First Quarter Moon in Pisces.


The sky was just… 

Heart Opened.

Love Flowing. 

The sun set.

The moon rises.

Now that it’s the first quarter moon phase I can feel myself craving to come back. Back to my authentic self. Back to my intentions. 

What have I intended? Where can I go from here? How can I feed this craving? 

Pisces…the fishes. Flowing. Flowing. Flowing. The ocean. Vast. Expansive. My heart. Vast. Expansive. Flowing. Flowing. Flowing. Ebb. Flow. Light filling. I think back to my intention. I feel the vastness of what I intend…I am expanding. I am flowing. I am opening my heart. I’m letting the love flow freely. I am a lotus. I am open. My heart is open. I am flowing. Lotus mudra. Lotus mudra. Lotus mudra.

Love & Moonlight,