Full Moon in Leo. Snow Moon. Eclipse. 

Full Moon in Leo.

Leo. The lion. The lioness. The king. The queen. 

After much introspection that the last Cancer full moon brought…now is the time to present it to the world. Last full moon, as the Cancer Crab, we turned inward to grow…and now that we have outgrown our shell…we can let the world see what all that growing was about. 

We turn inward to shine outward.

The Leo is open… courageous… and ready for the light to shine through from all its glory. When we turn inward… we can shine outward. Leo is that outwardly… other worldly force that EXPRESSES your inner most being. Show it. Flaunt it. And don’t be shy about it. We are ALL …WILD, CRAZY, HAPPY, and FREE. 

Love & Moonlight,


PS. It’s also an eclipse…so magnify your life by a ka-gillion. And what you want to let go of….take a DEEEEEEP BREATH and ROAR IT OUT LIKE A LION to let it all go! 

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