New Moon in Virgo.

Blowing Smoke Signals by Kelly Walden of The Walden Moon

Virgo…the Virgin…the perfectionist. To put it in the best words…here is an excerpt from The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest:

“The Virgin is an image of purity. Nothing has possessed her. She is attached to nothing, wants nothing, fears nothing. Nothing holds her. She is free, unbound by any earthly drama.

Yet she is here, on the earth. What does the world offer one who seeks nothing but perfection? What can she do? She waits, aloof as the Madonna. She works on herself. And to pass the time, she helps out where she can.” – Steven Forrest

Read that ten times. Take inspiration from that when you set your New Moon Goal or New Moon Mindset.

Take the next few days if you have to…but come up with your New Moon goal or mindset! Remember a New Moon is for new beginnings…a time to start something new…or just simply plant a seed of good intention and let it blossom! See if you can accomplish this by the next Full Moon!! (Coming up on September 27/28)!!!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. I’m a Vigo sun sign…. wink!

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