Pisces New Moon.


The Pisces New Moon…

is on its way…and this one is going to be a big one! This new moon is going to be backed by a solar eclipse. If you ever thought about setting intentions, now is a good time to do it! Especially since there will be a solar eclipse… 

Most of us won’t be able to see the solar eclipse in the USA, unless you live in Hawaii…but even then only a partial solar eclipse will be visible. Even Alaska might get to see a tiny bit of it. Those who live in Indonesia are in for a treat! Other regions of the world like South & East Asia, North & West Australia, the Idian and Pacific Oceans will also get to see at least part of the eclipse. 

So what does that mean? Well, a solar eclipse happens when the moon passes in-between the Earth and the Sun blocking the sunlight temporarily…a perfect alignment. It creates the appearance of a fiery ring around the moons shadow. Pretty intense. AND something you shouldn’t look at with your bare eyes…google how to look at a solar eclipse!


In two days the PISCES NEW MOON will be here in full affect with a solar eclipse to amp it up! March 8th…so mark your calendar! And start prepping for what you’d like to manifest in your life… Prepare for setting an intention to live the life you want to live! 

PISCES is one of my favorite zodiacal signs…after all I am a PISCES rising! So you can imagine how giddy I am about this one! Also one of my sweet echo tech co-workers is a Pisces Sun Sign…so I have an affection for this sign! Hey Betsy!

Pisces brings dreams. If you have dreams…make them come true. Pisces go with the flow…Pisces ALSO have the ability to swim against the current to get what they need. Pisces is also the end of the zodiacal wheel…meaning this could be the end of a phase in your life… followed by rebirth. Maybe a spiritual rebirth. Emotional rebirth. Soul rebirth. No matter what kind of rebirth you need to go through…this new moon is a perfect time to set the intention to GROW or rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. Time to start a new beginning…with an EXTRA boost from that solar eclipse! FYI, if you also work with solar goals, this new moon  might be a great check in point or MOMENT to set a hard solar goal! 

So for the next couple days…think about what you have already intended in the past…THANK yourself for creating the life you want to live in…really THANK yourself…and slowly start to prepare your next new moon intention. You don’t have to set it yet…still feel into the one you set last new moon. And then come back here for some ideas and inspiration on setting your PISCES NEW MOON intention!

Love & Moonlight,


PS. If you haven’t entered to win the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway you still have until Tuesday to do so! So click and make a comment…it doesn’t even have to be an intention…or maybe it can be an intention to start setting intentions! No time like now to start manifesting the life you want! 

PSS. I haven’t even mentioned Virgo in this solar eclipse yet…come back on the new moon to see what Virgo has to offer!

First Quarter Moon in Gemini. 


See the TWIN lights?… Yes light, light…SPOT light seems to be the topic of today! With the moon in Gemini you may be feeling a sense of an INTENSE need to EXPRESS yourself! Talking really…talking seems to be THE thing to do today. Mind you…be considerate to STOP and listen for a moment. If you feel like you have a lot to share…SHARE IT! But also LISTEN! Find balance in your exchanges. 

Also…take the time to think about what your new moon intention was for this past new moon. Have you honored your new moon intention? Have you forgot about it? What can you do to make that new moon intention FEEL real…be real…BE! 

Then…when you’ve thought about your new moon intention, revisit what you intended, and then make a commitment to FULLFILL that intention…hop on over to THIS POST and enter to win the Aquarius New Moon giveaway!!! 

Share this and the giveaway with your family and friends!!! Yes…I’m asking you to spread my love…because I have a lot of love and cool things to share!

Love & Moonlight,


Aquarius New Moon Intention Setting.

Aquarius New Moon Intention Setting Mood.

Tonight the moon is in Aquarius. The Water Carrier. I posted this image of a rain cloud I took today on the way home…Appropriate.

Today you may feel like you aren’t really in the mood for getting too emotional. In fact, you may be feeling the need for a nice and deep intellectual conversation. Or maybe even snuggling down to read a book. Today may just be about the brain…logic. Maybe you have recently been emotional…but today, take that break from emotions. Let the rain fall like nature intended and just decide to think clearly. Let reality and logic show you things. Things you may have been afraid to open your eyes to. Today use your brain…and give your heart a rest.

Meditating seems like a good way to just be. Even reading a really good book. For now, just let things be…set emotions aside…and make an intention for yourself that is going to open your life to the infinite possibilities. Because they are infinite.

Love & Moonlight,