Last Quarter Moon in Pisces.

The Ogeechee River.

I have to admit…I’m not all together as I’d hope. But I see change. I feel flow. I am flow. This life we are given..what does it mean? I am on a quest. To find my inner truth…the things that hold me together. I’m certain that the older I get, the more I realize things in a wiser way. The more I see…the more I understand… the more I question… the more I learn. Humanity. Philosophy. Spirituality. What does it all mean? What do I mean? Tonight the moon is in its last quarter in Pisces…I’m feeling the emotional pull to question what it is I want out of this life. What do I want? I’m flowing. Do I go with the current…do I push against it? Will I find my way to the ocean? 

Love & Moonlight,


Yoga. We stretch at Dusk.

We stretch at dusk…

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On my way to yoga every day. Just signed up for unlimited yoga at the Savannah Yoga Center yesterday… #grateful 

Love & Moonlight, 


Full Moon Slacking.

Last night was the full moon…I’ve been slacking on a lot of stuff here lately. I’ve been trying to get organized with all my art stuff and with work…I have two full computers of nearly 30,000 images. So I’m a little overwhelmed with getting a system. I’m ordering a terabyte and CDs to start moving them…my computers are maxed out with storage. Anyone have any suggestions on how to stay organized with photos?

SCAD FASH: Carolina Herrera Exhibition.

What a crazy night! I was so terrified of introducing myself to Carolina Herrera…I chickened out. She literally stood 4 feet away from me. I should have got a picture. There were so many people that it was sensory overload for my quiet mind. What a great experience. If you are in Atlanta…you should check out her exhibition at the SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion and Film. It was quite breathtaking and Herrera’s first exhibition like this! There were so many beautiful things…beyond what you see here.! And then make your way into the Film lounge to buy one of my prints! 🙂 

Also got to meet famous model Nancy North (had lunch and dinner) who was just beautiful! Her collection of Bill Cunningham vintage photographs from the Grand Divertissement à Versailles is on exhibit at the SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film right now as well. She’s in a lot of them. (We are pictured together above.)

Also got to meet Art Advisor Elizabeth Fiore from New York who was such a lovely lady. It was a pleasure getting to eat lunch and dinner with her as well. 

AND I got to meet President Paula Wallace of SCAD. What a sweet lady! 

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SCAD FASH 300. SCAD Atlanta.

When SCAD pays for your flight to SCAD FASH.

SCAD Atlanta.

SCAD Atlanta’s Printmaking department! They have letterpress!

SCADpad with a view!

Oh you know…just signing my prints. ❤️💎

When SCAD pays for your room with a view! ❤️💎 #foxtheater #hotelindigo

SCAD FASH 300: Emerging Artist! 

Y’all..I’m overjoyed right now. I’ve been chosen as the emerging artist to coincide with Carolina Herrera’s exhibition at the SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion and Film. They will be selling a limited edition of 300 photographs of my Jack be Nimble print from the Story Book Collection. This came out of the blue for me at just a time when I made the intention to start focusing on art again now that I am settled with echo. Universe…you get me. Stay tuned for some photographs documenting this venture. Starts tomorrow bright and early! #scadfash #scad See my Jack be Nimble below!

Moving On. 

Moving On.&.Flowing.

Flowing to my own rhythm. Greeting the Sun each day. Moving on from what I used to be to what I need to be. People come and go. I’m learning this. I stretch. I sit. And then I stretch some more. The Sun. The birds. My own quietness.