✨Timeless Message✨ LOVE & FORGIVENESS : Sacred Destiny oracle reading. Love. Stillness. Purification

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✨Timeless Message✨ LOVE & FORGIVENESS : Sacred Destiny oracle reading. Love. Stillness. Purification. This reading is all about finding love in the stillness of your heart… and finding love & forgiveness even when we are dealing with pain. Love ALWAYS wins! ALL love, always in all ways! And CRAZY… I just so happened to wear the right shirt.. Je T’ Adore .. I LOVE YOU! Still finding my voice… but having a blast testing the waters and seeing where things lead!

Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene.

Unconditional love. That is all I have to offer. Often misunderstood… Aloof like the Madonna. There is sacredness in your being. An unconscious conscious. Rise to the occasion and meet on a higher level of knowing.

Forgiveness. To yourself and to others. There comes a point in your life when you have to take a step back. Practice love. True love. The kind of love that is boundless and unconditional. A surrender. A conscious choice to let love reign supreme. Often times it’s expressed by forgiveness… followed by healing… and moving on.

Mary Magdalene keeps showing up in my life when I need her the most. When I struggle to find peace within myself and in the relationships I have or have had. And the only thing that keeps coming through is forgiveness and unconditional love. To forgive even myself for what I think I have or have not done.

They say we reincarnate with the same soul family in many life times. A soul family consisting of many soul mates. Soul mates as in your parents, siblings, lovers, family, and friends. But that there is only one true twin flame. And even though there is your counterpart that exists it doesn’t necessarily mean that in this lifetime you will reunite in a lovers way. You have soul work to do. There is so much soul work to do. And if you are lucky… maybe you will get to reunite in a lovers way to your true twin flame in this lifetime…

For now… I’ll continue on with my soul work…

Love is Love.

The thing about children…if you love them… they love you right back. Blood doesn’t mean shit. IF YOU LOVE THEM… THEY LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK. I know this doesn’t mean much to some… but to me, it means everything. Love is love. Period. There are no restrictions or guidelines or rules to love. Love is mother fucking love.

I was raised in a family where my DAD… who isn’t my “blood dad” … was MY DAD. Blood didn’t and has NEVER meant shit. When you are loved… you are fucking loved. Period. Blood ain’t shit. LOVE IS “THE” SHIT.

Happy Full Moon

Me and two of my favorite ladies! Tonight tonight. Full Moon Tribe Vibe. Aries of fire. Souls lit. 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. This is to a night of ignition. The fire within my heart is a blaze. 

PSS. Loving you Lacey and Kim… ❤