Debra Ann

It’s been a week and two days since you’ve been gone… and it still feels so very unreal. I keep thinking you’ll walk through the door at work… with your hair and nails done… and your earrings…. you’d probably beat my ass for posting this pic of you without your hair done… but I would have told you you looked pretty regardless! I always thought it was magical you went on Fridays to get your hair done. But I post this pic… bc it’s of me and you, and we sent this snap to my mom in Virginia so that you could say hey to her. You two… the Scorpio Birthday buds… 🦂 Debra, I love you so much… and I know you know that… bc we told each other nearly every day “I love you.” My heart is sad. I lost one of my most favorite coworkers of all times. I remember the day you came in for your interview and I fell in love with you immediately. I knew in my heart that we needed you. I still need you. Ten years I had the pleasure of knowing you. Ten years your smile and sassiness lit up the office. Outreaches with you were always my favorite… you’d always start the day saying “Let’s get it poppin”… and we’d bust our asses seeing a million patients… we’d go to get food after and you’d always want your hamburger or sandwich or chicken sandwich cut in half. I always laughed at your detailed orders. And your gospel music in the morning… you were such a devoted gospel singer for over 25 years and your heart was devoted to Jesus. I feel okay and at peace to know that you are finally in your righteous place in Heaven with your precious Lord Jesus. Life here on Earth will miss you like fucking crazy. I love you Debra Ann. Come visit me in spirit form! 😘

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