Waning Moon: The Flowers of Sleep. 

Les Fleurs Du Sommeil (The Flowers of Sleep), by Achille Theodore Cesbron (1849-1915)

The Moon is waningwaning, waning, waning. 

I am sleepingsleeping, sleeping, sleeping. 

I am dreamingdreaming, dreaming, dreaming. 


As the moon is waning...Sometimes you just got to join in and turn inward and rest with it. Rest your tired bones. Rest your tired eyes. Rest your tired soul. I didn’t intend on staying home from work today…but my youngest daughter got sick last night…and so here I am at home…resting with her…resting with the moon…resting with the flowers…resting, resting, resting. In these quiet moments… when you truly rest… friendly little dreams appear…feelings arise…and you get inspired. Sometimes just resting will bring answers to questions you’ve been asking for a long time. When the mind is quiet…things become clear. So rest with the moon….rest with the flowers…and rest often. 

For a bit of astrology: to go with your waning moon in Scorpio tonight…ask yourself….what would a Scorpio do if they were given only a limited time left on this Earth…in this vessel they were given? A Scorpio would tell you to sit and FEEL the answer…they would tell you to go by feeling…not logic. When you sit and feel what your intuition is telling you…you will know the answer.  That is why Scorpios are so passionate…they feel things and then live like there is no tomorrow…so sit, wane, rest, sleep, dream…and when you wake up…live your life with passion. 

For the next couple of days the moon will be waning.…on March 20th there will be a Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn AND the Spring Equinox. 

So rest up in the last bit of the winter days to prepare yourself for Spring! Because a lot of things are preparing for an awakening…you, the flowers of sleep, the Earth, your soul…

Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon in Libra. If there is no way, create one.


Full moon in Libra…

Tonight is a great time to start thinking about making a “life list.” 

With the full moon in Libra there is an energy that screams sociability. So go on…talk it up! Bounce your ideas off of others…talk to yourself…make a life list and post it to the world. Or just journal it for yourself. 

There may also be an energy around, from the lunar eclipse, that might put your relationships to a test. Tonight would be a good time to evaluate your relationships…maybe it’s time to talk it up and shift to a higher level of connection…or maybe you’ve seen it coming and knew deep down that splitting would actually benefit you more. Whatever situation you’re in…listen to your intuition. You know what’s best. Choose your words carefully…and don’t say something you may regret later, especially if you are angry. Let that anger hop out the window.

AND seriously…tonight start thinking about making a life list. It’s similar to a bucket list, but a lot less morbid. A life list is ACTIVE and intended for you to start living your life the way YOU WANT TO LIVE. I can’t say it enough…if you haven’t realized it yet, YOU have the power to do what you want to do. You are responsible for your life. So live it. Make a list of things you want in your life.. Write down how you want to live…What you want to do… What intentions you have.. And then….START doing them. 

It’s not enough just to send out good vibes and energy and expect it to magically happen. Vibes and energy are just the beginning (and also vital)..,you then have to ACTIVELY persue and make that change. It takes mind and action to make a difference. 

So write up your life list and get to living..

Love & Moonlight, 


Ps. I’m not EVEN going to proof read this for grammatical errors…mama ain’t got time for that! 🙂

PSS…found that image of Pinterest! 

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

Holy moly…thank goodness for tonight’s LAST QUARTER MOON in Sagittarius. 

This morning on the way to work I stopped by the store for some things and came across the Newsweek special edition on SPIRITUAL LIVING (it caught my eye for the second time this week)…so naturally I bought it… 

Anyways…that set me on a feeling trip. All day today I’ve been feeling the need to find, live, and be spiritual. I’ll admit…I’ve been guilty of going through the motions full force without stopping. But the older I get, the more I discover, and my constant desire to be a freeflowing unbridled woman…I’ve found that there is more out there…you just have to look.

I stumbled upon this really cool interview via Claire Baker that got me thinking… 



Divine Feminine.





I haven’t watched the whole thing yet…so I don’t know if the whole thing is good! But for the most part of what I saw I resonated with… It even got me to make a trip to the public dock to watch the sunset with my youngest daughter… The photo above was from today’s sunset on the Tivoli River…

ANYWAYS…on to the moooon!

I wasn’t surprised at my behavior to venture out to the river to see the sunset…for crying out loud, the last quarter moon is in Sagittarius! You may be feeling the same things tonight… You may be feeling a spiritual pull to get out in nature… To return back to your divine feminine and your divine nature… You may feel the need to connect back with your wild self…back to the basics… Back to nature… Back to the elements. Earth. Water. Air. Fire. Connect back to your natural self… Watch this interview…and let it inspire you!

Love & Moonlight,


Full Moon in Taurus.

So the moon waxed into full last night…into Taurus. I’d have to say that every zodiac sign that falls on a full moon is my favorite…for one reason or another.

Taurus gives me a sense of balance…it gives me this direct feeling of full force of the bull but the gentle reminder that the bull is from this earth. Gentle. Unassuming. Mistaken at times. Yes, it can sometimes be intimidating on the surface, but deep down it is grounded…earthy.

Tonight and last night you may have felt like you could conquer the world…and rightly so, you could do whatever you please, if you really wanted to (but who wants the whole world really?)…while throwing caution to the wind seems romantically romantic…the Taurus reminds us of balance…of being grounded…and with that balance…little steps into a world of YOUR OWN develops…driven by your own desires…you can create YOUR OWN world…a creative life. After all…we are all seeking our truer selves.

Find your balance. Find what drives you and ground it into reality. 

Love & Moonlight,


New Moon in Virgo.

Blowing Smoke Signals by Kelly Walden of The Walden Moon

Virgo…the Virgin…the perfectionist. To put it in the best words…here is an excerpt from The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest:

“The Virgin is an image of purity. Nothing has possessed her. She is attached to nothing, wants nothing, fears nothing. Nothing holds her. She is free, unbound by any earthly drama.

Yet she is here, on the earth. What does the world offer one who seeks nothing but perfection? What can she do? She waits, aloof as the Madonna. She works on herself. And to pass the time, she helps out where she can.” – Steven Forrest

Read that ten times. Take inspiration from that when you set your New Moon Goal or New Moon Mindset.

Take the next few days if you have to…but come up with your New Moon goal or mindset! Remember a New Moon is for new beginnings…a time to start something new…or just simply plant a seed of good intention and let it blossom! See if you can accomplish this by the next Full Moon!! (Coming up on September 27/28)!!!

Love & Moonlight,


P.S. I’m a Vigo sun sign…. wink!

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini and Cancer.


The Last Quarter Moon phase is a time for reflection. When it entered into this phase last night it was in Gemini…but tonight it is in Cancer. 

Gemini can offer you the drive to know it all. The twins…the two talking heads. One to listen and one to talk. This type of archetype thrives on communication and storytelling. If you feel yourself getting too antsy to go, go, goooo and know it all…settle for a moment and take a breath. Knowledge is great…but learning to calm that “go, go, go, to know it all” will benefit you in the long run. Learn as much as you can…but really savor each morsel of information you acquire…and be mindful of what you let others know you know. Humbleness is something we can use within the next few days. Thank yourself for knowing what you do know…and then cultivate a cancerian nature.

Cancer…the cancerian…the crab. The one with a hard shell but a soft inside. A delicate…yet succulent being. Underneath it all…underneath the hard outer shell is a morsel of goodness. Tender and sweet…the cancerian holds the feelings of deliciousness and protects it with its shell. As the Gemini gathers all the information, the crab stores it under its shell…and when the shell becomes too small from growth…the crab finds a new shell to expand even more. Cultivate the cancerian nature to gather and protect your knowledge and feelings…because just like all great mysteries, once they are solved and uncovered, you find a delicious and succulent being inside. Be wise with who you let solve your mystery.

Love & Moonlight, 


Painting by me! Ha.

Crescent Moon in Libra

by Carlos Masberger

The moon is now in the crescent moon phase and is currently sitting in Libra. Libra…the scales.. The peacemaker. The level headed. The one that balances it all. 

For tonight and the next couple days…let life be what it is. Don’t get worked up about things…let it go…and just be. Surrender to YOURSELF…and if you’ve been troubled by a situation or someone, stop giving it or them the power to control your emotions.  Take the next couple days to care, but do it carelessly. Take the good and the bad and accept them both. For what it’s worth…everything has a balance. Life is not black and white…it has more color than the naked eye can see. Nothing is permanent. Life is always changing. YOU have the power to live the way you want to live and to leave behind what isn’t serving you. So do it.

Love & Moonlight,