Aquarius New Moon Intention Setting.

Aquarius New Moon Intention Setting Mood.

Tonight the moon is in Aquarius. The Water Carrier. I posted this image of a rain cloud I took today on the way home…Appropriate.

Today you may feel like you aren’t really in the mood for getting too emotional. In fact, you may be feeling the need for a nice and deep intellectual conversation. Or maybe even snuggling down to read a book. Today may just be about the brain…logic. Maybe you have recently been emotional…but today, take that break from emotions. Let the rain fall like nature intended and just decide to think clearly. Let reality and logic show you things. Things you may have been afraid to open your eyes to. Today use your brain…and give your heart a rest.

Meditating seems like a good way to just be. Even reading a really good book. For now, just let things be…set emotions aside…and make an intention for yourself that is going to open your life to the infinite possibilities. Because they are infinite.

Love & Moonlight,


4 thoughts on “Aquarius New Moon Intention Setting.

  1. MamaStucky says:

    Hey Kels. My New Moon intention is to get this move over and done with without stress. I don’t do it often or long enough but I plan on meditating with God to get me through this. I should see you on the 14th if all goes as planned.

    Love & Moonlight,


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    • thewaldenmoon says:

      🙂 yessss….stress less! When y’all get stressed out during this move…Stop and SHAKE yo booty! Hahahaha like just drop it low mom!!! Hahahaha I’ll be sending you my sweet gentle rays your way! Hey, SOON y’all will be closer!!! ROADTRIP!
      Love you! And moonlight beams and pretty thing! Kels


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