Last Quarter Moon in Leo…with my deep reflection.

By Jongmee

Illustration by Jongmee

I have been feeling incredibly grateful as of late…and have been inspired even more. The power of synchronicity has me in awe and I can’t sit quiet any longer…I must share.

For the past year I have been paying attention to myself and my body a lot more than I ever have before. Just a year ago I started taking yoga classes here and there…but never really consistently. If you recently read I finally took the plunge and signed up for unlimited yoga with an auto-draft out of my account every month. It was my way of holding myself accountable to actually GO to yoga class every week…if I’m paying for it monthly…then I had better go. So far…I can feel a shift in my whole being. I’m making time for me…and I’m taking responsibility.

Which brings me to another personal goal (which I originally wasn’t going to share) ….but I HAVE TO NOW!. For the past few weeks I have been talking about making November “NO WINE NOVEMBER” in attempt to limit my indulgence (for example…if I have one glass of wine, then I’ll want two…and then sometimes three). Well…that is all good and well but…what about those extra calories…what about working and writing and creating artwork with A CLEAR HEAD? Wine started to look like more of an escape for me rather than a special occasion…AND it makes me sleepy…so on the days that I spent daydreaming at work about coming home to write a really good post or draw something spectacular, wine winked and convinced me that if I had a glass I could relax more and create better…WRONG!!! It just made me more tired and I would end up asleep with no inspired work to share. So hence my “NO WINE NOVEMBER” goal has been set and I’m sticking to it (this includes all alcohol btw)…I’m going to get that IN CHECK…and then once I’ve punished it for this whole month I’ll limit my wine to special occasions like Christmas dinners, holiday dinners, fancy dinners, and if I’m cooking with wine then I can have a glass while I’m cooking. I don’t want to be the lady who is always buying wine at the grocery store…just because she can. Well…it gets better.

So as I am sitting here expressing myself to my family and friends and inviting anyone along who wants to join the challenge with me….God was sending me the vibes. After I told everyone who I wanted to know about my challenge I checked my e-mail and got my astrology newsletter… from HERE. NOW IF THAT DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE CHILLS…I don’t know what would. IT IS IN THE STARS MAN! Stinking Saturn is about to square Neptune CHALLENGING us to “sober up” for the month of November….AAAAAH. Saturn being the disciplinary planet! Y’all. God didn’t put those stars and planets in the sky for nothing. Just LOOK UP!

Phew…sorry that was long…BUT gah…what synchronicity. 

Getting on to the moon…it is now a half moon in the Last Quarter moon phase and it is in Leo. Time to reflect (which I just did above)…and give THANKS for how far you have come. Really think about what has happened in the past and learn from it…but dear please do not dwell on it. Take what you need from it and move forward. If the past hurts…honey GET UP AND DANCE IT OFF. Stretch it off…flick it off. The Leo urges you to be playful. Laugh it off. What is done is done…YOU have right NOW. So make RIGHT NOW yours. There is nothing that is holding you back. I’ll leave you with this beautiful quote:


the eternal


formless force

beneath the ever changing forms.

I am. you are. we are.


-Jes Allen

Just read that over and over and take a look around.

Love & Moonlight,