Last Quarter Moon in Virgo…

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo…

Look within. There is a fire inside of you. Kindle the shit out of it…and keep it burning….then thank the shit out of yourself…because you are worthy. At this last half moon…take care of that flame. Be like the Virgo, the healer, the keeper of the sacred flame…your sacred flame. Everyone has Virgo in them…channel that…and hold onto your sacred flame and watch it burn and radiate outwardly to the same tune as the sun and the moon…

and before you go to bed tonight, cup your hands in front on your mouth and breathe into them…do you feel that?!? Heat…proof that you have a sacred flame within you…

Love & Moonlight,


Bakasana to Headstand

Bakasana to Headstand….because folding clothes seems basic. 

Working on grace…everyday. Whether it’s landing on my head or letting go. 

Grace. Movement. Growth. 

As the moon wanes I’m turning inward to radiate outward. 

Less talk. More soul work. 

Feeling good. Flowing to Bruno Mars.

Love & Moonlight,


First Quarter Moon in Aquarius.Β 

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius.

Setting the mood last night. Yoga by candlelight with doTerra’s Forgive blend in the air diffuser.

Last nights First Quarter Moon in Aquarius was nothing short of magical. Aquarius…the water-bearer. Fluid and limitless. Individualized and free. Aquarius reminds us that we hold the space that surrounds us. 

We have the freedom of creating a space that kindles our eternal flame within. It doesn’t have to be grand…a simple one lit candle will do. If your body is your temple, then your home is your garden…create your space. 

If you only have one bedroom…personalize it. If you have a traveling altar…bring it with you. If you have a home away from your home like a yoga center and want support…go there, they’ve created a space there to hold for you to melt in. 

Whatever you do…surround yourself with things that kindle your eternal flame…and if you are feeling grand…build your stately palace by candlelight. 

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. Last nights yoga flow was inspired by the Rishi Twist seen above. In Sanskrit it is called the Bharadvaja or Bharadvajasana. Heart lifted… When you come out of the pose…slowly unfold like a water fountain with your head unfolding last.