Building Stately Palaces by Candlelight

There is something to be said about living mindfully…it takes patience and intention to really pay attention and live that way. It’s hard. It really is. 

I truly believe in living the life you want. As I get older I’ve become more aware of this. I’ve noticed the patterns in my life that have gotten me here…some of which I’d love to let go of…some of which I’d like to show more of. I am very aware. And very scared. Scared of needed change. 

What would it take to change some old habits? Would it rock the foundation I’ve already built? Yes. Would I be better for it? Yes. What would it take to start living the way I want? 

I suppose I’ve already begun. Slowly but surely…I’m building myself a stately palace by candlelight. I’m changing. 

Love & Moonlight,