Tonights Forecast of the Planet Positions with prompts for July 27, 2015

Tonight’s Forecast of the Planet Positions with prompts for July 27, 2015.

Sun: Leo – While the sun is in Leo, be creative!

Moon: Sagittarius – While the moon is in Sagittarius, be free, be you.

Mercury: Leo – While Mercury is in Leo, be expressive and write something outrageous.

Venus: Virgo – While Venus is in Virgo, practice gratitude and be gracious.

Mars: Cancer – While Mars is in Cancer, Clean up and get a project done around the house.

Jupiter: Leo – While Jupiter is in Leo, allow abundance to flow into your life.

Saturn: Scorpio – While Saturn is in Scorpio, let go of things you don’t need anymore and invite yourself to be rediscovered.

Uranus: Aires – While Uranus is in Aires, be a humble individual and express it with grace.

Neptune: Pisces – While Neptune is in Pisces, discover your spirituality and share it.

Pluto: Capricorn – While Pluto is in Capricorn, BE ambitious.


Interpretation for prompts inspired from the app “Time Passages”.

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