardly, of imagination and intuition. With its penetrating, sensitive quality, water’s prime function is to feel.” – Steven Forrest The Inner Sky

I’m happy to announce my website and blog on this day and share a multitude of things!! Ready to feel some good things!? Here are easy links (some still waiting for posts):

Full Moon

Moon Phases

Four Seasons

Calendars & Lists

Herbs & Essential Oils

Recipes & Menus

Also in the tool bar you can read my bio, contact, and see my artwork (photography, illustrations, and mono printmaking)

So here is a brief overview of what you will find here…

The moon in many ways is quite magical. Beaming down bright. Waning. Hiding. Waxing. Beaming down bright. Waning. Hiding. Waxing. Turning the tides. The ebb and flow of life. Not only is it magical in the way that it exists…it is also magical in the way that it can help you cultivate a life of beauty and self-acceptance…with the combination of the solstices and equinoxes you can use these natural happenings as a guideline…a natural time clock to guide you and make your life just as magical.

So how do you use the moon and seasons? By using the four main moon phases (there are actually eight) and the four seasons, to set a natural time clock, you can create deadlines to getting stuff done…four squared.  Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Or maybe you wanted to clean out the attic? Have you let the procrastination ghost sneak up on you too often?

Well hopefully I can share some good things to help inspire your life. Because who doesn’t want a beautiful life and a feeling of self acceptance and accomplishment?

Some things I hope to share:

  • Printable monthly calendars and lists (of all kinds), because list making and planning are the key visual that you’re getting stuff done.
  • Quarterly DIY projects to go along with the seasons.
  • Tidbits about herbs and essential oils.
  • Recipes.
  • A theme for each full moon with worksheets to go along.
  • And whatever I find interesting and worthwhile to share.

Use the easy links above to find and explore with…I’ll try my best to prepare in advance for things that are coming up…

For instance I’ll be sharing a July 2015 Calendar in my next post…you’ll be happy to notice that the first FULL MOON falls on the first day of July this year…and within that same month a second FULL MOON aka “BLUE MOON” will pop up on the last day of July…so some big things can happen this JULY 2015….so get ready!

At every NEW MOON post I hope to prepare you for the FULL MOON that follows…

Without further ado….here we go!

Love, Kelly