Blue Moon in Aquarius 

What does blue moon mean? I’ve tried to find the exact place of origination and there are a few floating around. But the one that made most sense to me was from the Farmers Almanac…

Blue moon may have come from the Old English term belewe meaning “the betrayer.” Typically there should be 12 full moons during the year…three per season, one per month. But every now and then a fourth full moon comes along and we get two full moons in one month…the second full moon of the month is called the blue moon. It makes sense that “blue” derived from “belewe” …because back in the day farmers would plant and harvest according to the moon phases (BIODYNAMICS, we will touch that subject one day) and the seasons. So they knew that in a month there would be one full moon…but every now and then there would appear a second one as the trickster moon or the betrayer moon…because it was rare and didn’t happen often. The saying “once in a blue moon” came from some article. 

ANYWAYS! So there is that…now to the astrology of it all. The blue moon is in AQUARIUS...and dear Universe …you are one funny bastard.

Quick side note: It could not have been a better sign to sit in as I’ve started my great vacation! Currently in Atlanta (drove here last night)…going to be getting on a plane for Boston today…spend a few days in New England in Massachusetts and Maine…then flying to Iceland on Tuesday! I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a year now! (My little sister is getting married in Iceland to an Icelandic fella. 

Ah…so Aquarius what are you offering?? FREEDOM! Freedom in a nutshell. Aquarius, the water bearer, is all about being true to oneself…I’m going to refer to her as a she for right now…but she is the true individual. She is the one who seeks freedom at any cost…even if that means she gets sideway looks from people. She’s the one that must pay attention to herself and what she seeks without letting culture and outside influences get in the way. She’s the one who listens to her heart…and answers without hesitation. 

Activity for the two to three days of the FULL MOON AKA BLUE MOON AKA THUNDER MOON NUMBER TWO…

  • Letting go ritual: I have two for you!! Since during the summer we focus on water, and this is a thunder moon, and we have Aquarius…we are going to use the element of water in letting go.
  1. You’ll need a rock, a sharpie, and a body of water. For this ritual, you are going to set up in a spot where you can really let go…if you are into candles…light some candles…if you are into meditating…set up a serene spot to feel…when you are ready to let go of a feeling or thought, think about it and acknowledge that it’s there. Acknowledging it instead of repressing it is how you’ll eventually get over it once you learn how to change your thoughts about it. Write down what you want to let go of. For example, you want to let go of bad body self image thoughts…write down that you don’t want to think about yourself in a negative light ANYMORE! You’re letting go of that monster inside of your head that is tricking you into believing negative things about yourself. Forget that dweeb! Then throw that rock and that dweeby monster into the water and watch it sink to the bottom and leave it there. Because I promise you, you are beautiful no matter what that dweeb try’s to trick you with. Then start loving yourself…because no one truly pays attention to how you look…so if you have a messy hair day, eh, no matter! You are still cute! If you are trying to get over someone, write down that you don’t want to think about that person anymore. Thank them for being a part of your life and then throw that rock into that water and let it sit in the sea of memory and move on. They were in your life for a reason and now they are no longer in your life for a reason. It’s that simple. Please don’t ever let someone consume your thoughts if they no longer want to be in your life. There is a reason for them and you that there was a parting. You might not see it yet…but you will. It might still hurt, and you may find yourself rehashing feelings towards that person…but try not to. Because if you think about it, you are just thinking about the person you want them to be for you. You are giving them too much credit for not even being there. I’ve been there…I’ve done that…and that feeling sucks. You just have to remind yourself that you are making up these illusions in your head of what they were like and replaying what you should have done differently. Don’t do that anymore. Let them go. If they want to be in your life THEY WOULD BE. Plain and simple. Everyone and anyone that is in your life that should be there already is or wants to be there. So let that person go….and start taking care of you. People will come in and out of your life for a reason….even reasons you’ll never understand. So with that just take care of yourself…and the right people will show up! 
  2. If you don’t have a body of water near…take a bath or shower and imagine those feelings or thoughts washing away down the drain. Set up a pretty bathroom…with candles and let it go…let those negative feelings or thoughts wash from your body, mind, and soul…imagine them going down the drain away from you. Then love yourself and thank yourself. 

Anyways…I’ve got to get on a plane. But think about freedom right now! Go against the grain and let go of things holding you back!

Love & Moonlight, 


(Image from The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk)

3 thoughts on “Blue Moon in Aquarius 

  1. sophiaschildren says:

    What a fun and apt message for the Aquarian full moon, blue moon! Those of us with strong ‘Aqua’ in our charts know it’s about listening to our own (often weird, compared to ‘the norm’) drummer. 🙂 And wonderful suggestions for ritual. Thank you for sharing. xoxo Jamie


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