New Moon In Leo

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The New Moon was in Leo just two days ago…and is still in the new moon phase but is waxing it’s way to full. My first week back from vacation has been a whirlwind and I’m just NOW sitting down…and it’s 10:30 at night…on a Sunday. After being on call…having a busy week at work…and then getting rear ended today…I think I’m ready for some down time…hurry up cocktail Monday, I might need you this time.

With the new moon in Leo, the lion…think about your new moon goal and let Leo help you get your inner thoughts and imagination to COME OUT and be seen. Leo can help you be expressive and give your thoughts and goals a meaning. Let the Leo lion coax your inner mind to shine OUTWARDLY! And while you are shining from the inside out…put on something fancy to go along with it! Look the part! Because…that Leo said so…and he is good at it, so he can show you how!

For me…my new moon goal is to dress up everyday…instead of rolling out of bed and into the car. I’m notorious for doing that and not brushing my hair. This cycle I want to work on my grooming. Haha. Not to say that I’m a slob…I just don’t take the extra time to primp.

I also want to work on my culinary skills and organizing my recipes. Just finished cleaning out the spice cabinet and pantry…and I want to make a list of what I have and then find some recipes to what I have on hand. Given that this months full moon is the BLUEBERRY moon, I hope to share some blueberry dishes…and I already have one lined up! My Grandma’s blueberry cobbler recipe she got from Imogen and Duke will be popping in sometime before the full moon. Maybe even some printable lists for list making too!

Love & Moonlight,


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