Winter Solstice.


Yours truly in my grandparents pecan grove. They started with 19 pecan trees and over the past 43 years had to cut a bunch down from storms and damages. They have six left but their neighborhood is still abundant with pecan trees. They also have a few fruit trees and blueberry bushes. Roses and other garden delights. Winter time has slumbered them for the time being.


Grandpa. Crossword puzzles. His Red Silverado. Standing in his pecan grove.


Grandma. Picking her roses. Trimming their thorns. And spotted little garden friends.


Spent my Winter Solstice with my Grandparents in Putney, Georgia.

The first day of Winter…the shortest day of the year. With Earth soundly sleeping there is promise of light coming near.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Stay tuned for a Winter Solstice activity tomorrow! Good night moon!

Sneak Peak: The Walden Moon Lifestyle

The Walden Moon Lifestyle

The moon in many ways is quite magical. Beaming down bright. Waning. Hiding. Waxing. Beaming down bright. Waning. Hiding. Waxing. Turning the tides. The ebb and flow of life. Not only is it magical in the way that it exists…it is also magical in the way that it can help you cultivatitate a life of beauty and self-acceptance…with the combination of the solstices and equinoxes you can use these natural happenings as a guideline…a natural time clock to guide you and make your life just as magical.

So how do you use the moon and seasons? By using the four main moon phases (there are actually eight) and the four seasons, to set a natural time clock, you can create deadlines to getting stuff done…four squared.  Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Or maybe you wanted to clean out the attic? Have you let the procrastination ghost sneak up on you too often?

Well hopefully I can share some good things to help inspire your life. Because who doesn’t want a beautiful life and a feeling of self acceptance and accomplishment?

Some things I hope to share:

  • Printable monthly calendars and lists (of all kinds), because list making and planning are the key visual that your getting stuff done.
  • Quarterly DIY projects to go along with the seasons.
  • Tidbits about herbs and essential oils.
  • Recipes.
  • A theme for each full moon with worksheets to go along.
  • And whatever I find interesting and worthwhile to share.

Stay tuned for the big reveal this Summer Solstice! June 21, 2015!!!