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This is a good one!!! We talk about finding our true essence and embracing who we are! Some deep realizations that not everyone is going to be into you…and that’s okay! Because when we operate from the highest frequency of LOVE… you will attract that very love right back! LOVE ATTRACTS LOVE! Don’t shrink back from who you are no matter what!!


Change is the ONLY constant.

Change is the only constant.

When you are in the midst of an awakening you start to question things…

Popular beliefs start to show their chin hairs… and the things you were once told to believe will all of a sudden not make sense anymore.

When you let go of who you thought you should be… you begin to realize who you really are.

It’s fuggin’ painful at times… and your greatest fear will be disappointing others because it has been beat into your head that you should be a certain way…

Deep down you know that you are changing… and the surrender to that change is going to be BIG & SCARY… but ohhh so worth it.

A bit of comforting advice… It’s actually not as scary as you think it will be.

You’ll wake up one morning with the will to live life on the next level… an up-level…

And you will no longer say… that’s the way we have always done it…

Moving Through It.

Moving Through It.

Pain. It is there. It’ll keep on coming…in some form or another. Naturally, it is in our human make up to feel this feeling. Sometimes the pain is worse in certain situations. Sometimes it HURTS LIKE HELL. But it doesn’t mean that it is you…

You have to meet it when it comes…whether you loose someone you love, to a break up you wish never happened, to a divorce, to a disappointment, to a bad grade, or something that didn’t go as planned…the pain will come…and you will have to meet it when it does.

Sometimes the pain and frustration you feel leaves you so completely vulnerable…but my friend…you have to feel these feelings to grow….you have to feel these feelings to break your heart…your heart will break a million times in your lifetime…and every time you’ll grow from it. AND IT WILL MOVE THROUGH YOU.

But let it come….let it break you down…CRY, CRY, AND CRY SOME MORE. But DON’T let it squat there….let it break you and THEN SHINE ON. If you give it one really good cry….you’ll feel better. But then LEARN FROM IT….GROW FROM IT…and move on and SHINE ON. Because ultimately it is NOT you…

YOU are evolving…

Love & Moonlight,


PS. It really is okay to cry…and it’s even better to cry LOUDLY….you’ll feel better when you’re done…and then SHINE ON…RIGHT ON. AND LET IT GO…




100 Days of Affirmation 1 of 100

“I think these are two of the most important words in a person’s life. NOT THIS. There will almost surely come a moment in your life when your body, your heart, and your soul will gather together, look at the situation you are in (your toxic job, your failing marriage, your addiction, your depression, your spiritual despair) and say NOT THIS. This is the moment when your deepest truth says, ‘We were not meant for this.’ The reason this moment is so scary is because you usually don’t yet have a Plan B. Your brain and your voice don’t want to say ‘NOT THIS’ aloud, because the alternative is…???? If not this, then WHAT? I don’t know. But everyone I know who ever changed their life or laid claim to their own destiny began by surrendering to the truth of these two words: NOT THIS. It’s okay if you don’t know yet what happens next. You don’t have to know. You just have to be honest about what your deepest truth is trying to tell you, which is: NOT THIS. If that’s what your body, heart, and soul are trying to tell you: Listen. Make your decisions from that place. Be brave. The future is a mystery, there are no promises, and whatever comes next may be better or may be worse. But at least it will be NOT THIS. And that alone is a good place to start.” 

– Elizabeth Gilbert @elizabeth_gilbert_writer 
I’ve decided to do 100 days of affirmations to remind myself of the lifestyle I choose to live. This is a gardenia from my yard that I chose to share with my affirmation of the day. Symbolic for clarity and self-reflection….I found it fitting to sit with those two words: NOT THIS. Some words I need to use more often.

Love & Moonlight,


Shake Yo Booty: Self-Help for the Moody

Moody. Been there…been that. We all have. Here are some self-help tips to shake those moody moods away.

1. Why be moody when you can shake yo booty. Ha. The greatest thing I’ve heard all day! Found this gem on Pinterest. Made me think. I normally have two/three go to tricks to getting out of a bad mood (see number two, three, and four below)…but THIS one, OH MAN has made the list! What better way than to just drop the mood and drop it low. Literally stop what you are doing and shake that ass. Anywhere. At the grocery store. At work. At home. Just stop and think…this mood sucks, let’s dance. I guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face.

2. All you need is love. This is what I first began using when my oldest daughter was really little. I found myself getting frustrated, short tempered (at myself), and irritated. I would get so frustrated with myself that it would put me in a bad mood and my daughter and I could feel it. I always told her…whenever you see me acting out in a bad mood, REMIND ME and say to me, “All you need is love” and I’ll stop. It was like a reality check for me. And it worked. And still does. Plus it makes me smile.

3. Blowing wind to the moon. This one was really really effective on my youngest daughter when she would have crying fits or when she would get frustrated. I would tell her to blow it out…to blow wind to the moon. To let it go. I would even breathe with her or blow her hair out of her face to calm her. And it got her taking deep breaths and blowing out her frustration. And it worked. It calms you down when you take a deep breath with a releasing blow or sigh. Breathing is essential to meditation also! See what I’m getting at! 

4. Brushing that grumpy monster off your shoulder. Literally. This one I learned from two dear co-workers (a mom and daughter duo). Whenever the daughter would get in a grumpy mood when she was little her mama would tell her to brush off that grumpy monster and stomp on it. Literally do the motions of brushing off that grump and stomp your feet on it. The act of imaging this grumpy mood as a grumpy monster sitting on your shoulder and then utilizing YOUR power to change your mood by motioning to brush him off and then stomping on him IS POWERFUL. And funny. It makes you laugh and you give yourself that reality check that the bad mood you had, isn’t really needed. I tell my two girls AND husband to do this any time we get in a mood. Seriously. There have been times where we will be driving down the road and I’ll roll the window down and we will throw that grumpy monster out the window. It works!

5. Meditate. This in itself is a calming stress reliever. See this post for more tips on meditating and other ideas.

I’m open to hearing or discovering other tips to curing a bad mood! Shoot me a comment or even message me!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. A NEW MOON is coming this Monday February 8th!!! It’ll be in Aquarius! 

Full Moon in Taurus.

So the moon waxed into full last night…into Taurus. I’d have to say that every zodiac sign that falls on a full moon is my favorite…for one reason or another.

Taurus gives me a sense of balance…it gives me this direct feeling of full force of the bull but the gentle reminder that the bull is from this earth. Gentle. Unassuming. Mistaken at times. Yes, it can sometimes be intimidating on the surface, but deep down it is grounded…earthy.

Tonight and last night you may have felt like you could conquer the world…and rightly so, you could do whatever you please, if you really wanted to (but who wants the whole world really?)…while throwing caution to the wind seems romantically romantic…the Taurus reminds us of balance…of being grounded…and with that balance…little steps into a world of YOUR OWN develops…driven by your own desires…you can create YOUR OWN world…a creative life. After all…we are all seeking our truer selves.

Find your balance. Find what drives you and ground it into reality. 

Love & Moonlight,


8 Things To Let Go of…at Any Moon Phase.

Last night was the FULL MOON, BLOOD MOON, HARVEST MOON, SUPER MOON…and I didn’t even try to look for it…well I did right before I went to bed, but it was way before the Eclipse and the clouds were out. But after a weekend full of events…I was just tired to wait up.

I got to thinking last night…I seem to have this need to be perfect all the time, and I’ve proven to myself each time that the worry and stress that I generate from this “need” only makes me even more unhappy. So I made a list of:

8 Things to Let Go of…at Any Moon Phase.

1. Being Perfectly Perfect. Yeah, that doesn’t exist. I’ve been the victim of my own perfectionistic expectations and I’ve got to say…it doesn’t feel good. For example, I wanted to write last night about the Blood Moon when the Blood Moon was happening, I felt like I needed to…needed to have a perfect blog with aligning it with the perfect moon phase and yada yada yada. But life happens and you get tired. And that’s okay. So sleep when you need to and let the worries of perfection drift away.

2. Self Limiting Beliefs. All the time you spend not believing in yourself and making up excuses as to why you “can’t” do something…is time spent that you could be spending on whatever it is you wanted to do in the first place. No more excuses…do it! It may take time and effort (and money)…but NOTHING is impossible, except a genie in a bottle granting you a wish for having a particular person fall in love with you…Haha.

3. The What Ifs. This is a death sentence thought process. Do not let the what ifs get in your head. You can’t possibly be missing anything because RIGHT NOW is only RIGHT NOW. The whole “what would life be like right now if I would have, could have, should have?” nonsense is null. You are exactly where you need to be right now…and if you aren’t happy with the situation you are in right now…GET OUT.  

4. Clutter City. Get rid of it. Get rid of the junk in your house. Get rid of the junk thoughts in your head. Make your very own oasis at your house…and get rid of the junk you don’t use and don’t need. Go room by room and do a make over. You’ll feel better once you do it. Strange as it may be…having a clutter free house really does brighten up your mood.

5. Guilt. Stop feeling guilty. Don’t feel guilty if the dishes need to be done but you didn’t have time to do them. They will get done. Don’t feel guilty because you wanted a candy bar and didn’t want to share with your kids…you deserve candy too. And if something happened…it happened. You can’t change the past so move on. Stop worrying or feeling guilty…learn from it and move on. 

6. Anger and Resentment. Can I get an amen? Let go of anger…it leads to resentment and NOONE wants to habor that feeling…whether you are the one doing the resenting or receiving it. Look again at what you are angry about and ask yourself….”but did I die?” And if the answer is no…learn to change it or accept it. Don’t be angry about it. Change it or change your thoughts. 

7. The Three C’s: Comparison, Competition, and Consent. What you need to work on is yourself and what makes yourself happy. Don’t you dare compare yourself to anyone else…give yourself credit for being who you are…accentuate your best you! Stop competing…And whatever you do…don’t try to keep up with the Joneses…it’s just tacky. Lastly, don’t give ANYONE the consent to make yourself feel less worthy. No one should be given that power…because you are worth it!

8. Judgement. Instictually we want to judge…in fact we do it even when we aren’t realizing it…Literally within a few seconds of meeting someone we are already judging them and ourselves…even comparing ourselves to them. That instinct may not really ever go away, but when you find yourself judging or comparing stop for a second and find compassion and understanding. You can only vouch for yourself…and what does it matter if someone else does things differently than you? It doesn’t matter. What matters is how you spend your time and thoughts. 

If I ever question anything…my last question is always “But did you die?” And if the answer is no…then I learn to accept it or change it. Period. The end. Amen.

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. You can do any of these at any moon phase…there is no special moon phase for creating space for happiness and moonlight into your life. If you want to make “letting go” special for a particular thing…then plan for a “release party” at the full moon…and let it go then!! 

First Quarter Moon Phase in Scorpio

First Quarter Moon | The Walden Moon Lifestyle by Kelly Walden

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio…The Scorpion.

Geeze, if it couldn’t have been a better sign for the moon to fall in tonight as we are steadily creating our personal manifestos. Considering that the first quarter moon is your halfway point, check in time, and next step contemplator…Scorpio surely does lend a hand….or uh…venomous stinger.

Scorpio urges you to stay on your toes and LIVE IN THIS MOMENT. Imagine this analogy for a moment…

Sometimes we can fall into this craze where our minds are FOREVER creating stories…racing…thinking…getting hyped up on drama…and we create scenarios in our heads of what we should have done or what we should do…heck, even when we dream we have flashes of an image and then our minds literally make a story around it to “make sense”…guilty here! Now imagine if you were laying in bed…or like in a desert, haha…and your mind is racing with a bunch of nonsense…and a SCORPION crawls up on your chest…I BET that chatter would egress rather quickly and all you would be left with is thinking about that EXACT MOMENT. Survival mode. RIGHT THEN in that very moment.

Make a mental note of that analogy next time you find yourself obsessing over something….or your mind is talking too loud with nonsense that it isn’t making the situation any better. Think about that scorpion. And then stop the chatter. Literally acknowledge that it’s there and THEN CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS to the present moment. I know that may seem like a “froufrou” concept…but give it a try.  And try it repeatedly…nothing ever is an over night success when it comes to mind alteration thinking…you have to train yourself…more like…you have to make the effort to change your thoughts…and then go “smell the flowers.” (yes, cliche). Practice living for right now…forget the past…don’t obsess over the future…and PLEASE DOOOO what makes you feel good right now.

To compliment that thinking…practice gratitude. Like, “man…that lemonade tastes damn good. I like that lemonade”….or, “man I did a great job at work…I’m glad I have that job”…or, “I’m here and breathing…and I’m alive.”…like really feel that gratitude in your every cell…AND THEN go surfing if that makes you feel good!

Okay…so for tonight, think about those things…journal…reflect inward on your progress to your new moon goal (whatever you set out to do)…if you are following along, revisit your personal manifesto…and add to it…read it…tweak it…if you haven’t already started writing it…start now! It can be in the form of however you want it to be…it can be in story format, one liners, single words….it’s yours and it’s about you and what you aspire to be….so make it how you want! Let Scorpio sting you in the butt and aspire to live right now…put into words what you are about..and share it…and do it…and live right now!

Love & Moon Light,