Shake Yo Booty: Self-Help for the Moody

Moody. Been there…been that. We all have. Here are some self-help tips to shake those moody moods away.

1. Why be moody when you can shake yo booty. Ha. The greatest thing I’ve heard all day! Found this gem on Pinterest. Made me think. I normally have two/three go to tricks to getting out of a bad mood (see number two, three, and four below)…but THIS one, OH MAN has made the list! What better way than to just drop the mood and drop it low. Literally stop what you are doing and shake that ass. Anywhere. At the grocery store. At work. At home. Just stop and think…this mood sucks, let’s dance. I guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face.

2. All you need is love. This is what I first began using when my oldest daughter was really little. I found myself getting frustrated, short tempered (at myself), and irritated. I would get so frustrated with myself that it would put me in a bad mood and my daughter and I could feel it. I always told her…whenever you see me acting out in a bad mood, REMIND ME and say to me, “All you need is love” and I’ll stop. It was like a reality check for me. And it worked. And still does. Plus it makes me smile.

3. Blowing wind to the moon. This one was really really effective on my youngest daughter when she would have crying fits or when she would get frustrated. I would tell her to blow it out…to blow wind to the moon. To let it go. I would even breathe with her or blow her hair out of her face to calm her. And it got her taking deep breaths and blowing out her frustration. And it worked. It calms you down when you take a deep breath with a releasing blow or sigh. Breathing is essential to meditation also! See what I’m getting at! 

4. Brushing that grumpy monster off your shoulder. Literally. This one I learned from two dear co-workers (a mom and daughter duo). Whenever the daughter would get in a grumpy mood when she was little her mama would tell her to brush off that grumpy monster and stomp on it. Literally do the motions of brushing off that grump and stomp your feet on it. The act of imaging this grumpy mood as a grumpy monster sitting on your shoulder and then utilizing YOUR power to change your mood by motioning to brush him off and then stomping on him IS POWERFUL. And funny. It makes you laugh and you give yourself that reality check that the bad mood you had, isn’t really needed. I tell my two girls AND husband to do this any time we get in a mood. Seriously. There have been times where we will be driving down the road and I’ll roll the window down and we will throw that grumpy monster out the window. It works!

5. Meditate. This in itself is a calming stress reliever. See this post for more tips on meditating and other ideas.

I’m open to hearing or discovering other tips to curing a bad mood! Shoot me a comment or even message me!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. A NEW MOON is coming this Monday February 8th!!! It’ll be in Aquarius! 

2 thoughts on “Shake Yo Booty: Self-Help for the Moody

  1. MamaStucky says:

    Be like Meghan….when you see someone in a grumpy mood just say “but you’re pretty!” Works like a charm. And when two people aren’t getting a long … make them say nice things to one another. It always works!

    Love and Moonlight


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