Winter Solstice.


Yours truly in my grandparents pecan grove. They started with 19 pecan trees and over the past 43 years had to cut a bunch down from storms and damages. They have six left but their neighborhood is still abundant with pecan trees. They also have a few fruit trees and blueberry bushes. Roses and other garden delights. Winter time has slumbered them for the time being.


Grandpa. Crossword puzzles. His Red Silverado. Standing in his pecan grove.


Grandma. Picking her roses. Trimming their thorns. And spotted little garden friends.


Spent my Winter Solstice with my Grandparents in Putney, Georgia.

The first day of Winter…the shortest day of the year. With Earth soundly sleeping there is promise of light coming near.

Love & Moonlight,


PS. Stay tuned for a Winter Solstice activity tomorrow! Good night moon!

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