Full Moon in Aquarius. 

Full Moon in Aquarius…

….Aquarius, The Water Bearer….

Aquarius reminds us:

To thine own self be true…

Period. The End. Amen. 

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. Let that shit go that steals your light…

Scorpio Flower Full Moon. May 11, 2017.

FULL MOON // Scorpio // Flower Moon

This moon…is my Mama’s moon. Scorpio…the scorpion. Passion. Passion. Passion. Red. Hot. And definitely Holy. 

Tonight it is pretty damn hot… 77 degrees (double lucky number 7) and I’m sweating on my back porch…for the next week it’s going to be in the 90s. Forget Spring…it’s already Summer here in Georgia…

Tonight the Scorpio Full Moon is making me think all about passion, love, sexuality, and the color red.. 

Red. Red wine that I’m drinking… Red. My cheeks from this heat… Red. My heart that is full… Full like the moon… Full

For tonight…I let go of the past. I move towards my passions… I let go of heart ache… I live on… I stare that SCORPION right in the eye, place a FLOWER in my hair, and make a pact with my divine feminine that I’ll live the life I want… Remembering that a Scorpion represents a crossroads decision…life or death… and I choose MY life… always… 

the power of choice is and will always be yours… the power to walk away when things no longer suit you… the power to make a change… the power to connect with your truest divine self… remembering that nothing is EVER happening to you…just around you…so that ultimately you are in control… and that there is always an option to disregard the wicked and move into your brilliant light… 

Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon Tonight in Virgo. March 12th, 2017.

Full Moon in Virgo…

Oh, how I love a Virgo Full Moon. This particular one was quite special for me…I got to spend last evening at a Full Moon gathering with a bunch of my Moon Goddess Sisters at the lovely Kim’s house…I wish we had taken a group photo…but we gathered together, ate food, drank cocktails and wine, made Yoni necklaces (ahem, yes, vagina pendants out of clay), did a burning ritually let go of things, and chanted and made music around the fire…I wish I took more pictures but I was so busy having fun…but here is a small collage…

Our chant was so beautiful…it was so filled with goodness and feminine divinity. I was blown away by how powerful the chant was and how significant it was to this particular Virgo Full Moon…one word…women. Here is the chant if you want to hear it! CLICK HERE FOR THE CHANT.


Virgo, the virgin, the maiden, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the healer. Women. At this full moon there is soooo much feminine energy…

Here is to ALL the women in the world…the healers, the mothers, the daughters, the sisters…that power we harness is otherworldly…to say the least, we ARE the portal to life…we are the nurturers of all nurturers. Whether we birth a baby or not, our children are nurtured by us women…us women are nurtured by us women…there is a power here…that healing power that women possess …use it…be proud of it…and rise up as the Goddess you were born to be…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. The first picture above is a collage I made with three pics that my younger daughter Uma took of me…mother, daughter , love. 

PSS. My mom helped me pick out the first pic above out of several collages I made… Maiden, Mother, Crone…full circle!

PSSS. Shout out to my new friend Tiffany…for serendipitously falling into my life and joining me last night. 

Full Moon in Leo. Snow Moon. Eclipse. 

Full Moon in Leo.

Leo. The lion. The lioness. The king. The queen. 

After much introspection that the last Cancer full moon brought…now is the time to present it to the world. Last full moon, as the Cancer Crab, we turned inward to grow…and now that we have outgrown our shell…we can let the world see what all that growing was about. 

We turn inward to shine outward.

The Leo is open… courageous… and ready for the light to shine through from all its glory. When we turn inward… we can shine outward. Leo is that outwardly… other worldly force that EXPRESSES your inner most being. Show it. Flaunt it. And don’t be shy about it. We are ALL …WILD, CRAZY, HAPPY, and FREE. 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. It’s also an eclipse…so magnify your life by a ka-gillion. And what you want to let go of….take a DEEEEEEP BREATH and ROAR IT OUT LIKE A LION to let it all go! 

New Moon in Leo.

“Les Lis” by Louis Icart

New Moon in Leo.

Been needing a new moon…been waiting on this one. For tonight, while the moon AND sun are in Leo, take time to revisit your personal manifesto. Who are you? What are you here for? NOTHING should be holding you back from being the “YOU” you were meant to be. But I get it…sometimes it isn’t that easy. Sometimes its REALLY hard to do YOU. Sometimes it’s really hard to crack open AND SHINE. But I can assure you…those are just temporary fears. Temporary limiting thoughts. So how do you get passed all that to transcend into YOU…?

Start by writing it down. Write it down again, again, and again. Tap into the essence of the Leo. Let your insides burst with light…burst with fire…for goodness sake, LEO is ruled by the SUN and is a fire sign…shine, shine, shine…

KINDLE the light within you and let it warm you. KINDLE your desires FIRST and then everything else that you do will come from a place of love. Dishes? HA…how about playing with your essential oils first because it makes you happy….and then while you’ve got that smile on your face from wafting some patchouli aroma up your nose…dishes will seem a little less depressing.

Tap into your inner Lioness or Lion and ROAR it out. If you got some negativity to release ROAR it out. You don’t need it anymore…it has already done its job. You’re transcending. Let go of the things you don’t need to make room for what you do need.

Then when you have written it down, loved & loved some more, felt pain & let it go…FIND COURAGE. Because THAT is the hardest part of all. You know what you want….you know what you need….you’ve written it down, you’ve released what you don’t need anymore….NOW TAKE THE COURAGE OF THE LEO TO STEP INTO THE LIGHT. It is your time to shine. Time is NOW.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. I picked this image for personal reasons…I myself have a hard time being the ME I want to be. Les Lis translates to The Lilies…for me this is symbolic in the way that it means purity, modesty, mercy, femininity, and the souls restored innocence.

PSS. I’m currently revising my personal manifesto…completely peppered with femininity.



Full Moon. 

Full moon got me like…

Ps. Capricorn and Aquarius energy is on the rise. If you haven’t felt the urge to make life happen…WAKE UP. Set any cold emotions aside and take them for what the “are”…temporary. Feel them, acknowledge them, and then move on. Life waits for no one. 

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces.

The Ogeechee River.

I have to admit…I’m not all together as I’d hope. But I see change. I feel flow. I am flow. This life we are given..what does it mean? I am on a quest. To find my inner truth…the things that hold me together. I’m certain that the older I get, the more I realize things in a wiser way. The more I see…the more I understand… the more I question… the more I learn. Humanity. Philosophy. Spirituality. What does it all mean? What do I mean? Tonight the moon is in its last quarter in Pisces…I’m feeling the emotional pull to question what it is I want out of this life. What do I want? I’m flowing. Do I go with the current…do I push against it? Will I find my way to the ocean? 

Love & Moonlight,


LAST call for the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway that ends TONIGHT on the NEW New Moon in Pisces.

So tonight ends the Aquarius New Moon cycle and a NEW moon cycle begins! Tonight there will be a NEW MOON in PISCES…backed by a solar eclipse in just under an hour!

LAST chance to enter the Aquarius New Moon Giveaway!! The entry submissions close tonight at MIDNIGHT Eastern Standard Time! If you do plan on entering…SET A NEW MOON INTENTION FOR PISCES….since the moon is now a New Moon in Pisces!

Check back here about tonights NEW MOON in PISCES….and then come back LATER TONIGHT to see what new stuff I have to share! I’ve got more!! I have some good ideas and hopefully some inspiration on setting a new moon intention.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow morning dark and early!!!

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

Holy moly…thank goodness for tonight’s LAST QUARTER MOON in Sagittarius. 

This morning on the way to work I stopped by the store for some things and came across the Newsweek special edition on SPIRITUAL LIVING (it caught my eye for the second time this week)…so naturally I bought it… 

Anyways…that set me on a feeling trip. All day today I’ve been feeling the need to find, live, and be spiritual. I’ll admit…I’ve been guilty of going through the motions full force without stopping. But the older I get, the more I discover, and my constant desire to be a freeflowing unbridled woman…I’ve found that there is more out there…you just have to look.

I stumbled upon this really cool interview via Claire Baker that got me thinking… 



Divine Feminine.





I haven’t watched the whole thing yet…so I don’t know if the whole thing is good! But for the most part of what I saw I resonated with… It even got me to make a trip to the public dock to watch the sunset with my youngest daughter… The photo above was from today’s sunset on the Tivoli River…

ANYWAYS…on to the moooon!

I wasn’t surprised at my behavior to venture out to the river to see the sunset…for crying out loud, the last quarter moon is in Sagittarius! You may be feeling the same things tonight… You may be feeling a spiritual pull to get out in nature… To return back to your divine feminine and your divine nature… You may feel the need to connect back with your wild self…back to the basics… Back to nature… Back to the elements. Earth. Water. Air. Fire. Connect back to your natural self… Watch this interview…and let it inspire you!

Love & Moonlight,