100 Days of Affirmation 1 of 100

“I think these are two of the most important words in a person’s life. NOT THIS. There will almost surely come a moment in your life when your body, your heart, and your soul will gather together, look at the situation you are in (your toxic job, your failing marriage, your addiction, your depression, your spiritual despair) and say NOT THIS. This is the moment when your deepest truth says, ‘We were not meant for this.’ The reason this moment is so scary is because you usually don’t yet have a Plan B. Your brain and your voice don’t want to say ‘NOT THIS’ aloud, because the alternative is…???? If not this, then WHAT? I don’t know. But everyone I know who ever changed their life or laid claim to their own destiny began by surrendering to the truth of these two words: NOT THIS. It’s okay if you don’t know yet what happens next. You don’t have to know. You just have to be honest about what your deepest truth is trying to tell you, which is: NOT THIS. If that’s what your body, heart, and soul are trying to tell you: Listen. Make your decisions from that place. Be brave. The future is a mystery, there are no promises, and whatever comes next may be better or may be worse. But at least it will be NOT THIS. And that alone is a good place to start.” 

– Elizabeth Gilbert @elizabeth_gilbert_writer 
I’ve decided to do 100 days of affirmations to remind myself of the lifestyle I choose to live. This is a gardenia from my yard that I chose to share with my affirmation of the day. Symbolic for clarity and self-reflection….I found it fitting to sit with those two words: NOT THIS. Some words I need to use more often.

Love & Moonlight,


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