My Personal Manifesto | The Warm Up | Question One

My Personal Manifesto- The Warm Up.

Question Number One: From HERE 

I imagine myself sitting on the back porch…thinking of the right words to say. How do I really see myself? My lizard brain is being a butt right now. It’s whispering honeyed words of self-doubt in my ear…

ew, I just felt it’s tongue.

Self-doubt is such a blah. I get in moods where I don’t think I’m good enough, or smart enough, or fast enough, or creative enough…and I let that lizard brain get to me sometimes. I want that to stop. I want to take that lizard brain and kick it’s …..tail.

What I really see deep down is a very sensitive, well mannered, intuitive young woman who is begging herself to take that silk scarf from her mouth and tell the world what she is made of…what her mind is made of…her ideas…thoughts…feelings…uh, let’s let her talk now…thank you!

As if that wasn’t me just talking right now…

Okay okay…I’m rolling my eyes at myself.

I am…my own worst enemy. But I’m working on that. HARD. The hardest thing I want to change in my life is that self-doubt and self-sabotage. I don’t like it.

What I do love about myself is that I am very intuitive…I have a pretty good idea of what is happening around me, to me, and to others. I also love that I’m a perpetual learner…and it has served me well. Must be that Virgo Sun in me. I also love that I am creative…at least I tell myself that! (Shut up lizard.) I AM creative. I love to draw, write, paint, take photographs…express myself visually. I am kind, gentle, quite….and I am the best secret keeper. I listen, I give, I share, I love. I’m a best friend. The best mom. A sister. A daughter. I may seem boring, BUT I AM NOT…when you get to know me. I’m an introvert to the max…but I also can get wild and funny. I feel my best when I can make others laugh or get inspired. Ha…Pisces rising! What UP!? I’m also very caring and emotional and I truly do wear my heart on my sleeve. I feel other peoples pain and it makes me sad. I wish sometimes I could be Buddah and EAT up all that pain so you don’t have to feel it. I thank that Pisces in me that gives me compassion..and I thank God. I’m also the HARDEST worker you will ever find. I bust my butt at work and I am ambitious…my Capricorn moon streak…

What I really want is to start answering those life calls.

Oh and I AM THE QUEEN. Boom.

Love & Moon Light,


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