Full Moon In Gemini. 

Tonight the FULL MOON is in Gemini. Can you feel the frenzy? I can.

Gemini…the Twins…is all about communication. The Gemini has a tendency to go, go, go…and is always talking or listening…they can’t sit still. A Gemini can often become bored and a bit chaotic if their minds aren’t challenged…it’s all with good intent. They need to know. They need to see. They need to feel. They need to be heard. Sometimes they get ahead of themselves because their minds are going 100 miles per hour…they are already thinking about the next step. Sometimes they can appear to be listening but really they are on to the next thought and have already guessed what you are about to say. After all, for the Gemini, their curious minds are always running and their thirst for knowing something new is never tiring. They are quite charming, charismatic, and intellectual.

THE strategy to conquer the Gemini mind is to stop for a moment to breathe. You have to ground yourself every once and a while or you’ll go mad. Ground yourself. Find your center. Find your soul. When you feel the Gemini part of you getting out of control and your mind has turned chaotic…pause. Stop thinking. And ground yourself. Tap into the Gemini who is the teacher. Teach yourself to be calm. Teach yourself to just sit with yourself and with God the eternal formless force. Find that union.

So tonight…if you are feeling the frenzy….be still. Be still and let all those thoughts fade away. Become heavily meditated. YES meditated.  MEDITATE.

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. For my grounding I did two sessions of yoga at The Awakening Yoga center tonight…one was a vinyasa flow and the other was a flow & restore. I needed that. I needed it really bad. I felt clear headed and good after. I’ve seen a difference in my life since I’ve really gotten deep into yoga…although I am not completely healed just yet. There are things in my life that I don’t understand and have had a hard time letting go of. One day I will understand…and one day I’ll learn to let go. (That is a very hard thing to do.) Steven Forrest suggests (when talking about Gemini and their strategies in The Inner Sky) is to “Give the universe permission to not make any sense.” Easier said then done.