Dream a Little Dream

Painting by Rafał Olbiński

I love dreaming. Sometimes I have lucid dreams that feel so real… as if they are actually happening… Where time, space, and all of my senses are awake but I’m dreaming.

The last time I had a lucid dream I was walking through a store that had big bulky sweaters to buy. Racks and racks of them. When I realized that I was lucid dreaming… I stepped into the role to try and take advantage of my lucid dreaming. In the dream I put my baby down and I told myself to go to the register to buy a winning lottery ticket… and when I got to the register I couldn’t lucid dream… it stopped. So I had to go back to the racks of sweaters where I could then again lucid dream. I tried once more to go get a lottery ticket and my lucid dream stopped. I could not make the lottery ticket work.

Anyways… I looked up the meaning behind dreaming of sweaters…

I found a site that said if you dream about buying fashionable sweaters (which was what I was doing) that it was a way of saying you needed to ask for help from your friends and family in difficult situations, even when you don’t want to. And that is sooooo true for me! I hate asking for help… but maybe sometimes I should.

AND IN THE SAME paragraph it said if you were dreaming about an old stretched out sweater that this was about financial problems and that you shouldn’t buy a LOTTERY TICKET, because you wouldn’t win anyways. Whaaaaat?! Isn’t that weird? Kind of eerie! Never thought those two things would actually be in the same interpretation.

Anyways… I could go on and on about my weird ass dreams… crazy thing is… my name doppelgänger Kelly Walden is actually a dream analyzer. Even weirder!