Half Moon in Capricorn…The last Quarter and New beginning. 

Half Moon in Capricorn. First day of Spring. The slumber is over. Time for Spring cleaning and New Beginnings. 

How cool is it that the last Quarter Moon fell on the Spring Equinox? Very cool. I’m taking the word “LAST” literally and beginning again. Thank goodness for Spring…time to clean out the old for the new to begin. Be like the Capricorn…half mountain goat, half sea creature…CLIMB those mountains you’ve wanted to…and SWIM against the current…




This photo was taken by #umakathryn on the last day of Winter, yesterday, and digitally stitched and adjusted by me. #motherdaughterteamwork 




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Love & Moonlight,


PS. There will be a separate Spring Equinox post later today…most likely tonight. But go ahead and start thinking about Spring Cleaning and NEW beginnings…because that is what I’ll be thinking about all day. Make a list! Make two…just start thinking new and fresh! 

Bon Voyage…Happy Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio!

See ya…will be gone until Monday! 💙🚢🛳 #bahamaMama 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Happy Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio! Living life as if it were my last breath…What do you do when you see a Scorpio on your chest….you realize that the only time you have to survive is RIGHT NOW…. YOLOOOO. Living is up!

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo…

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo…

Look within. There is a fire inside of you. Kindle the shit out of it…and keep it burning….then thank the shit out of yourself…because you are worthy. At this last half moon…take care of that flame. Be like the Virgo, the healer, the keeper of the sacred flame…your sacred flame. Everyone has Virgo in them…channel that…and hold onto your sacred flame and watch it burn and radiate outwardly to the same tune as the sun and the moon…

and before you go to bed tonight, cup your hands in front on your mouth and breathe into them…do you feel that?!? Heat…proof that you have a sacred flame within you…

Love & Moonlight,


Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. 

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini!

Moon: Gemini

Sun: Virgo

This….is the time to let it be.

If it comes; let it. If it goes; let it. 

Now is the time to let life run its course. You’ve expressed your innards….now let the universe do its work! No more questions. Just let it be. 

Love & Moonlight,


100 Days of Affirmation. 16 of 100. AND the Last Quarter Moon in Aries.

16 of 100 Days of Affirmation. #whenyouhaveabadDay #theywillcome #dealwithit #classy #the100dayproject #the100daysofaffirmation 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. LAST QUARTER MOON LAST NIGHT AND TONIGHT. Aries where you at! FIRE, FIRE, FIRE….if you are feeling on fire…you got this. With that fiery Aries…tAke those fire embers and read the light. Sit with it and be grateful for that warmth and fire within you!

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces.

The Ogeechee River.

I have to admit…I’m not all together as I’d hope. But I see change. I feel flow. I am flow. This life we are given..what does it mean? I am on a quest. To find my inner truth…the things that hold me together. I’m certain that the older I get, the more I realize things in a wiser way. The more I see…the more I understand… the more I question… the more I learn. Humanity. Philosophy. Spirituality. What does it all mean? What do I mean? Tonight the moon is in its last quarter in Pisces…I’m feeling the emotional pull to question what it is I want out of this life. What do I want? I’m flowing. Do I go with the current…do I push against it? Will I find my way to the ocean? 

Love & Moonlight,


Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

Holy moly…thank goodness for tonight’s LAST QUARTER MOON in Sagittarius. 

This morning on the way to work I stopped by the store for some things and came across the Newsweek special edition on SPIRITUAL LIVING (it caught my eye for the second time this week)…so naturally I bought it… 

Anyways…that set me on a feeling trip. All day today I’ve been feeling the need to find, live, and be spiritual. I’ll admit…I’ve been guilty of going through the motions full force without stopping. But the older I get, the more I discover, and my constant desire to be a freeflowing unbridled woman…I’ve found that there is more out there…you just have to look.

I stumbled upon this really cool interview via Claire Baker that got me thinking… 



Divine Feminine.





I haven’t watched the whole thing yet…so I don’t know if the whole thing is good! But for the most part of what I saw I resonated with… It even got me to make a trip to the public dock to watch the sunset with my youngest daughter… The photo above was from today’s sunset on the Tivoli River…

ANYWAYS…on to the moooon!

I wasn’t surprised at my behavior to venture out to the river to see the sunset…for crying out loud, the last quarter moon is in Sagittarius! You may be feeling the same things tonight… You may be feeling a spiritual pull to get out in nature… To return back to your divine feminine and your divine nature… You may feel the need to connect back with your wild self…back to the basics… Back to nature… Back to the elements. Earth. Water. Air. Fire. Connect back to your natural self… Watch this interview…and let it inspire you!

Love & Moonlight,


Last Quarter Moon Vibes.

Last quarter moon vibes…


Moon in Scorpio…

If you’re feeling emotionally open…it may be that Scorpio. If you are feeling emotionally receptive…it may be that Scorpio. You may be feeling all kinds of vibes tonight…

Feel them…

Love & Moonlight,


Last Quarter Moon in Libra.

Gratitude is the key word for a last quarter moon phase… Feel Gratitude. 

Love the skin you are in. Feel gratitude.

Invoke an open mind, open heart. Feel gratitude.

Be still and give grace. Feel gratitude.

Revive your divine light, divine soul. Feel gratitude.

Accept what is (the good, the bad, the light, the dark) and feel gratitude.

Balance yourself tonight. And feel gratitude. Yin. Yang. Yin. Yang.

Love & Moonlight,