Full Moon Vibesss…

Full moon vibes. Channeling my inner goddess… calling out to Kali…

Destroying negative energy…

By way of smudging my house today…

Hello… Buh-Bye…

Changing my Karma on the daily….

Love & Moonlight,


First Quarter Moon in Taurus.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus.

So tonight is a half moon in Taurus. Although I didn’t get to make it to my new Moon Goddess meeting this month…I was able to draw my Goddess card tonight on the first Quarter Moon. 

There are a lot of things that are heavy on my heart right now…and I don’t feel the need to express my troubles…but I WILL SAY…this too shall pass. No mud, no lotus.

I’m quite happy to have drawn Bast. For the latter part of this month I’ve felt a disconnect with my inner feminine divine. I’ve slacked on my yoga practice and my laziness made excuses as to why I should just lay around instead. One of my “excuses” was that I don’t have time for myself. Although, true for the most part, I do have limited time to myself as I feel like all my spare time should be spent serving my family. I feel guilty when I take time for myself…and I KNOW I shouldn’t. I should designate time for me. I know I should. 

And so when I drew Bast…it was my own self saying TAKE THE TIME. Be a little independent and find some solitude. Okay okay…I will. Ahem: I say this as I type this message with my girls laying next to me asleep…even though I know I should have me time…I still want them right next to me…but while they sleep I suppose I can reflect on this first Quarter Moon…and maybe meditate a bit. Maybe even embrace me and my girls cat like demeanor…lazing around, calm and fluid. 

ON TO THE MOON: Taurus, the bull, may seem intimidating…but if you take away the stereo type of the ferocious beast…you’d find that a bull is a loving creature…an animal that is earthly. So for the next few days…it might serve best to embrace the naturalness of what we are…loving creatures on a glorious earth…tap into the roots of our earthly beings and reconnect to our feminine divine. And while we are at it…throw on a little cat eyes make up.

Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon in Taurus.

So the moon waxed into full last night…into Taurus. I’d have to say that every zodiac sign that falls on a full moon is my favorite…for one reason or another.

Taurus gives me a sense of balance…it gives me this direct feeling of full force of the bull but the gentle reminder that the bull is from this earth. Gentle. Unassuming. Mistaken at times. Yes, it can sometimes be intimidating on the surface, but deep down it is grounded…earthy.

Tonight and last night you may have felt like you could conquer the world…and rightly so, you could do whatever you please, if you really wanted to (but who wants the whole world really?)…while throwing caution to the wind seems romantically romantic…the Taurus reminds us of balance…of being grounded…and with that balance…little steps into a world of YOUR OWN develops…driven by your own desires…you can create YOUR OWN world…a creative life. After all…we are all seeking our truer selves.

Find your balance. Find what drives you and ground it into reality. 

Love & Moonlight,


Last Quarter Moon Phase…In Taurus

On a porch in Iceland… Last night me and Alex, Meghan’s friend, drove the crowd downtown to Reykjavik where we hung out at Kaldi all night until it closed. I was okay with driving because I had Sigurgisli (Bjarki’s brother) as a guide…plus I’m beginning to not like drinking at night (daytime drinking is way more fun) so I wasn’t opposed to being a DD. After Kaldi’s we went to a hot dog stand and a waffle hut and that’s when I noticed the moon in the sky…that pretty half moon last quarter lovely. 

Today…is another story. Somehow I got wrangled into driving today WITHOUT a local…and let’s just say things did not go well! Haha. I went down roads the wrong way and the road signs made no sense…I was THAT tourist…the one that can’t drive. I was not happy with the situation. I gave up and Bjarki came to find us…and I let my brother drive the others to the Blue Lagoon…while forfeiting that experience to sulk in my room. Besides, I needed some time alone. I’m not great with big crowds. So I took a walk to some stores nearby and ate lunch with my older sister…got me some wine…and now here I am…writing…journaling…and drinking my wine. Daytime drinking…my kind of chill.

Now on with the moon...the moon is within its last quarter moon phase and it happens to be sitting in Taurus. The last quarter moon phase should be a time to reflect and be thankful for completing your new moon goal…or checking in with yourself as you move along with your goals. With Taurus in the mix, you may seek to encompass the Taurus’s nature of being the silent one. (Yes please!) I need a little peace and quite. You may think…Taurus, the bull??? Because we associate a bull with being very aggressive we forget that in actuality Taurus is an Earth sign…and really the bull is just an animal who hangs out on earth…minding his own business (unless you piss him off). Taurus is about being the silent one, the peaceful one, the one who sits in a field of grass and absorbs mother natures beauty. Think about that when you sit and reflect on your completion of your new moon goal, or checking in with yourself as you move along on your journey!

For my new moon goal...I wanted to write my first draft of my personal manifesto…and it goes something like this…

“I am me. I am the sea. And no one owns me. I want to listen to my heart and answer to life’s calls. I am free. I am a free thinker. I want love. I am love. I want to live my life by my own standards. I am creative and I welcome abundance into my life. I want to do yoga everyday and write everyday (or at least take a photograph). I want to blog everyday. But most importantly, I want to transcend into the woman I was meant to be.”

Love & Moonlight,