✨🌚New Moon in Gemini Tarot Reading🌚✨

New Moon Monthly Tarot Reading for MAY. In this video we will pull some cards under the New Moon energy in GEMINI. Looks like there is a lot to consider during this time! Looking all things from a new perspective and we amplify our lives!. This energy is being pulled up until around the full moon, maybe even towards the end of the moon cycle come mid June. We pull 3 cards from the Woodland Warden Oracle deck to open up the conversation and then do a GOLDEN STAR SPREAD with the Rider-Waite Pastel Tarot deck and then at the end we pull 3 cards from the Dali Salvador deck as inspiration moving forward! This video is intended to inspire you and should never been taken as factual legal, medical, professional, or mental health advice. This video is for entertainment purposes with the hope of inspiring! Thank you for watching, liking, sharing, commenting, and subscribing! It means a lot to share space with you… because after all we are helping each other along! Much Love in ALL ways, always. 🌹Kelly

MAY☀️DAY🌸BELTANE Pick a pile tarot and oracle reading!

This is a PICK A PILE general reading for the collective… so some of this may or may not make sense to you, so take what does and leave what doesn’t… my hopes is that SOMETHING does help! At the heart of it, the purpose of this video is for your entertainment! Remember… you, me, and the universe can’t predict free will…but that’s the beauty in the human existence… we have the FREE WILL to create the world we are living in…and YOU are responsible for creating the life YOU want by your own decisions! This should never be taken as factual legal, medical, or any type of professional help. We are only here to have fun and hopefully spark some ideas. Remember… you create your own reality!

We pull 7 cards all together. One from the Sacred Forest Oracle deck, one from the Spirit Animal Oracle deck, one from the Rose Oracle deck, one from the Woodland Wardens deck, and three cards from The Golden Tarot deck to discuss the past, present, and future.

POP in the comments if you want some things clarified and I’ll try my best to bounce ideas around with you!

MANY BLESSINGS! ! I love you all! -Kelly ❤️🌹


PILE ONE: Labradorite stone used to protect your energies and protecting against picking up others energies. Reading starts at 9:51

PILE TWO: Flower Agate used for self-growth, metamorphosis, and healing. An inspirational stone. Reading starts at 15:30

PILE THREE: Dumortierite used for communication, linguistics, and being clear with your words… also helps with getting rid of co-dependency. Reading starts at 25:10