Last Quarter Moon in Gemini and Cancer.


The Last Quarter Moon phase is a time for reflection. When it entered into this phase last night it was in Gemini…but tonight it is in Cancer. 

Gemini can offer you the drive to know it all. The twins…the two talking heads. One to listen and one to talk. This type of archetype thrives on communication and storytelling. If you feel yourself getting too antsy to go, go, goooo and know it all…settle for a moment and take a breath. Knowledge is great…but learning to calm that “go, go, go, to know it all” will benefit you in the long run. Learn as much as you can…but really savor each morsel of information you acquire…and be mindful of what you let others know you know. Humbleness is something we can use within the next few days. Thank yourself for knowing what you do know…and then cultivate a cancerian nature.

Cancer…the cancerian…the crab. The one with a hard shell but a soft inside. A delicate…yet succulent being. Underneath it all…underneath the hard outer shell is a morsel of goodness. Tender and sweet…the cancerian holds the feelings of deliciousness and protects it with its shell. As the Gemini gathers all the information, the crab stores it under its shell…and when the shell becomes too small from growth…the crab finds a new shell to expand even more. Cultivate the cancerian nature to gather and protect your knowledge and feelings…because just like all great mysteries, once they are solved and uncovered, you find a delicious and succulent being inside. Be wise with who you let solve your mystery.

Love & Moonlight, 


Painting by me! Ha.