Full Moon in Libra. If there is no way, create one.


Full moon in Libra…

Tonight is a great time to start thinking about making a “life list.” 

With the full moon in Libra there is an energy that screams sociability. So go on…talk it up! Bounce your ideas off of others…talk to yourself…make a life list and post it to the world. Or just journal it for yourself. 

There may also be an energy around, from the lunar eclipse, that might put your relationships to a test. Tonight would be a good time to evaluate your relationships…maybe it’s time to talk it up and shift to a higher level of connection…or maybe you’ve seen it coming and knew deep down that splitting would actually benefit you more. Whatever situation you’re in…listen to your intuition. You know what’s best. Choose your words carefully…and don’t say something you may regret later, especially if you are angry. Let that anger hop out the window.

AND seriously…tonight start thinking about making a life list. It’s similar to a bucket list, but a lot less morbid. A life list is ACTIVE and intended for you to start living your life the way YOU WANT TO LIVE. I can’t say it enough…if you haven’t realized it yet, YOU have the power to do what you want to do. You are responsible for your life. So live it. Make a list of things you want in your life.. Write down how you want to live…What you want to do… What intentions you have.. And then….START doing them. 

It’s not enough just to send out good vibes and energy and expect it to magically happen. Vibes and energy are just the beginning (and also vital)..,you then have to ACTIVELY persue and make that change. It takes mind and action to make a difference. 

So write up your life list and get to living..

Love & Moonlight, 


Ps. I’m not EVEN going to proof read this for grammatical errors…mama ain’t got time for that! 🙂

PSS…found that image of Pinterest! 

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