Full Moon in Aquarius. 

Full Moon in Aquarius…

….Aquarius, The Water Bearer….

Aquarius reminds us:

To thine own self be true…

Period. The End. Amen. 

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Let that shit go that steals your light…



If you didn’t know… at the end of April 2017 …the 28th to be exact… the Universe and stars made a shift as Aquarius entered the South Node and Leo entered the North node…

What does that mean…. well for the next year and a half… until November 15, 2018…  there are going to be some things that arise within you from past Karma…and it might not feel so pleasant..some things might SEEM painful…. (you can thank AQUARIUS for that)… THE GOOD NEWS IS… that this is part of HEALING…. THE GOOD NEWS IS…you have the POWER to transform your Karmic REACTION… for every action there is a reaction… and you can CHOOSE to live you life UNRESTRAINED from a Karmic lead path… you don’t have to let karma rule your life… because in reality… you have the power to control your Karma…

THE GOOD NEW IS… you have LEO in the North node to help you out when you get to a low point or a moment of unwanted negative feelings… Leo reminds us to show compassion and understanding… so really if you let your Karmic past dictate your life…you might be doing it wrong… you ACKNOWLEDGE these feelings and then CHOOSE the reaction that is best going to serve you…do not ever dwell on it… instead learn and move on sending out the energy you want to attract… the law of attraction… also for goodness sake… LEO is a big old kitty cat… just wanting to play!!! So you have to remind yourself to let’s loose and have fun…and then the things you thoughts were so horrible…seem to not matter anymore… after all, the past is the past…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. I reference ALOT of astrologer Steven Forrest’s stuff… just so you know! 

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius. 

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius.

Setting the mood last night. Yoga by candlelight with doTerra’s Forgive blend in the air diffuser.

Last nights First Quarter Moon in Aquarius was nothing short of magical. Aquarius…the water-bearer. Fluid and limitless. Individualized and free. Aquarius reminds us that we hold the space that surrounds us. 

We have the freedom of creating a space that kindles our eternal flame within. It doesn’t have to be grand…a simple one lit candle will do. If your body is your temple, then your home is your garden…create your space. 

If you only have one bedroom…personalize it. If you have a traveling altar…bring it with you. If you have a home away from your home like a yoga center and want support…go there, they’ve created a space there to hold for you to melt in. 

Whatever you do…surround yourself with things that kindle your eternal flame…and if you are feeling grand…build your stately palace by candlelight. 

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. Last nights yoga flow was inspired by the Rishi Twist seen above. In Sanskrit it is called the Bharadvaja or Bharadvajasana. Heart lifted… When you come out of the pose…slowly unfold like a water fountain with your head unfolding last. 

Full Moon in Aquarius..

Went to Tybee to greet the moon. BTW, me and Tybee love each other…

Serenity…tranquillity… In the bhav. Samatha-Bhavana…

With a sky like this…waiting on the moon went to a whole new level…swoon…

Me…in a nut shell…

Rolling around and getting sandy…

Moon rising….this video didn’t come close to the beauty I saw tonight…

Hello Full Moon…

Because me and the moon love each other….


Full Moon in Aquarius

I’m digging it…decided that I’d grab hold of my freedom. Aquarius will splap you in the face to wake you up. I’m awake awake awake! Aquarius is all about freedom and individuality. 

What holds us back from having that? Society? The expectations? The “idea” of what is normal? What is normal anyway?

Aquarius would tell you too much compromising strays you from your own truth….your own freedom…your own individuality. 

Tonight make a promise to yourself that your happiness is important. Stop thinking about what society wants you to think….think what you want to think. 

For me…I did EXACTLY what I wanted to do…I went to the beach, rolled around in the sand, and watched the moon rise over the Atlantic Ocean…that to me is freedom. Freedom to be a lady rolling around in the sand on the beach alone….reveling in my own skin without a care in the world….

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Find your freedom…

Pss. About to do a releasing burning ritual…writing stuff out and burning it in the moonlight…

LAST call for the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway that ends TONIGHT on the NEW New Moon in Pisces.

So tonight ends the Aquarius New Moon cycle and a NEW moon cycle begins! Tonight there will be a NEW MOON in PISCES…backed by a solar eclipse in just under an hour!

LAST chance to enter the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!! The entry submissions close tonight at MIDNIGHT Eastern Standard Time! If you do plan on entering…SET A NEW MOON INTENTION FOR PISCES….since the moon is now a New Moon in Pisces!

Check back here about tonights NEW MOON in PISCES….and then come back LATER TONIGHT to see what new stuff I have to share! I’ve got more!! I have some good ideas and hopefully some inspiration on setting a new moon intention.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow morning dark and early!!!

Aquarius New Moon Intention Setting.

Aquarius New Moon Intention Setting Mood.

Tonight the moon is in Aquarius. The Water Carrier. I posted this image of a rain cloud I took today on the way home…Appropriate.

Today you may feel like you aren’t really in the mood for getting too emotional. In fact, you may be feeling the need for a nice and deep intellectual conversation. Or maybe even snuggling down to read a book. Today may just be about the brain…logic. Maybe you have recently been emotional…but today, take that break from emotions. Let the rain fall like nature intended and just decide to think clearly. Let reality and logic show you things. Things you may have been afraid to open your eyes to. Today use your brain…and give your heart a rest.

Meditating seems like a good way to just be. Even reading a really good book. For now, just let things be…set emotions aside…and make an intention for yourself that is going to open your life to the infinite possibilities. Because they are infinite.

Love & Moonlight,


Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!




Happy Aquarius New Moon!!!

Well, I’ve never done this sort of thing…so we will see how well this goes! The entry to win the prizes are SIMPLE! You have to do THREE THINGS:

  1. Be A follower on my site by e-mail or through wordpress.
  2. E-mail me your name to:  thewaldenmoon@gmail.com to say HEY!
  3. POST a NEW MOON INTENTION in the comments to this post. (I’ll post mine to get things started!)

SIMPLE. No biggy. And you basically enter a chance to win one of the three prizes (winners selected at random). And if you get a FRIEND to follow you can enter again in the drawing. The more friends you invite the more entries you can submit.


  • A cool little weekly planner booklet to map out your weeks.
  • Some Forget-Me-Not flower seeds. (not edible).
  • An organic herbal starter seed bundle with basil, oregano, parsley, and dill seeds.
  • A Tea Time Herbal Mix starter seed bundle with lavender, German chamomile, and sweet marjoram.

I’m super excited about it…and the prizes! Plus, you benefit from setting a New Moon intention for yourself to cultivate a lifestyle you want! How cool is getting a little planner and some herbal and flower seeds? You can even use the planner as your gardening journal! It has all kinds of sticky notes and a little accordion envelope to hold things! It’s pretty nifty! AND the herb and flower seeds!! YESSSS! The Forget-Me-Nots are not edible but I included them because they are my favorite flower!

THE WINNERS will be announced at the FULL MOON on February 22nd, 2016. So ENTER TO WIN by doing steps 1. 2. and 3. And ENTER again by getting your friends to follow my blog. (Yes…I know…no shame here! I’ve got good things to say and share on this site)!!!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. I bought the stuff myself and just felt like doing something fun. I curated it and I’m not profiting from this at all. I just want your friendship and to share the goodness of life! I hope I’m not like the girl trying to make fetch happen! HAHA. 🙂

P.S.S. My next post will give you some Aquarius New Moon intention setting prompts!!! Click to view!


Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!


The Walden Moon Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!!!

Details to be announced this New Moon on February 8th!! I’m really excited about this! This is my FIRST giveaway I have ever done! 

SHARE with your family and friends! Tell everyone! Contest begins this Monday! There will be three winners announced on the Full Moon February 22nd! 

Love & Moonlight, 


First Quarter Moon…Currently in Capricorn…But Moving into Aquarius at 9:38 pm tonight.

By Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

By Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Oh yes…you first quarter moon phase. You are just in time for some change. As the moon sits right now…it is half full and in Capricorn. But Aquarius will be taking center stage in just a few short hours.

What does this mean? Well…today you may have felt the urge to work, work, work (thanks Capricorn)…maybe even set your emotions aside to get a job done. But alas…AQUARIUS is on it’s way….and Aquarius has some soul questions to ask tonight…

Tonight…as you get ready for bed….think about today. Think about what happened. Think about what you have been thinking about…AND THINK SOME MORE.

Tonight may be a good night to think about your options…think about a decision you have been putting off…or just reflect on what your new moon intention or goal was for this lunar cycle. Aquarius asks you….WHAT DOES FREEDOM MEAN TO YOU?

How do you define freedom? Like really? How do you define freedom? That is one of the hardest questions to answer….and often times I look for the answer….by way of signs…searches…questioning.  Aquarius wants to know….what does freedom mean to you? If ANYBODY has a good answer….let me know! Comment…or send me a message…Because I want to know!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. I am going to try and refrain from rechecking my grammar on this one…and I’m going to let my grammar mistakes HANG OUT THERE….because tonight…I’m just relaxing. Mmmmk. Bye.

P.S.S. See that dragonfly…um…symbolizing some change! MAKE A DECISION. Define your freedom! Thank you! Period. The End. Amen.