Full Moon Tonight in Virgo. March 12th, 2017.

Full Moon in Virgo…

Oh, how I love a Virgo Full Moon. This particular one was quite special for me…I got to spend last evening at a Full Moon gathering with a bunch of my Moon Goddess Sisters at the lovely Kim’s house…I wish we had taken a group photo…but we gathered together, ate food, drank cocktails and wine, made Yoni necklaces (ahem, yes, vagina pendants out of clay), did a burning ritually let go of things, and chanted and made music around the fire…I wish I took more pictures but I was so busy having fun…but here is a small collage…

Our chant was so beautiful…it was so filled with goodness and feminine divinity. I was blown away by how powerful the chant was and how significant it was to this particular Virgo Full Moon…one word…women. Here is the chant if you want to hear it! CLICK HERE FOR THE CHANT.


Virgo, the virgin, the maiden, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the healer. Women. At this full moon there is soooo much feminine energy…

Here is to ALL the women in the world…the healers, the mothers, the daughters, the sisters…that power we harness is otherworldly…to say the least, we ARE the portal to life…we are the nurturers of all nurturers. Whether we birth a baby or not, our children are nurtured by us women…us women are nurtured by us women…there is a power here…that healing power that women possess …use it…be proud of it…and rise up as the Goddess you were born to be…

Love & Moonlight,


Ps. The first picture above is a collage I made with three pics that my younger daughter Uma took of me…mother, daughter , love. 

PSS. My mom helped me pick out the first pic above out of several collages I made… Maiden, Mother, Crone…full circle!

PSSS. Shout out to my new friend Tiffany…for serendipitously falling into my life and joining me last night. 

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