First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.


Jessie M. King, The Dove-Cot by the Sea, 1905. Watercolor on parchment. Glasgow, Scottland. Via University of Heidelberg

The moon entered Sagittarius last night during the first quarter moon phase. Sagittarius…the archer. The seeker of knowledge. The seeker of life. Steven Forrest best describes the Sagittarian’s archetype in The Inner Sky as “The Gypsy, The Student, and The Philosopher” in that hierarchical order. 

So how can we use these archetypes during the first quarter moon phase?! By honing in on their instinctual nature as the perpetual student of life we can think about how far we have come and recheck back in with ourselves. The first quarter moon phase is a half way point, a check in point…a half moon. When working with the moon as your natural time clock to get things done…this is the moment when you check back in with your new moon goal. The Sagittarian’s archetype came at the right time!

It begins as the gypsy, who is constantly seeking experience. The wanderer. The one who doesn’t sit still as he or she is on the go reeling in life at present moment. The gypsy is the one that gathers the information through experience. Without the gypsy, we are left closed minded. Be open minded…live. This can represent your new moon goal…the thing you are currently experiencing. 

Then once you’ve started to gather this information and these experiences you become the STUDENT. For every encounter, for every triumph, for every hiccup, you learn from it. Your mind expands and you try to do better. This is your half way point…your first quarter moon phase. This is when you sit back down, look at your new moon goal AGAIN…check back in with yourself and your progress and LEARN from it. Be the student. Look at the goal and your progress of what worked and what didn’t…and then KEEP MOVING…KEEP DOING.

When the full moon comes…become the PHILOSOPHER. Master your skill…master your goal. Put what the gypsy and student provided and make things happen. Keep in mind that the philosopher is also an open minded student of life. He takes everything in and doesn’t let a set of standards dictate his life. After all, life is ever changing…and what you may believe today may shape into something different later in life. The key to a Sagittarian is to continuously be the gypsy, the student, and the philosopher. A good habit to get into. Make room for expansion! 

Remember in the beginning of this current moon cycle…you set a new moon goal. You are continuously making room for that goal to be incorporated into your life…you’ve already made a promise to yourself to EXPAND! You have already begun to act like a Sagittarius. Because after all we ALL have Sagittarius in us…your natal chart is proof. 

As for me...well my new moon goal was to get better at my culinary skills and primping. Next post I’ll be sharing a Blueberry Cobbler recipe! 

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. I picked the painting above for this moon cycle to pair it with the archetypal Sagittarius. It’s a watercolor painting of wandering women by the sea with a dove-cot or dovecote. She’s surrounded by either doves or pigeons. To me it looked free spirited. A dovecote is an old medieval structure that noble people used to house pigeons and doves almost like a chicken coop. They kept pigeons and doves as a food source as well as used their poop for fertilizer. What I see in this painting is a free spirited gypsy woman with free flying doves of knowledge. 

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