New Moon Sagittarius 

The archer…seeker of knowledge. God, the formless force that makes us whole, guide me to transcendence. Wield me into the women I need to be…use me as an archer and point my arrow towards the path I need to take. 

As we round out the end of the year and the moon is in its last new moon phase for 2015…I feel very, VERY, very open to what lies ahead. Again, for my new moon intention I would like to transcend into a woman of grace…a woman with an open heart and an open mind…an everlasting intention….

Above is me working towards Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana. Can’t quite get onto my sitting bones and completely fold comfortably…but with time and practice, I’ll get it! Gotta work those hamstrings. 😁 #yoga #yogapractice #practiceeveryday #thewaldenmoon #findyoursanctuary #urdhvamukhapaschimottanasana


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