First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. 


First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

Free your mind.

Free your mind.

Free your mind.

And the rest will follow.

At this first quarter moon in Sagittarius tap into your inner GYPSY, STUDENT, AND PHILOSOPHER. (The three destinies of the Sagittarius as Steven Forrest suggests). This lunar cycle, that began with the New Moon in Virgo, is ridiculously centered around freedom. I figure…for me…this is extremely opening and terrifying in the same. What do you do when your life is shaken up? YOU FREE YOUR MIND. AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW.

Tap into your gypsy: Be free and FREE YOUR MIND. You are bound by nothing. Nothing holds you. If you have too much mind chatter going on….free your mind. Literally STOP the mind sabotage and FREE YOURSELF. Sit in silence. AND listen to your breath. If negative thoughts creep into your mind…acknowledge them…THEN SET THEM FREE. They do not hold you.

Tap into your student: LEARN. Learn what works and what doesn’t. When you feel pain…let it crack your heart open AND LET THE LIGHT IN. Learn that you are not the pain you feel. YOU are growing. YOU are learning.

 {Philosophy by Meghan Guarino…me sistah} // 

Tap into your philosopher: Decide on whether or not you want to be a functionalistic or cocreationalistic being. Functionalistic ideals focus on nothing but the bottom line. Cocreationalistic ideals involve the community. In other words, cocreationalists tap into the people around them to help make decisions that will ultimately impact the community as a whole. Typically, these ideals are geared toward organizations and public relations, but one can adopt them at a personal level. Are you in it for yourself or for others?

FREE YOUR MIND….and the rest will follow. 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Find people who loooooove like you do…  

PSS. Be the ARCHER of your life and AIM true. 

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