First Quarter Moon Phase in Scorpio

First Quarter Moon | The Walden Moon Lifestyle by Kelly Walden

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio…The Scorpion.

Geeze, if it couldn’t have been a better sign for the moon to fall in tonight as we are steadily creating our personal manifestos. Considering that the first quarter moon is your halfway point, check in time, and next step contemplator…Scorpio surely does lend a hand….or uh…venomous stinger.

Scorpio urges you to stay on your toes and LIVE IN THIS MOMENT. Imagine this analogy for a moment…

Sometimes we can fall into this craze where our minds are FOREVER creating stories…racing…thinking…getting hyped up on drama…and we create scenarios in our heads of what we should have done or what we should do…heck, even when we dream we have flashes of an image and then our minds literally make a story around it to “make sense”…guilty here! Now imagine if you were laying in bed…or like in a desert, haha…and your mind is racing with a bunch of nonsense…and a SCORPION crawls up on your chest…I BET that chatter would egress rather quickly and all you would be left with is thinking about that EXACT MOMENT. Survival mode. RIGHT THEN in that very moment.

Make a mental note of that analogy next time you find yourself obsessing over something….or your mind is talking too loud with nonsense that it isn’t making the situation any better. Think about that scorpion. And then stop the chatter. Literally acknowledge that it’s there and THEN CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS to the present moment. I know that may seem like a “froufrou” concept…but give it a try.  And try it repeatedly…nothing ever is an over night success when it comes to mind alteration thinking…you have to train yourself…more like…you have to make the effort to change your thoughts…and then go “smell the flowers.” (yes, cliche). Practice living for right now…forget the past…don’t obsess over the future…and PLEASE DOOOO what makes you feel good right now.

To compliment that thinking…practice gratitude. Like, “man…that lemonade tastes damn good. I like that lemonade”….or, “man I did a great job at work…I’m glad I have that job”…or, “I’m here and breathing…and I’m alive.”…like really feel that gratitude in your every cell…AND THEN go surfing if that makes you feel good!

Okay…so for tonight, think about those things…journal…reflect inward on your progress to your new moon goal (whatever you set out to do)…if you are following along, revisit your personal manifesto…and add to it…read it…tweak it…if you haven’t already started writing it…start now! It can be in the form of however you want it to be…it can be in story format, one liners, single words….it’s yours and it’s about you and what you aspire to be….so make it how you want! Let Scorpio sting you in the butt and aspire to live right now…put into words what you are about..and share it…and do it…and live right now!

Love & Moon Light,


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